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  1. 1. Web Site Joe Person Lives in Palo Alto IBM City Company Publisher of Fan of Subscriber to Lives in Employee of Sue Person Jane Person Fan of RSS Feed Coldplay Friend of Band Member of Depiction of Design Married to Source of Team sones Group Member of 123.JPG Photo Bob Weblog Person the web database Member of Depiction of Member of Stanford Author of Dave Alumnae Person Group Member of Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1
  2. 2. Introduction:  My name is Alexander Oelling  Founded in 2006 by M. Matthesius, D. Kirstenpfad, A. Oelling  18 fixed Employees, growing rapidly.  Groundbreaking “Graph-based Database System”  Developed from scratch. Database and file system. Patent pending.  References: Microsoft, T-Mobile..  Co-funded by T-Venture Fund (Deutsche Telekom). Other institutional investors pending. Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1
  3. 3. High Concept Pitch 90% of today’s  data  is  unstructured  data  (worldwide) By 2011, this Digital  Videos, Photos,  Universe will be 10 Articles, User  times the size it was  Profiles, Comments,  in 2006 (IDC forecast)  News, Groups,  Events..  GraphDB is the best way to store and connect this highly flexible and dynamically changing data in distributed environments Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1
  4. 4. Elevator Pitch abcd sones is the web database. Handle your digital universe! With our distributed Graph-Database (NoSQL) and file system we enable cloud computing: Large-scale Data model Global unstructured changes in Access/Exchange data real-time. of the data. handling We handle your digital universe! Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 4 1
  5. 5. Times have changed  Technology we are still using today has been developed for the needs of the 60s, 70s and the 80s.  Not for today's needs  cost intensive  complex  slow  inflexible  Result problems in Cloud Computing:  Data Security  Data Exchange Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1
  6. 6. Technical Features - GraphDB abcd Technology „This technology gives us the performance and features we always GraphDS wanted, but never got!“  Thomas Bachem Director Technology This database and storage technology has been developed from scratch. Patent pending, No external IP’s Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1
  7. 7. Database evolution Graph‐based concepts latest development in database‐evolution Graph based Olap - and other Content / Application / concepts for Analytics / Search / real time analytics Opensource Dual Licence Object. Database Joe Person Lives in Palo Alto IBM Web Site City Company Niche-products, Subscriber to Fan of Lives in Publisher of Relational Database Jane Employee of Sue Person Developers RSS Feed Coldplay Fan of Person Friend of ERP, CRM, … Band M Design e Depiction of Team Married to Source of m 123.JPG Group Member Bob b Photo Dominating the market Weblog e r of Member of Stanford Person Depiction of Dave Author of Alumnae Member of Person o Group Member of f Designed as a distributed DB and FS for the web!!! Hierarch. Database Nearly “died out” Key value based concepts for search and Web 60s 70s 80s 90s Since 2000 Today Search, Cloud Computing Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1
  8. 8. $ 44B Enterprise Market Actual shares at DB +  Storage Market Oracle $20,4B IBM Microsoft Additional $23,6B Database Market $20,4 (in 2011) with a CAGR of 46,8% sones complements traditional solutions of existing vendors IDC Forecast Extremely growing and dynamic market! Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 8 1
  9. 9. USPs USPs abcd  More performance. Real-time data handling and scalability.  Better storage. Distributed file system.  Costs reduction by dynamic data-structures. Up to 99% for implementation.  Easy SQL like query language incl. search / recommendation. abcd More performance abcd Costs reduction Performance Costs Data complexity Data complexity Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 9 1
  10. 10. Overall Market Coverage and Business Model “The Cloud “High Scalability for  Database!” everyone!” Enterprises Edition Open Source Edition (Free) Licence Licence • enterprise licence(starts at $2k) • GPL 2 and others Products Products • GraphDB+FS, +persistence, • GraphDB OSS Edition, REST, WebDAV, unlimited storage full featured DB, only engines inMemory FS + (opt. M&S) Solutions Solutions • Publisher, eCommerce, Large • Consumer Websites, Blogging Scaling Web Apps • SMEs (Web, IT, Media etc.) • SMEs (Web, IT, Media etc.) • Large Enterprises • Large Enterprises Distribution Distribution: Download, Partner • Download, SaaS Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1 10
  11. 11. Competitors Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1
  12. 12. Reference Customers Deutsche Telekom AG Microsoft Germany • Biggest portal network/ISP in • Surface Table: Information Explorer Darmstadt, Germany • Customer benefits: • Search and Portal (Dataintegration) • Distributed file system • Customer benefits: • Universal Data Access • Potential service savings • Integrated Bing Search €200k/month • Touch-screen Interface • New business models and revenue streams by connecting the data silos Real Customer benefits! Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 12 1
  13. 13. Management Team abcd Experienced Executive Team Finance and Admin: Mauricio Matthesius (Founder, former SAP Trainer)  Information systems specialist Prospective PhD Business Development: Alexander Oelling (Founder, former SAP)  Visionary, Evangelist, Conference Speaker  Global contact network R&D: Daniel Kirstenpfad (Founder, former Microsoft Research)  Head of development, Development Genius Sales: Ralph Buchholz (former Director Sales Oracle and Business Objects)  25 years sales experience in the IT industry World class engineering team  10 Former SAP, SIEMENS, Microsoft, HP Developer Experienced Board  Chairman: Erhard Seeger • Former CEO Tiscali, Adlink,  CEO at 10 Old Economy enterprises  Robert Hoog • General Manager and CEO of several companies (Fujitsu Siemens  Computers,  HP, SIEMENS, IXOS AG)  Christoph Schmidt • SVP Personal Social Network Applications (Deutsche Telekom AG) Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 13 1
  14. 14. What we want! Developers Customers Partner Investors Confidential sones GmbH| 3/18/2010 1