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Cedexis Presents at Under the Radar


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Cedexis Presentation at Under the Radar

Published in: Technology
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Cedexis Presents at Under the Radar

  1. 1. Making the web faster for every userThe Leader in Cloud BasedGlobal Traffic
  2. 2. How Does Your Website Loadin China, Brazil or Russia?HTTP Response Time ms0 to 300 (20%)300 to 400 (25%)400 to 500 (13%)500 to 750 (21%)> 750 (21%)c246mto287m239m to 257m380m to 482m560mto938m
  3. 3. Internet users who abandon a pagewhen a video fails to startimmediatelyYahoo! study’s conclusion of lost salesattributable to a 400ms delay in pageload timeDrop in Google traffic attributable to a500 ms slowdownDrop in Amazon sales attributable to a100 ms slowdown81%4.9%20%1%Web Performance Matters
  4. 4. Community-Based BenchmarksCedexis RadarActionable Intelligence
  5. 5. 1. Load Page 2. Pull Test Objects 3. Report MetricsCedexis TagOr Mobile SDKHow it Works
  6. 6. Private Data Center Comparisons
  7. 7. www.cedexis.comData Driven TrafficManagementGlobal Load Balancingas a Service
  8. 8. Say no to
  9. 9. Real-time decisions for real-time data.www.cedexis.comCedexis RadarReal user measurementsCedexis Fusion3rd party data integrationCedexis SonarLiveness Checks
  10. 10. 48 datacenters.5 continents.3 layers of
  11. 11. Trusted by Over 300 Global Brands
  12. 12. CDN Load Balancing25% Reduction in Bounce Rates
  13. 13. Video Load Balancing4 second reductionin buffering times
  14. 14. Mobile App Load Balancing25% increase in call duration
  15. 15. Hybrid Cloud Load Balancing100% Availability“100% availability is essential to ourbusiness and reputation.”“Cedexis automatically routes trafficaround outages among our Amazon Cloudand CDN providers.”– Joseph Jacob, CTO at Zedo
  16. 16. Pricing Model• FREE• 1.3 Billion Measurements A Day• Utility-based billing• $1,500 - $15,000 a monthCloud-based Global Traffic ManagementCommunity-based Benchmarks
  17. 17. Our TeamFounded in 2009 by former Akamaisales and engineering executives.WHEREOffices in Portland, Chicago, SanFrancisco, Paris and London.AWARDSCIO Magazine Top 10 StartupsEuroCloud Best Cloud StartupErnst & Young Innovation Award
  18. 18. Can we help improveyour website or mobile appperformance?
  19. 19. Announcement