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Producteev Under The Radar


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Published in: Business, Career

Producteev Under The Radar

  2. 2. Working together is still much more difficult than it should Problem
  3. 3. We all use lots of Productivity and Communication tools already : IM, Email, Mobile, online apps… Fact
  4. 4. The “Mobile Me” of Group Task Management Elevator Pitch
  5. 5. Based in New York , USA New Team for new vision , 5 employees $350K in Business Angel Funding Fabrice Grinda (OLX), Oleg Tscheltzoff (Fotolia), Aydin Senkut (FelicisVC), Oliver Jung (Xing…), Limvirak Chea (Google)… Bullish Users Snapshot
  6. 6. Metrics 10,200 Users / 7,000 activated No marketing 10% active rate logging in at least twice a week First Paying Clients include : Web Agencies, Lawyers, Startups, E-Commerce sites, Schools, Product Teams…
  7. 7. The Entrepreneur Ilan Abehassera Former Head of Biz Dev at The Tech Genius Aric Lasry Formerly Student at Epitech Paris The Product King Stephane Krzywoglowy Formerly Vivendi Mobile Entertainment and Bouygues Telecom The Sales Guy Martin Huegli Formerly Subscriptions Manager and Corporate Development at Team
  8. 8. Freemium
  9. 9. $1 / enrolled student or staff / month University
  10. 10. Vertical Markets Partnerships Social Media Virality and Affiliation Mobile Distribution
  11. 11. Inside Sales Biz Dev and Affiliation Consulting Companies Advertising SEO Social Media Sales Strategy
  12. 12. We’re looking for Manufacturers Carriers We’re helping your clients be more Productive!