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Footfeed Presentation

  1. 1. PowerYour Brands with a Location- based Multi Check-in Platform
  2. 2. Footfeed is a location-based mobile social platform to engage your consumers across multiple check-in networks
  3. 3. The Solution With Footfeed, any brand can create their own multi check-in network on top of the existing services and launch custom location- based programs and campaigns It’s like having your own Foursquare or Gowalla that works with all the networks
  4. 4. All The Networks Rolled Into One Footfeed is a check-in platform that works with Foursquare Gowalla Brightkite Facebook Places Twitter Google Latitude And soon others
  5. 5. Here’s How it Works Footfeed aggregates the check-in networks into a single platform deliverd via an API that includes: •A multi check-in platform • Publishing messages across major check-in networks • Integration with Geotoko for location based deals • Data & reporting •API to integrate into existing mobile applications • Promotion of retail locations and partners
  6. 6. Trigger branded messages on check-in, coupon redemption Reward customers for checking in Announce in-store events nearby Example: Borders Books Show special offers by date and location Consumers connect their check-in networks to Borders How Footfeed can enhance the Borders loyalty program “I just saved 25%” by checking in with Borders check-in app
  7. 7. Example:Taco Bell How Footfeed can evolve the store locator into a engaging local experience Deliver SMS coupons based upon location, checkin history Reward customers based on frequency of check-ins Add fun, viral share consistent with brand positioning Consumers can check-in to Taco Bell Trigger brand messages across networks on check-in
  8. 8. Incentivize consumers with double points at certain locations Browse rewards catalog & redeem Example: Coke Rewards Check In to redeem codes Consumers can connect their networks to Coke Rewards How Footfeed can increase participation in Coke Rewards Find places your friends redeemed coke rewards Trigger brand messages on check-in
  9. 9. Example: Glee Fan Promotion Earn Gleek points on check-in Trigger brand messages on check-in and slushie toss How Footfeed engage fans of Glee (Gleeks) “I just scored 5 Gleek points” at 7/11 (Starbucks,Walnut Creek) @gleeapp Toss virtual slushies across social networks Earn virtual rewards for checking in to music-related locations
  10. 10. Licensing Fees License Platform (based on volume) Setup fee $.03-$.10 per user per month or tiered flat fee Custom app development (when Footfeed builds the apps) $25,000+ per app plus licensing fees
  11. 11. • Footfeed is the only company that offers a white lable multi check-in platform • Works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows 7 • Footfeed powers an upcoming POI app from Renaissance Hotels • Qualcomm is integrating Footfeed into their social mobile platform • Launching “check-in transaction” pilot program with Experian data • Footfeed is based in San Francisco, CA About Footfeed
  12. 12. For more information • Contact Dennis Mink at 415-938-6465 or