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RACM 2010 brochure


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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RACM 2010 brochure

  1. 1. The University of Virginia Department of Medicine presentsThe 37th AnnualEDWARD W. HOOK, JR., M.D.Recent Advances in Clinical Medicine October 27 - 29, 2010 Omni Charlottesville Hotel Charlottesville, VirginiaSponsored by theOffice of Continuing Medical Education • University of Virginia School of Medicine
  2. 2. Dear Colleague: n behalf of the Department of Medicine at the University of Virginia, we would like to invite youO to attend the 37th annual Recent Advances in Clinical Medicine Conference. The Planning Committee has assembled a broad array of stimulating lectures, addressing current issues relevantto the care of patients in both the outpatient and inpatient settings. Reflecting the increasing complexityof medical practice, the conference will continue to feature interdisciplinary sessions, this year focusing onsleep disorders and pain & addiction. The lectures are designed to provide practical “take-home” pointsthat you can put into practice upon your return to the office and hospital. Ample time is allotted at the endof each session to have your questions addressed by the speakers, and many attendees confer informallywith lecturers during the breaks.We have continued our popular “Meet the Professor” sessions over breakfast and lunch to provide you withopportunities to broaden your medical knowledge and skills through case discussions, workshops andinteractive presentations. Again we are offering a dinner symposium, this year hosted in the University ofVirginia’s newly opened medical education building, where you can hear one of the nation’s leadingeducators provide a glimpse into the future of medical education and tour one of the most advancedmedical education facilities in the nation.The course will be particularly useful to generalists – physicians, nurse practitioners and physicianassistants -- practicing in a variety of settings, but specialists also attend this conference to stay abreast ofimportant advances in medical care. All meeting materials will be available for download at the RACMwebsite for registered participants prior to the conference. A printed syllabus is available for a smalladditional charge.Late October is one of the most spectacular times of the year to visit Charlottesville. The foliage in thenearby Blue Ridge Mountains will be at its peak, Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia and Monticelloare within minutes of the conference hotel and there are many activities available for families. The meetingtakes place on the historic Downtown Mall, which boasts charming shops, fine restaurants, art galleries,the historic Paramount Theatre (performing arts), a movie theatre, and an indoor ice skating rink. You mayalso wish to stay for the weekend to attend athletic and cultural events at the University.We look forward to seeing you in October!Andrew M.D. Wolf, M.D. Robert M. Strieter, M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine Professor of MedicineCourse Director Chair, Department of Medicine
  3. 3. Course Director Planning Committee MembersAndrew M.D. Wolf, M.D. Andrew M. D. Wolf, MD General Medicine B. Gail Macik, MD Hematology-Oncology John Leiner, MD General Medicine Kambiz Kalantarinia, MD, MS Nephrology Sue Brown, MD Endocrinology Cynthia D. Brown, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Eric Houpt, MD Infectious Diseases Michael Mangrum, MD Cardiology Bryan Sauer, MD Gastroenterology Tamara Eberly, PhD, RN Continuing Medical EducationUniversity of Virginia Course FacultyGeorge A. Beller, MD Cardiology Cooper Geraty, LLM Private Attorney David A. Peura, MD GastroenterologyEmaad M. Abdel-Rahman, MD Nephrology Robert B. Goldstein, MD Anesthesiology Michael F. Rein, MD Infectious DeseasesCurtis K. Argo, MD Gastroenterology Matthew J. Goodman, MD General Medicine Mitchell Rosner, MD NephrologyJoshua S. Barclay, MD Palliative Care Eric W. Gunderson, MD Psychiatry & Marshall Ruffin, MD General MedicineEugene Barrett, MD Endrocrinology Neurobehavioriial Sciences Bryan Sauer, MD GastroentrologyKenneth C. Bilchick, MD Cardiology Eric Houpt, MD Infectious Deseases Neeral L. Shah, MD GastroenterologyAlan J. Binder, MD Cardiology Beth A. Jaeger-Landis, NP General Medicine Diane