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J 1 online orientation


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J-1 Online Orientation for UTSA incoming scholars

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J 1 online orientation

  1. 1. MAINTAINING YOUR J-1 VISA STATUS International Scholar Services Office of International Programs (OIP) The University of Texas at San Antonio
  2. 2. Welcome to The University of Texas at San Antonio We hope your stay at UTSA is enjoyable and successful!
  3. 3. J-1 Exchange Visitor Program (EVP)
  4. 4. Important Things to Remember Regarding your J-1 Visa Status While in the United States on a J-1 visa, you need to know and understand the following important information to maintain your immigration status.
  5. 5. Local U.S. Address Change in local U.S. address must be reported to International Scholar Services within 10 days such change occurs. Failure to report such change may negatively effect your J-1 visa status. Report change of address using the provided url: of-address-form/
  6. 6. Passport Maintenance  Passport must be valid at all times  Passport renewal must be reported to International Scholar Services  Passport should be valid for at least six months into the future Check your expiration date! Don’t forget to renew you passport well ahead of time.
  7. 7. I-94 Form  I-94 Form is a Record of your Arrival/Departure, which permits you to remain in the U.S. It is valid for “D/S” (Duration of Status), e.g., until the end date noted on the DS-2019 Form or the end of your program, whichever comes first, as long as you follow the regulations. The I-94 Form is also used in conjunction with a valid passport to determine employment eligibility.
  8. 8. I-94 Form  I-94 Form can be given to you as a white card or you can print it using US Customs & Border Protection web-site upon arrival to the United States.  If your I-94 Form is in the form of a card, please affix the card to your passport. If you lose your I-94 Form, you can re-print it using US Customs & Border Protection web-site.  Use this link to print your I-94 Form:
  9. 9. Paper I-94 I-94 Number Expiration of your visa status Visa Type Date of Entry into the U.S.
  10. 10. Electronic I-94 I-94 Number Expiration of your visa status Date of Entry into the U.S. Visa Type
  11. 11. Visa Stamp  Unless you are a Canadian citizen, a valid visa stamp is required in your passport in order to enter or re-enter the U.S. from abroad. However, it does not need to be valid for the length of your stay inside of the U.S.  Visa stamp can only be obtained or renewed at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy.  Most J-1 visitors are issued visas with multiple (“M”) entries. This allows you to travel in and out of the United States as you deem appropriate without having to obtain a new visa each time you seek to re-enter the U.S.
  12. 12. Visa Stamp Photo
  13. 13. SEC 212E – 2 Year Home Residency • Check your passport visa • May not change to H1B visa • Must apply for the waiver (if inside of US)
  14. 14. Future Participations in J Program If you have or had this J visa category Wait time for new J-1 Research Scholar/Professor visa J-1 Research Scholar/Professor Category for any amount of time (one day to five years) 24 Months J-1 Short Term Scholar No Wait J-2 Dependent No Wait J-1 Student Intern No Wait Previous Program less than 6 months
  15. 15. Future Participations in J Program If you have or had this J visa category Wait time for new J-1 Research Scholar/Professor visa J-1 Student Intern 12 Months J-1 Research Scholar/Professor Category for any amount of time (one day to five years) 24 Months J-2 Dependent of Research Scholar/Professor Category 24 Months J-2 Dependent of any J-1 category except Short Term Scholar 12 Months Previous Program more than 6 months
  16. 16. DS-2019 Form  This form is the Certificate of Eligibility for the J-1 Exchange Visitor. It is your responsibility to maintain this document current and active (unexpired) while you are engaged in any J-1 visa program activities in the United States with or without any compensation.  The form has your unique identification number called SEVIS Number (in the right hand corner). SEVIS is an abbreviation of the Student Exchange Visitor Information System.
