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McCombs Fall 2013 Honor Roll


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The McCombs Undergraduate Business Council and the Undergraduate Program Office recently named 13 faculty members to the Fall 2013 Faculty Honor Roll, based on student surveys.

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McCombs Fall 2013 Honor Roll

  1. 1. Faculty Honor Roll Fall 2013
  2. 2. Dean Bredeson “He was an interesting professor who cared about his students and made sure we found Business Law interesting and relevant to our lives.”
  3. 3. Susan Broniarczyk “She is extremely intelligent, an engaging communicator, but most of all, a professor who knows how to prepare students for life after college.”
  4. 4. Jade DeKinder “... she teaches the material with such enthusiasm that students can’t help but be interested in the class.”
  5. 5. Gail Gemberling “.. has a noticeable passion for the success of all the students that fill her classroom . .”
  6. 6. Greg Hallman “Not only does he know the material, but he knows how to teach it in a way that makes it really easy to understand.”
  7. 7. Prabhudev Konana “.. his class gave me the desire to pursue a more quantitative degree, which has enriched my college experience and given me a variety of valuable skills. ”
  8. 8. Shun-Yang Lee “He went above and beyond in ensuring that we understood the significant underlying concepts within each section of the course...”
  9. 9. “Professor Lewis’ fun and relatable personality creates a dynamic learning environment where students are eager to contribute to classroom discussions.” Kyle Lewis
  10. 10. “... wants his students to be able to have a good grasp on the world of finance, but made sure to give us everything we needed to succeed.” J. David Miller
  11. 11. “She taught me why I should care about law and ethics in business. She also showed a sincere interest in each and every one of us ...” Fran Pedersen
  12. 12. “He wakes up before the crack of dawn every morning to prepare for class, to serve in administrative roles, to attend student organization events, and to represent McCombs in countless capacities.” Robert Prentice
  13. 13. “.. passionate for her students to succeed and able to foster a positive learning environment, while making us laugh and smile.” Janet Riekenberg
  14. 14. “... incredibly knowledgeable in his field and in relevant industries, which made learning from him all the more interesting and meaningful.” Garrett Sonnier