G. Snustad, MD GeriatricsLarry Borish, MD Allergy and Immuniology Bankole Johnson, MD Psychiatry & Paul Suratt, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care Neurobehavioriial SciencesChristiana M. Brenin, MD Hematology-Oncology Frances P. Thorndike, PhD Clinical Psychology Michel Kahaleh, MD GastroenterologyCynthia D. Brown, MD Pulmonary & Gregory Townsend, MD Infectious Deseases Critical Care Kambiz Kalantarinia, MD Nephrology Jonathon D. Truwit, MD Pulmonary &Sue A. Brown, MD Endrocrinology John G. Leiner, MD General Medicine Critical CareTed M. Burns, MD Neurology B. Gail Macik, MD Hematology-Oncology Max Weber, MD Pulmonary & Critical CareEugene Corbett, MD General Medicine John M. MacKnight,MD General Medicine Mark E.Williams, MD GeriatricsGerald Donowitz, MD Infectious Deseases Anthony L. McCall, MD EndrocrinologyAnnabel K. Downs, NP Gynecology Danny Mistry, MD Physical Medicine & Barbara Wilson, MD Dermatology RehabilitationUta Erdbruegger, MD Nephrology Mohan M. Nadkarni, MD General Medicine Brian Wispelway, MD Infectious DeseasesElizabeth Gay, MD Pulmonary & Critical Care Christine M. Peterson, MD GynecologyDavid S. Geldmacher, MD Neurology Educational Objectives By the end of the Recent Advances conference, attendees will be able to: I Understand the indications for device therapies in the management of CHF I Identify and manage patients with dyspepsia I Perform an evidence-based preoperative cardiac evaluation I Provide primary care for renal transplant patients I Integrate current concepts into noninvasive CAD evaluation I Diagnose, initiate management, and recognize complications of acute and I Utilize newer pharmacologic therapies in the management of chronic pain chronic pancreatitis I Identify and manage patients with prescription drug abuse I Correctly order and accurately interpret hepatitis serologies I Incorporate recent evidence to determine appropriate duration of anticoagulant I Initiate evaluation and management of chronic urticaria therapy I Incorporate newer treatments into the management of acne and rosacea I Recognize and address the challenges to bone health posed by current breast I Counsel patients and initiate management of common sleep-related disorders, cancer treatments including restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and alternatives to CPAP for I Discuss the presentation, etiologies, and management of patients with obstructive sleep apnea. pulmonary hypertension I Address common problems in the management of chronic kidney disease I Perform an evidence-based preoperative pulmonary evaluation I Implement an evidence-based approach to the management of resistant I Discuss the benefits and risks of long-term bisphosphonate therapy hypertension I Integrate emerging evidence into developing blood glucose targets in I Adopt a rationale approach to the use of angiotensin-renin-aldosterone blocker diabetic patients therapies in elderly patients I Develop appropriate antihypertensive regimens and blood pressure targets I Recognize, evaluate and treat acute bronchitis in diabetic patients I Differentiate between community- and hospital-acquired pneumonia in terms I Systematically evaluate acid-base disorders of etiology and initial management I Identify and manage common sexually transmitted infections I Understand current epidemiology and presentations of tuberculosis I Become more effective at practicing as part of an interdisciplinary team I Discuss recent developments in the management of HIV infection I Incorporate new physical exam techniques into geriatric care I Incorporate recent evidence into the evaluation and management of dementia I Recognize and address challenges posed by diuretic resistance I Initiate the evaluation of peripheral neuropathy I Integrate a systematic approach to the evaluation of shoulder pain I Become more comfortable handling disability requests I Address barriers to EMR use I Better address problems that arise in the management of terminally ill patients I List recommended components of a pre-participation physical I Adopt a systematic approach to the evaluation and management of urinary I Consider using mindfulness techniques to manage stress incontinence