  17. 17. Duration of J-1 Scholar Categories  J-1 Research Scholar/Professor – 5 years Minimum duration – 3 weeks  J-1 Short-Term Scholar – 6 months (cannot be extended) Exempt from 3 week minimum duration  J-1 Student Intern – 12 months (cannot be extended) Minimum duration – 3 weeks
  18. 18. DS-2019 Form SEVIS ID Exchange Visitor Category Program Dates Travel Endorsement/Signature Scholar/Student Signs
  19. 19. UTSA Banner & UTSA ID  UTSA Banner ID:  Your Banner ID is an electronic identifier used to access UTSA online services and to identify yourself to University offices. A UTSA Banner ID has already been created for you. If you do not know your Banner ID, please ask your department administrative associate.  UTSA Identification Card:  A UTSA ID card enables use of many facilities on campus and allows you to ride the campus busses for free. You should apply for a UTSA ID card soon after arriving at the University.
  20. 20. Library Access & Public Transportation  UTSA Library Access:  The University has a wealth of resources available online and in the campus libraries. Your UTSA ID will serve as your library card and your UTSA Banner ID will give you online access to library materials.  The John Peace Library (JPL) is the University’s main library. To learn more about the electronic information resources and services offered by the General Libraries, visit  Public Transportation:  The bus system includes the UTSA shuttle busses (however the VIA city busses offers routes to and from UTSA campuses). The UTSA shuttle busses are free to all scholars and students. For the VIA bus system a card must be purchased and more info can be found at
  21. 21. Extension  If program extension is needed, DS-2019 Form must be renewed by International Scholar Services as per request of the UTSA sponsoring department.  J-1 Program Extension Form can be found at:  Extension request must be submitted well ahead of the DS-2019 Form program expiration date.  Failure to apply for extension may result in the loss of J-1 status.
  22. 22. Health Insurance  Regulations require all persons holding J-1 visas, and their accompanying J-2 dependents while they are in the United States, to be covered by health insurance which meets the following minimum standards:  Medical Benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness with a deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.  Repatriation of remains coverage in the amount of $25,000.  Expenses associated with medical evacuation to the home country in the amount of $50,000.  It is the J visa holder’s responsibility to maintain and provide proof of the required insurance coverage.
  23. 23. Health Insurance Continued  UTSA EMPLOYEE MEDICAL INSURANCE ELIGIBLILTY:  Full-time Employees: All full-time (40 hours) benefits-eligible employees have insurance coverage from their first day of employment. Full-time employees must have 31 days from their date of hire to elect optional benefits or add dependents.  Part-time Employees: All part-time (20-29 hours) benefits-eligible employees and their covered dependents must elect insurance coverage within 31 days from their date of hire or they will not have any insurance coverage.  All other Exchange Visitors: J-1 Exchange Visitors who receive all of their funding from home or who are appointed at UTSA for less than 20 hours per week and/or less than 4.5 months are not eligible for UTSA employee insurance.
  24. 24. Employment Authorization  You may work with or without compensation providing that it is directly related to your program requirements.  Employment must end by the program end date noted on the form DS-2019.  Unauthorized employment is not permitted and may negatively effect J-1 visa status.
  25. 25. Travel  J-1/J-2 visa holders must have a valid (unexpired) passport, valid visa and current (valid) DS-2019 that has been endorsed (signed) by a representative at International Scholar Services in order to re-enter the U.S. after a trip abroad.  Please contact International Scholar Services to request travel signature prior to scheduled departure.  Traveling outside of the U.S. without an authorized ISS signature may negatively effect your J-1 visa status.
  26. 26. Occasional Lectures/ Consultations  Research scholars/professors may participate in occasional lectures and/or short-term consultations with prior approval of International Scholar Services.  Please contact International Scholar Services for questions/guidance.
  27. 27. Concurrent Academic Enrollment  Concurrent academic enrollment is available only with department sponsor’s written consent and authorization from International Scholar Services. Coursework undertaken must directly relate to your J-1 program participation.  Please contact International Scholar Services for questions/guidance.
  28. 28. Program Completion  At the program completion your sponsoring UTSA department must fill in and return “End of Program Form”.  Please contact International Scholar Services to receive this form.  J-1 Program Completion Form can be found at: 1-exchange-visitors-program/
  29. 29. Grace Period  If you will not be extending your stay in the U.S., you have 30 days after the expiration date on DS-2019 OR the date your program ends, whichever is earlier, to leave the U.S.  During this grace period, you are permitted to engage in activities similar to those of a tourist, but you are not permitted to work or earn money.  There is no grace period for someone who terminates their program more than thirty days prior to the noted end date on the form DS-2019.
