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May 2011 ACA Meeting Minutes


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Detailed minutes from the May 2011 general meeting. Orientation and awards and nominations were the main points of interest.

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May 2011 ACA Meeting Minutes

  1. 1. ACA Monthly Meeting<br />Tuesday, May 10, 2011<br />1:00–3:00pm<br />WEL 3.502 Shell Auditorium<br />Building Relationships<br />1:00Amy’s Ice Cream & Social Time<br />(Sponsored by New Student Services – Thank you!)<br />1:25Welcome<br />1:30NACADA Awards Announcement<br />Recognition of ACA Scholarship Recipients<br />ACA Awards Announcement<br />Wendy Boggs, Chair for Awards and Recognitions Committee<br />Wendy announced each of the UT NACADA Award recipients who will be recognized at the annual conference in Denver, CO in October 2011:<br />Mark Bernstein, College of Communication: Certificate of Merit – Outstanding Faculty Advisor<br />Aida Gonzalez, College of Communication: Certificate of Merit – Outstanding Academic Advising- Primary Role<br />Brad Popiolek, School of Undergraduate Studies: Certificate of Merit – Outstanding New Academic Advisor <br />Longhorn Link, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement: Certificate of Merit – Outstanding Advising Program <br />Wayfinder, School of Undergraduate Studies: Certificate of Merit – Advising Technology Innovation <br />Wendy then announced the 2011 ACA Staff and Student Development Scholarship recipients. Each recipient was awarded a $250 scholarship to be applied toward academic and professional development.        <br />Student Recipients:<br />Rene Garcia, Center for Strategic Advising (UGS)Grisel Perez, Center for Strategic Advising (UGS)Doan Phan, Bridging Disciplines Program (UGS), Awarded the Joy Lock Student Development Scholarship<br />      Staff Recipient: Andrea Chytil, McCombs School of Business<br />Wendy announced the ACA Advising Award nominations will be accepted once she sends an email soliciting them. She intends to send it by May 13th and nominations will be accepted through May 27th. The nominations are very simple and the awards are meant to celebrate our campus advising leaders. She encouraged everyone to nominate a colleague! You may contact<br />1:452011 New Student Orientation <br />Including Overview from College Contacts<br />Cristi Biggs, Assistant Dean of Students for New Student Services <br />Cristi introduced her staff and colleagues present: Kyle Clark and Esmer Bedia. She explained the biggest change this summer is that freshman orientation moved from 4 days to 3 days and transfer orientation moved from 1 day to 2 days. Handouts with the detailed schedule for both orientation programs were available at the meeting and will also be available from the ACA website.<br />Cristi explained the orientation schedules changed due to student feedback over the years. Time is definitely maximized. Each day is full from 8am to 5pm. Day 2 is the pre-advising and academic advising day for freshman. The SMURF lab in FAC is being renovated this summer. Other potential computer labs on campus are being located. There is potential for the student computer lab in the CBA to be used as the main registration computer lab for Day 3 registration. This information will be communicated to colleges when the decision is finalized and a computer lab is secured.<br />Esmer Bedia reviewed the Family Orientation At-A-Glance. Details are listed on the freshman orientation timeline handout. Esmer explained the transfer orientation has been extended overnight and includes the freshman orientation programming “gems”. Transfer students will register on Day 2. The students may attend as many Day 2 events as they would like to, even if they do not sleep on campus overnight in the transfer orientation housing.<br />Students and staff can view orientation details at The NSS orientation staff is officially relocating from SSB 4th floor to SSB 3rd floor, and will move into Jester for the summer . The best way to contact them is to call the fishbowl/Jester East main desk: 512-471-1652.<br />Fall programming will include Fall Orientation for all freshman and transfer students who were unable to attend any other new student orientation throughout the summer. Cristi is also working to create a reference for all first week of classes events hosted around campus, in all colleges. This week will be called WOW: Week of Welcome, Aug. 19- Sept. 2. Hopefully by centralizing all of the college and campus wide events, more awareness will exist and result in greater student participation.<br />Dalia Rehal will offer the TSI test at 3 different times, during each week of new student orientation. <br />ALEKS Information: there will be no ALEKS sessions and students are on their own to register for the test. They may take it anytime it’s offered. A description of the ALEKS test is listed in the Orientation Guide and a session on Teaching & Learning is offered on Day 2. Placement exams will be discussed in this session.