  4. 4. AgendaWEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2010 AM SESSIONS 4:55 5:15 6:30-9:00 Panel Discussion Adjourn DINNER – Back to the Future: New Directions in Medical Education Pre-registration Required7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast Eugene Corbett, MD8:30 Welcoming Remarks: Steven T. DeKosky, MD, Dean, UVA School of Medicine THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2010 AM SESSIONS Robert M. Strieter, MD, Chair, Department of Medicine 7:15-8:15 Meet the Professor Breakfast Session Andrew M. D. Wolf, MD, Course Director Pre-registration Required8:45-10:45 GASTROENTEROLOGY B1 – Case-based Updates in Sexually Transmitted8:45 Introduction Infections Carl Berg, MD Michael Rein, MD8:50 Practical Approach to Dyspepsia in the Primary 8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast Care Setting 8:30-10:30 INFECTIOUS DISEASES David Peura, MD Introduction9:15 Community Care of Liver Transplant Patients Eric Haupt, MD Neeral Shah, MD 8:35 Approach to Acute Bronchitis9:40 Acute & Chronic Pancreatitis Gregory Townsend, MD Michel Kahaleh, MD 9:00 Hospital versus Community-Acquired Pneumonia10:05 Interpretation of Viral Hepatitis Serologies Gerald Donowitz, MD Curtis Argo, MD 9:25 TB: When to Think of it and Using your10:30 Panel Discussion Health Department10:45 Morning Break Eric Houpt, MD11:05-12:00 MULTIDISCIPLINARY 9:50 HIV Update11:05 Introduction Brian Wispelway, MD Andrew Wolf, MD 10:15 Panel Discussion11:10 Evaluation & Management of Chronic Urticaria 10:35 Morning Break Larry Borish, MD 10:55-12:35 NEUROLOGY11:35 Updates in Acne & Rosacea Management 10:55 Introduction Barbara Wilson, MD Andrew Wolf, MD12:00 Panel Discussion 11:00 Updates in the Evaluation & Management of Dementia12:10-1:10 LUNCH – On Your Own - OR David Geldmacher, MD12:15-1:05 Meet the Professor Lunch Session 11:25 Evaluating Peripheral Neuropathy Pre-registration Required Ted Burns, MD L1 – Acid-Base for Dummies 11:50 Panel Discussion Jonathon Truwit, MD 12:10-1:10 LUNCH –On Your Own -OR or 12:15-1:05 Meet the Professor L2 –“ Let the Games Begin” – Pre-registration Required Pre-participation Evaluation L3 - Benefiting from Interprofessional Practice Danny Mistry, MD Christine Peterson, MD, Annabel Downs, NP, Mohan Nadkarni, MD, Beth Jaeger-Landis, NPWEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2010 PM SESSION or1:10 – 3:15 INTERDISCIPLINARY: SLEEP DISORDERS L4 – More Geriatric Physical Exam Pearls1:10 Introduction Mark Williams, MD Cynthia Brown, MD1:15 Nightwalkers: An Update on Restless Legs Syndrome THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2010 PM SESSIONS Cynthia Brown, MD 1:10-2:05 GENERAL MEDICINE, GERIATRICS &1:40 Alternatives to CPAP for Obstructive Sleep Apnea PALLATIVE CARE Paul Suratt, MD 1:10 Introduction2:05 Insomnia: Behavioral Approaches Margaret Plews-Ogan, MD Frances Thorndike, PhD 1:15 “Doc, I Can’t Work” -- Handling Disability Requests2:30 Insomnia: Pharmacologic Approaches John Leiner, MD & Cooper Geraty, LLM Mohan Nadkarni, MD 1:40 Thorny Issues in End-of-Life Care2:55 Panel Discussion Joshua Barclay, MD3:15 Afternoon Break 2:05 A Systematic Approach to Urinary Incontinence3:35 – 5:15 NEPHROLOGY Diane Snustad, MD3:35 Introduction 2:30 Panel Discussion Mark Okusa, MD 2:50 Afternoon Break3:40 Management Issues in Chronic Kidney Disease 3:10-4:50 CARDIOLOGY Uta Erdbruegger, MD 3:10 Introduction4:05 Multidrug-Resistant Hypertension Brian Annex, MD Mitchell Rosner, MD 3:15 Retiming the Failing Heart and Other Device4:30 Use of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Blockers in the Therapies for CHF Elderly: Should we be concerned? Kenneth Bilchick, MD Emaad Abdel-Rahman, MD
  5. 5. 3:40 Updates on Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation 11:25 Panel Discussion Alan Binder, MD 11:40-12:45 LUNCH – On Your Own - OR4:05 Noninvasive Imaging for Detection of CAD: An 11:45-12:40 Meet the Professor Anatomic versus a Physiologic Approach Pre-registration Required George Beller, MD L5 – Evaluating Shoulder Pain4:30 Panel Discussion John MacKnight, MD4:50 Adjourn or L6 – Strategies for Implementing ElectronicFRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010 AM SESSIONS Medical Records7:15-8:15 Meet the Professor Breakfast Session Marshall Ruffin, MD Pre-registration Required B2 – Diuretic Resistance: Challenges and Strategies FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010 PM SESSION Kambiz Kalantarinia, MD, MS 12:45-1:50 PULMONARY or 12:45 Introduction B3 – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Physicians Jonathon Truwit, MD