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Stickybits Presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Stickybits Presentation

  1. 1. the first content platform for the internet of things
  2. 2. every body Text has a smart phonephoto credit: jamest8 (flickr)
  3. 3. every thing has a barcode
  4. 4. london gatwick airport scan codes to see renovations happening behind the walls they are posted on
  5. 5. objects are media and barcodes tell stories
  6. 6. use your smartphone iPhone Android* *Note: V2 for Android coming in Q1 2011 and Blackberry coming later in 2011
  7. 7. scan things grab product launch app scan code
  8. 8. add content join challenge view product wall post content
  9. 9. build brands analytics content manager promotion manager
  10. 10. don’t market about products market through them!
  11. 11. online marketing has gone from CPM - CPC - CPE
  12. 12. social scanning
  13. 13. brands
  14. 14. Billy Chasen, CEO is web architect and developer. Prior to stickybits, Billy was on the founding team of New York real- time incubator betaworks, where he created, a real-time analytics service. Billy Chasen has a B.S. in computer science from the University of Michigan. Seth Goldstein, Chairman is an entrepreneur and investor. Prior to stickybits, he founded He is Chair of the Internet Advertising Bureau's Social Media Committee, and a member of their Board of Directors. In 2002, he created Majestic Research, a next generation Wall Street research firm. founders
  15. 15. Yishan Wong, technical advisor was former director of engineering at Facebook and senior engineering manager at PayPal Gary Vaynerc huk, brand advisor is the author of Crush It! and runs Vayner Media, a social media brand consulta ncy investors & advisors