  30. 30. Transfer or Changes in Employment  You must notify International Scholar Services well in advance of any changes in your employment situation or transfer to another institution. Please discuss it with the International Scholar Services Advisor.
  31. 31. Social Security Card  If you receive payment, you must obtain a Social Security card. The letter from our office will be provided, if necessary.  Social Security Card is not necessary for individuals employed without compensation.
  32. 32. Change of Status  Change of Status:  New offers of employment and changes in current employment may require a change of status. Contact your Scholar Services advisor in advance of such changes to determine eligibility for a change of status to enable continued employment.  An application for a change to another nonimmigrant status will require a minimum of three to six months for processing by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  NOTE: You are subject to the 212(e) two-year home residence requirement, you will not be eligible for a change of status from within the United States.
  33. 33. Taxes  WHEN TO FILE TAXES:  Internal Revenue Services (IRS) regulations require the submission of federal income tax forms by April 15th for the previous tax year (January - December). It is your responsibility to complete and mail your tax return by the April 15th deadline, even if you are no longer in the United States.  WHAT TO FILE:  Form 8843 – filed by all non residents for tax purposes, including J-2 dependents (even if no U.S. sourced income was received). If you are a resident for tax purposes, you are not required to file Form 8843.  Form 1040NR-EZ or 1040NR – filed by non residents who have U.S. sourced income. Even if you are exempt from tax under a tax treaty, you must report your earnings by completing an income tax return. J-1 scholars who have become residents for tax purposes should file form 1040 or 1040EZ (resident tax forms).
  34. 34. Taxes Cont’d  People who work in the U.S. must file an annual income tax return, regardless of where their income originates or whether they are eligible for a tax treaty benefit.  Please contact Nnennaya Ikwuagwu/Payroll Services at: to schedule an appointment or call at: 210-458-8024. Appointment is mandatory, if you are a paid employee at UTSA.
  35. 35. GLACIER Payroll Profile  If you are a new paid employee, you must complete a GLACIER profile once your hiring department processes your assignment. GLACIER is used to collect information about your immigration status, citizenship, country of residence and history of presence in the United States. This information is necessary in order to determine tax filing status and applicable tax treaty benefits.  Please contact Nnennaya Ikwuagwu/Payroll Services for assistance at: to schedule an appointment or call at: 210-458-8024. Appointment is mandatory, if you are a paid employee at UTSA.
  36. 36. J-2 Dependents/J-2 Employment  You can request the issuance of J-2 Certificate of Eligibility for your spouse and un-married children under 21 years old.  J-2 Dependent Form can be found at:  International Scholar Services can provide you the information on how a J-2 visa holder may apply to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (U.S.CIS) for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) that allows him or her to work. Please refer to our handout at: employment/  The income will be taxed, even if the J-1 has a tax treaty benefit.
  37. 37. Departure Checklist  Early exit: Email Scholar Services if you are leaving the United States for more than 30 days prior to the end date on your DS-2019 Form.  Pay your University fees, if applicable. This includes any outstanding fees that you may have accrued on campus for services such as your UTSA ID, printing, and University Health Services.  Save all of your immigration documents. Keep all of your DS-2019s, passports, I-94 records, and visas even after they expire. They may be helpful when arranging your future trips to the United States. Also be sure to keep your Social Security Card, Texas Driver’s License and UTSA ID.  Request the return of your apartment deposit from your apartment complex or landlord. NOTE: 30-60 day notice of move out may be required by your lease.  Make sure you have received reimbursement on all of your medical insurance claims, if you filed any for yourself or your dependents. Also update your forwarding address with the insurance company if any reimbursement is still do to you.  Close your bank account if you do not intend to return to the United States.
  38. 38. Campus Maps
  39. 39. International Scholar Services Contacts  Director/Advisor : Tanya Orndorff  210-458-7266  Assistant Director/Advisor : Ashley Wallace  210-458-8510  Administrative Associate II: Eduardo “Eddie” Alvarez Eduardo.Alvarez@utsa.edu210-458-6571
  40. 40. Office of International Programs International Scholar Services We wish you success in your academic or research program. Thank You!
  41. 41. Orientation Attestation and Understanding (Please review, sign, and return to International Scholar Services)