Matthew Goodman, MD 12:50 Pulmonary Hypertension for the Primary Care Physician8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast Max Weber, MD8:30-9:40 INTERDISCIPLINARY: PAIN & ADDICTION 1:15 Pre- and Perioperative Pulmonary Evaluation8:30 Introduction Elizabeth Gay, MD Andrew Wolf, MD 1:40 Panel Discussion8:35 Updates in Pharmacologic Management of Chronic Pain 1:55-3:35 ENDOCRINOLOGY Robert Goldstein, MD 1:55 Introduction9:00 Evaluating & Treating Patients for Prescription Drug Abuse Alan Dalkin, MD Eric Gunderson, MD 2:00 Long-Term Bisphosphonate Therapy: Helpful or Harmful?9:25 Pharmacologic Treatment of Alcohol Dependence Sue Brown, MD Bankole Johnson, MD 2:25 Intensive Glycemic Control in Diabetes: Helpful9:50 Panel Discussion or Harmful?10:10 Morning Break Anthony McCall, MD10:30-12:10 HEMATOLOGY - ONCOLOGY 2:50 Blood Pressure Control in Diabetes: Treatment10:30 Introduction Strategies and How Low to Go? Geoffrey Weiss, MD Eugene Barrett, MD10:35 Duration of Anticoagulation 3:15 Panel Discussion B. Gail Macik, MD 3:35 Wrap-up, Complete Course Evaluations & Adjourn11:00 The Bare Bones of Breast Cancer Christiana Brenin, MD DISCLOSURE STATEMENTSDisclosure of faculty financial affiliations Disclosure of discussion of non-FDA approved uses for pharmaceutical The University of Virginia School of Medicine, as an ACCME accredited products and/or medical devicesprovider, endorses and strives to comply with the Accreditation Council for The University of Virginia School of Medicine, as an ACCME provider,Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards of Commercial Support, requires that all faculty presenters identify and disclose any off-label uses forCommonwealth of Virginia statutes, University of Virginia policies and pharmaceutical and medical device products. The University of Virginia Schoolprocedures, and associated federal and private regulations and guidelines on the of Medicine recommends that each physician fully review all the available data onneed for disclosure and monitoring of proprietary and financial interests that may new products or procedures prior to clinical use.affect the scientific integrity and balance of content delivered in continuing Disclosure for attendance records and certificate distributionmedical education activities under our auspices. The University of Virginia Office of Continuing Medical Education The University of Virginia School of Medicine requires that all CME requires that all participants at live CME activities sign attendance sheets daily toactivities accredited through this institution be developed independently and be confirm participation in the CME activity for that day. Participants arescientifically rigorous, balanced and objective in the presentation/discussion of its responsible for accurately tracking their actual participation at live events.content, theories and practices. All faculty presenters participating in an accredited CME activity are Special Needs The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires that all individuals,expected to disclose relevant financial relationships with commercial entities regardless of their disabilities, have equal access. The Office of Continuingoccurring within the past 12 months (such as grants or research support, Medical Education at the University of Virginia School of Medicine is pleased toemployee, consultant, stock holder, member of speakers bureau, etc.). The assist participants with special needs. Written requests must be received 30 daysUniversity of Virginia School of Medicine will employ appropriate mechanisms to prior to the conference date. These should be mailed to UVA Office ofresolve potential conflicts of interest to maintain the standards of fair and Continuing Medical Education, Box 800711, Charlottesville, VA 22908 or tobalanced education to the reader. Questions about specific strategies can be Some of the conference venues used by the University ofdirected to the Office of Continuing Medical Education, University of Virginia Virginia Office of Continuing Medical Education are registered historicSchool of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia. properties and may not be fully ADA accessible. Please feel free to contact the The faculty and staff of the University of Virginia Office of Continuing facility if you have specific questions.Medical Education have no financial affiliations to disclose.
