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Student Veteran Services

Ben Armstrong & Dr. Latoya Hill

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Student Veteran Services

  1. 1. Working with Student Veterans:Creating a Military Inclusive Campus LaToya Hill, Assistant Dean Ben Armstrong, Coordinator Student Veteran Services
  2. 2. Building a Military Friendly Campus• Creating the Blueprint• Breaking ground• Laying the foundation and structure• Making it a home• Future improvements
  3. 3. Creating the Blueprint: Needs and Misconceptions• Veteran Services Committee• Focus Groups – An individual to support them – A place on campus to call their own – A change in the perceived culture at the University• VSIRP- Research Initiative/ VA Grant
  4. 4. Breaking Ground: University Initiatives• Opening Center• Hiring Coordinator• Hiring VA Psychologist• Partnership TVC, SVA• Sponsorship to SVA• Outward bound
  5. 5. Laying the foundation: Student Veteran Services• What is SVS? – Connect, Integrate, Develop student veterans – Assistance with the academic process – Explaining and accessing VA benefits – Veteran Counseling / Programming• Statistics – Services provided so far – 200 veterans / 72 dependents serviced
  6. 6. Nov 2011 - Jan 2012 Services Provided 20% Education Healthcare 4% Mental0% Employment 4% Family 8% 62% Financial Other 2%
  7. 7. Making it a home: Working with Student Veterans (Misconceptions)• Veterans are all white males with combat experience• Women veterans experienced Military Sexual Trauma(MST), and need to be handled differently• Veterans suffer from that PTSD thingy and the TBI stuff• Veterans do not want to integrate into the University experience• Veterans are aggressive
  8. 8. Making it a home: Working with Student Veterans (The Truth)• While the percentages point to a • Yes veterans are experiencing TBI large amount of veterans being and PTSD, but the VA estimates white males there is a great that 11% of veterans suffer from diversity in the student veteran PTS population • A majority of veterans want to• The VA reports on their website integrate, but we just do not that in 1995 that 15% of Woman know how. Veterans experienced MST, and the current data suggested 1 in 5 experience MST
  9. 9. Making it a home: Working with Student Veterans• Apply Social Justice to your work with student veterans• Collaborators not Consumers• Understand the need for structure – Student veterans come from a structured world where everything is deliverable based, when they are removed from that world the attempt to find that in the civilian words – They want to find that one person that can take care of that one thing for them. (Ben can solve X, LaToya can solve Y, etc.)• Understand why they are so open with information
  10. 10. Making it a home: Working with Student Veterans• Don’t be a “clearing house” • Developing deliverables you can give the student veteran directly. • Quick victories will validate your service.• Simplify your touch points and message.
  11. 11. Home Improvements- Future plans• Creating Veteran Orientation Session• Creating Veteran Transition class• Developing veteran programs (Welcome Week, Graduation stoles, Theatre of War)
  12. 12. Questions and Answers