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  1. 1. William D. Hundley 6302 E Halbert Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 (703)627-6322 SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCE GENERALIST Human Resources Professional with twenty years of professional consulting experience in workforce management, work management studies, general management and employee relations as well as source selections for employee benefits packages through all facets of the corporate marketplace. Through my experience I have sharpened my abilities to solve problems, whether I am dealing with retention, benefits, diversity and basic Human Resources SOP’s and employee compliance, my passion for excellence and understanding the most miniscule complexities in order to view the big picture and knowledge of strategic planning and execution allow me to anticipate problems, navigate choppy waters and manage change with efficiency and finesse. A reas of * Recruiting and Hiring * Training, Coaching, Webinars * Employee Expertise Relations * MS Office Suite * Job Fairs, Mass Hiring *Conflict Resolution * Innovative Problem Solving * Negotiation * Labor Forecasting/Budgeting * Relationship Building * Investigations * Interpersonal Skills * Personnel Development * Multi-Tasking * Change Management * Teambuilding/Leadership Compensation * Federal and State Labor Laws * Performance Reviews *Classification * Employee Benefits * Fair Labor PracticesProfessional National Education Association Washington, DCexperience Senior Business Partner August 2001 – January 2011 Provided strategic leadership support and services from a Human Resources (HR) perspective to NEA departments. I developed, implemented and administered selected NEA and Human Resources programs, policies and procedures for departments, requiring developing a highly collaborative consulting relationship with managers and employees on the full spectrum of HR activities, including advising, coaching and providing guidance to managers and staff on employee relations issues, including interpretation of collective bargaining agreements, policies and procedures and on compliance and/or other legal matters, as appropriate; recruited for vacancies at all levels involving the full recruitment cycle; conducted position reviews and position management studies; developed position descriptions, analyzed and evaluated positions; identified, analyzed and delivered appropriate NEA programs; analyzed departmental staff development needs and identified appropriate resources to address such needs; partnered with managers and staff to facilitate and drive change efforts and communication strategies to align with NEA’s mission and objectives; consulted with departmental managers and staff to implement more effective and efficient performance management processes that improved employee morale and
  2. 2. department productivity; implemented workforce planning strategies as needed to restructure and align departments to more efficiently utilize competencies and skills; advised staff on professional development; and provided facilitation services for assigned departments. U.S. General Accounting Office Washington, DC Human Resources Specialist GS-13 April 2000 – April 2001 As a key participant in the project to delegate authorities for personnel management to line units, I functioned in both a decision-making and advisory capacity on an extensive range of human resource and personnel matters. My responsibilities included: serving as division authority and principal advisor to management for the full range of personnel issues encountered within my division; providing personnel operations services in areas of staffing, placement, recruiting, position management, position classification and employee relations and benefits; assisting managers and supervisors in resolving employee performance and conduct problems; serving as advisor to management on the interpretation and application of GAO regulations, polices and procedures relating to human resources concerns and position implementation changes; providing employees with advice, guidance and assistance on a variety of matters including performance and personal matters that impact the individuals ability to function effectively; and performing studies directed at improving internal systems and procedures. U.S Securities and Exchange Commission Washington, DC Personnel Management Specialist GS-12 June 1992 – April 2000 I served as a Classification and Staffing Specialist in the Office of Administrative and Personnel Management. My duties included conducting thorough investigations of position classification issues to perform classification audits, providing advice and assistance to management on classification, compensation, position management problems and organizational design problems, providing assistance and guidance in the areas of staffing and recruiting to management (ensuring compliance with Title VII, the FLSA and the Equal Pay Act), and providing advice and interpretation of the various merit promotion requirements and OPM recruitment programs. I also served as the SEC Summer Student Program Coordinator. In this capacity, I acted as the Commission’s liaison for the DC Youth Summerworks Program and the National Academy of Finance. I served as the Commission’s Attorney Recruitment Coordinator, coordinating on-campus visits to law schools, scheduling interviews, and screening applicants. I implemented the program to increase diversity of the Commission’s legal staff. I targeted law schools with large minority enrollment, set up internships for local minority law students, and involved minority attorneys on staff with the recruiting process. I administered the compensation program for the various offices I serviced, conducting regular audits to ensure internal equity, regularly conducting training programs for managers/supervisors on compensation policies and programs. University of Virginia Charlottesville, VAEducation International Relations - 1990 Society for Human Resources Management; Classification andMemberships/ Compensation Society; U.S. Office of Personnel Management; Pat BattleAccreditations and Associates – Change and Resistance, Cross-cultural Developments, Team Development
  3. 3. References available upon request