  6. 6. LocationThis conference will be held at the Omni Charlottesville Hotel, 235 WestMain Street, Charlottesville, Virginia. **NOTE: If the Omni lot is full, do notpark across the street in the private lot without first checking in with the Omniparking lot attendant. The owner of that lot will tow cars without an Omnipass.**AccommodationsA block of rooms has been reserved for course participants at the conferencesite. Please identify yourself as a participant in the Recent Advances InClinical Medicine conference. Omni Charlottesville Hotel 235 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 (434-971-5500 or 1-800-THE-OMNI) Single occupancy: $153 plus tax Double occupancy: $168 plus taxCourse DescriptionNow in its 37th year, this course is designed for primary care and emergencyroom physicians and subspecialists who want to update their knowledge ofinternal medicine and related disciplines. The course will provide currentinformation on specific topics that will also benefit housestaff, nursepractitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare professionals.AccreditationThe University of Virginia School of Medicine designates this continuingmedical education activity for a maximum of 19.0 AMA PRA Category 1Credits.TM for the main progam and an additional 1.0 credit for each breakoutsession and the Dinner Symposium.Conference FeesThe fee for the course in $510 and includes a downloadable online syllabus,continental breakfasts and breaks. If you would like a printed syllabus in DINNER SYMPOSIUM:addition to the online syllabus, the cost is $25 and it MUST be ordered inadvance of the conference. Each Meet the Professor session is an additional$25 and includes a deluxe hot breakfast or box lunch. A daily fee of $225,which includes access to the online syllabus, is available for those attendeesunable to attend the entire conference. BACK TO THE FUTURE:RegistrationRegistration is available on-line at or can be completed by NEW DIRECTIONSfax or mail using the registration form found in this brochure. Pre-registrationfor this conference will close two business days prior to the conference date.Please call to confirm that onsite registration will be available. IN MEDICAL EDUCATIONConfirmation and Cancellation PolicyUpon receipt of registration and payment, you will receive an email confirmation.If payment is not received 4 days prior to this activity, space will not be reserved.We recommend that you secure payment with your own funds, then seek October 27, 2010reimbursement from your employer (as appropriate).Registration fees will be refunded (less a $50 administration fee) for written 6:30PM - 9:00PMcancellations (emails and faxed requests are acceptable) received a minimum of14 days prior to the activity date (October 13, 2010). No refunds will be grantedfor cancellations made within 13 days of the activity. You are encouraged to send In the School of Medicine’sa substitute if you are unable to attend State of the ArtThe University of Virginia School of Medicine reserves the right to cancel CMEactivities if necessary. In this case, reimbursement of registration fees will not be Simulation & Learning Centerassessed the $50 administrative fee. All other expenses associated with thisCME activity are the sole responsibility of the participant. Featured Speaker:Information/RegistrationFor more information about this course or its logistics, please contact Tammy EUGENE CORBETT, MDEberly in the Office of Continuing Medical Education at 434-924-1657.Physicians may also call toll free by using the Medical Information and Referral Professor of MedicineService line at 1-800-552-3723 or at Assistant Dean for Clinical EducationAIM PreceptorsYou may be eligible for partial reimbursement of the RACM registration fee ifyou are scheduled to precept a 3rd year AIM Student in the 2010/2011 Advance Registration Required - No on-site Registration Availableacademic year. The AIM Preceptors Dinner is Thursday, October 28, 2010, The University of Virginia School of Medicine designates this continuingfrom 6:30-9:00PM at the Omni. Please contact the AIM Office 434-982-4329 medical education activity for a maximum of 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM.for details.