<br />College Contact Updates from the ACA Membership:<br /><ul><li>Ben Burnett is on the Council of Academic Support Programs and explained a reference sheet the council has created for advisors to use during orientation. This was projected on the screen and will be posted to the ACA website. Every academic support program is listed on the reference sheet with the admissions criteria and an individual to contact. Program specific orientation activities are also listed on the reference sheet. If you feel a student meets program criteria, you may contact the program contact person listed on the reference guide and inquire about admission for the student. *JAMP and UTURN are not included since JAMP admission is initiated after first year and UTURN is only for students on probation. Ben hopes you don’t ever contact him to admit a student to UTURN.
  2. 2. Sue spoke on behalf of Antoinette and shared that College of Education will participate in the first 4 freshman orientation sessions and first 2 transfer orientation sessions. *Non-Education majors can attend these orientation sessions. For the first time ever, Kinesiology will host internal transfer information sessions during the first 4 freshman orientation sessions. They will take place in BEL 1005.
  3. 3. The School of Engineering will offer an internal transfer information session on Day 3 at 9am.
  4. 4. Rebecca Trevino announced that non-nursing majors cannot attend the nursing orientation sessions and nursing major family members are welcome to attend. An internal transfer information session will be held 2 days before classes begin for the fall semester.</li></ul>2:25Officer Candidate Speeches<br />Andrea Chytil, ACA Secretary <br />Andrea thanked all ACA members for the efforts contributed to one another because they have impacted your fellow ACA colleague; 35 nominations were made for the 6 ACA Executive Committee positions! Of those 25 nominations, 7 were accepted. The only position that has more than one nominee is the Secretary position. An election will be conducted by an electronic ballot via Survey Station. The nominees present at the meeting gave brief speeches explaining why they are interested in the executive committee position for which they were nominated. An ACA member made a motion to accept all unopposed nominees and it was seconded by another member. All candidates: <br />President-Elect: Nathan VickersVice President/Program Chair: Valeri Nichols-KellerTreasurer: Jay GuevaraPublic Relations Coordinator: Kristin TommeyCo-Historians: Lovelys Powell & Yesenia Sanchez<br />Secretary Candidates: Christine AndersonJennifer Jordan *Andrea sent an email to all ACA members (All members have paid their membership dues, yay!) with the secretary candidate speeches and a link to the online ballot via Survey Station. The ballot was open at least one week/7 days.<br />2:50Announcements<br /><ul><li>Andi Poag shared with everyone that the One-Time Exception policy passed during the Faculty Council in their May 9 meeting. The policy will be in effect beginning this fall 2011.
  5. 5. Dr. Ritter would like to have a committee for campus wide academic advisor training. More information about participating on this committee will come soon.
  6. 6. Brad Popiolek is coordinating a social media workshop on May 23 in cooperation with the Office of Public Affairs and would like to have individuals that update UT Austin social media websites attend, but welcomes all interested ACA members to RSVP to him and attend. He sent an email to all members explaining the purpose of the workshop and requests that every attendee be aware and/or acclimated to the various forms of social media that currently exist at UT Austin. Brad showed us a page on the ACA website that has all UT Austin Social Media outlets listed:</li></ul>Brad also quickly showed us various social media online resources: professional development blogs, videos, and related articles. Brad hopes this workshop will help organize ACA’s social media efforts as well as discuss successes and struggles.<br /><ul><li>An announcement was given for the summer Reading Round-Up. The Reading Round-Up staff member explained what the program is and asked for us to help advertise the program to the students we meet with during summer orientation. Reading Round-Up organizes small book clubs that meet before classes begin to discuss a specific book assigned to their book group/club. 60 professors have signed up and will volunteer their time to facilitate these discussions. Reading Round-Up provides a way for students to connect to one another as well as a faculty member. There is a Facebook page for the program where students can interact and learn more. They participate by registering for a book group or professor group.
  7. 7. NACADA webinar is May 19th (1-2:30pm) in WEL 3.502. Handouts and powerpoint will be emailed out before the webinar.</li></ul>3:00Meeting Adjourned<br />FUTURE DATES & EVENTS<br />May 19NACADA Webinar (1:00-2:30, WEL 3.502)<br />June 16ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15am-10am, Room TBA)<br />JulyACA Monthly Meeting (Date/Room TBA)<br />