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  • Dead-simple web based accounting that saves the solo entrepreneur time and worry. Our web-service automates data collection, provides valuable financial reports and dramatically simplifies taxesFounded by former Intuit leaders who saw the need for a simple bookkeeping solution leveraging web technologies, online data accessibility and distributed workflows
  • ~10% of the population is a small business owner21 million solo entrepreneurs are asking:Am I making money? What can I do to spend more time with my family?Am I in trouble with the IRS?$1T in sales for solo entrepreneurs … $40,000 in revenue per sole employee business … dynamic with millions of business formed and shut-down every year.$30T in total sales for businesses with <500 employees
  • 21 million solo entrepreneurs are asking:Am I making money? What can I do to spend more time with my family?Am I in trouble with the IRS?Small businesses are creating a digital exhaust trail when they buy or sell a product or service ... external forces driving more information to be available:Ubiquity of high-speed web connections for consumers and businesses, in-home, in-business, and mobileConsumer preference moved electronic payment methods (credit card, debit card) to nearly 70% of purchase transaction volume even in stores.More business transactions have an electronic footprint, whether the business is buying or selling ... checks are scanned, credit cards, on-line purchases.More business rely on the Internet to run their business ... online storefronts, emarketplaces, reservation systemsThat data can be harnessed to make a business run better with less effort.Small business revenues of $45k and spend $40k per year
  • Connect small business owners to the information and people needed to make a good living in less time. Brings information in, gives feedback to the brain to help make decisions.
  • “hodge-podge” … hours and hours a month … low confidence
  • Freemium model … pay for staying organized for taxes, long-term data access
  • Brandbuilt by the customer experience … confidence, simplicity, accomplishment, amazement
  • Free and paid tiersEfficient customer acquisition
  • Visa, AmEx, Intuit, Constant Contact, Magento, Google, Etsy
  • Outright Presents at Under the Radar

    1. 1. Helping small businessesthrive in a connected world steven@outright.com
    2. 2. 27M Small Businesses in the US Fortune 1000 6M employer businessesOutright 21M solo Focus entrepreneurs Am I making money? What can I do to spend more time with family? Am I in trouble with the IRS? 2
    3. 3. Small Business Possibility vs RealityDigital Data Paper Persistent 3
    4. 4. Story of “Victory Garden of Tomorrow” Outright is Joe’s “Business Brain” 4
    5. 5. Before … Spreadsheets, Paper 5
    6. 6. During … Five Minutes to Delight 6
    7. 7. “How Am I Doing” Dashboard 7
    8. 8. Staying Organized for Taxes 8
    9. 9. After … Happy Joe 9
    10. 10. Outright is Uniquely Positioned to Win • Small-business centric customer experience • Efficient, scalable customer acquisition • Creating value from big data • Effective revenue model • Right team for the opportunity 10
    11. 11. Top Rated, Most Used eBay Seller App 11
    12. 12. 100,000+ Customers Adding Growing Amounts of Rich Transaction DataTransactions In Outright 12
    13. 13. Effective Revenue ModelFree Tier … how Paid Tier … am I doing? taxes, long-term trends Indirect revenue Subscription 13
    14. 14. The Right Team• Investors: Shasta, First Round Capital, Sequoia• Steven Aldrich, CEO• Kevin Reeth, Product Management & Co-founder• Ben Curren, CTO & Co-Founder• Laurel Lee, Product Management• Ryan Thompson, Business Development• Laura Messerschmitt, Marketing• Christie Strasia, Customer Care 14
    15. 15. Looking for Accelerants• What we want: – Data and distribution• What we can do for you: – Provide your customers with a great on-line accounting and tax service … using your data to improve the customer experience 15