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Cloudant Presents at Under the Radar 2013


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Cloudant Presentation at Under the Radar 2013

Published in: Technology
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Cloudant Presents at Under the Radar 2013

  1. 1. The database as acommodityMike MillerCo-Founder, Chief Scientist@mlmilleratmit
  2. 2. Under The Radar (Miller) 2{Focus: ‘Core Competency’}
  3. 3. Under The Radar (Miller) 3MobileBig DataThese break our existing models for computing
  4. 4. Under The Radar (Miller) 4ships with a mobile strategy
  5. 5. Under The Radar (Miller){Introductions: ‘Cloudant’}‣ For developers of high-velocity weband mobile apps‣ Ends drudgery of SQL and scale-it-yourself NoSQL‣ Founded by big data scientists‣ Venture Funded (Series B), YCS085DBaaS fastest growingcloud service*
  6. 6. Under The Radar (Miller){Introductions: ‘Cloudant’}6
  7. 7. Under The Radar (Miller){Install: ‘Cloudant’}You do this: We give you:https://<username>.cloudant.comDone!Sign UpStep 1 Step 2 Step 38
  8. 8. Under The Radar (Miller){Cloudant: ‘Product’}9JSONDocumentsPrimaryIndexSecondaryIndexesSearch &Geospatial
  9. 9. {Minimize: ‘Latency’}Public or Private Cloud
  10. 10. Under The Radar (Miller){Write: ‘Local’, Sync: ‘Later’}Embedded,Edge, SatellitesDesktop,BrowserCloud11
  11. 11. Under The Radar (Miller){Sleep: ‘More’}12
  12. 12. The Radar (Miller)Thanks!13IRC