  7. 7. RECENT ADVANCES IN CLINICAL MEDICINERegistration Form REGISTRATION FORM THE 37TH ANNUAL EDWARD W. HOOK, JR., MD RECENT ADVANCES IN CLINICAL MEDICINE OCTOBER 27-29, 2010 Omni Hotel Charlottesville Please PRINT legibly to ensure accuracy. *** Please visit our website,, to see if online registration is available for this conference.*** Pre-registration for this conference will close two business days (three days for online registrations) prior to the conference date. Please call to confirm that onsite registration will be available. K Mr. K Mrs. K Ms. K Dr. First Name: _________________________M.I.: ____ Last Name: ______________________________ Credentials: (MD, PhD, RN, etc.): _____________________Specialty: ___________________________________________________ Affiliation/Business./Organization:_________________________________________________________________________________ Primary Address: This is: K home K work Street: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________________________State/Province: ______________________ Zip: ___________________ Country: _________________________________________Phone: ______________________ Fax: __________________________ Email: _________________________________________ Please print clearly for successful email delivery of your confirmation letter. Are you an employee of the University of Virginia? K Yes K No Are you a resident physician? K Yes K No Are you a fellow? K Yes K No Do you require special assistance because of a disability, or have any dietary restrictions? If so, please describe: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Birth date (required for tracking CME credits/CEU): _________/________/_________ REGISTRATION FEES K Main Conference (Includes Continental Breakfast, Breaks and Online Syllabus Only) . . .$510 or K Daily Registration Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$225/day (Please select day(s) K Wed K Thu K Fri ) K Plus Printed Syllabus in addition to Online Syllabus . . . . . . . . . . .$25 K Meet the Professor Session $25 X ________ Sessions = . . . . . . .$__________ (Select Sessions Below) K Dinner Symposium $65 /person X ________ Persons = . . . . . . .$__________ (Guest Name_______________________) Only advanced registration for the Dinner Symposium – No onsite registration) Total Fees = $__________ MEET THE PROFESSOR SESSIONS Check desired sessions and insert total fee above. $25/Session includes Deluxe Breakfast or Box Lunch Wednesday Lunch Sessions K L1 – Acid-Base for Dummies (Limit 40 participants) K L2 – “Let the Games Begin” – Pre-participation Evaluation (Limit 60 participants) Thursday Breakfast Session K B1 – Case-based Updates in Sexually Transmitted Infections (Limit 60 participants) Thursday Lunch Sessions K L3 – Interprofessional Practice (Limit 40 participants) K L4 – More Geriatric Physical Exam Pearls (Limit 60 participants) Friday Breakfast Sessions K B2 – Diuretic Resistance: Challenges and Strategies (Limit 60 participants) K B3 – Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction for Physicians(Limit 40 participants) Friday Lunch Sessions K L5 – Evaluating Shoulder Pain (Limit 60 participants) K L6 – Strategies for Implementing Electronic Medical Records (Limit 40 participants) Payment is required with registration. An exception is made for institutional checks; however, these must be received at least 4 days prior to the scheduled CME activity. If payment is not received by the deadline, you will NOT be registered for the conference. You will receive written confirmation (by email) upon receipt of your payment. PAYMENT OPTIONS K Check or money order made payable to “UVA-CME.” Please indicate the name of the conference on your check. K Charge payment to: K Visa K MasterCard K Discover K American Express Your credit card number:______________—______________—______________—____________ Expiration date_____/_______ Signature:_____________________________________________ SEND REGISTRATIONS TO: Bebe Moore, Registrar *** RACM*** Office of Continuing Medical Education, P.O. Box 800711 University of Virginia School of Medicine, McKim Hall Charlottesville, VA 22908 Tel: (434) 924-5310, Fax: (434) 243-6393, MIRS Tel: 1-800-552-3723
  8. 8. NONPROFIT University of Virgina U.S. POSTAGE School of Medicine PAID The Office of Continuing Medical Education PERMIT #164 P.O. Box 800711 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA Charlottesville, Virginia 22908-0711The 37th AnnualEDWARD W. HOOK, JR., M.D.Recent Advances in Clinical MedicineThe 37th AnnualEDWARD W. HOOK, JR., M.D.Recent Advances in Clinical Medicine "This was a great conference!! Much practical information that I can use in my everyday practice. Wow! Im glad I came back." -- Prior Course Participant