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Academic Support Programs (Summer 2011)


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List of academic support programs at UT Austin with contact info and eligibility criteria. Last updated May 2011.

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Academic Support Programs (Summer 2011)

  1. 1. Sanger Learning & Career Office of Student Finacial Program Title Center (SLCC) Services (OSFS) Summer Contact Alan Constant OSFS Information Center 475-6282 Contact Information 471-1217 SSB 3.200 JES A115 Website dex.html College All AllAccepting referrals during Yes Yes summer Eligibility criteria All students All students competitive application N/A N/A processORIENTATIONPROGRAMMING Academic and Career academic advising No Counseling required advising No No forms to be completed None None course registration Yes No Participant list provided N/A N/A to NSS/Collegesummer schedule - Day 1summer schedule - Day 2 TBA TBAsummer schedule - Day 3
  2. 2. First-Year Interest Groups Longhorn Link Program Longhorn Scholars Program Lisa Valdez ShanNon Wise John Paul Regalado 232-4245 232-2908 232-7585 FAC 338 SSB 4.400 CRD 23 e/lcae/longhornlink.php All All All Yes Yes No First-generation, low-income, Must have graduated from All students students with disabilities, designated high school students with academic need No N/A Yes - after meeting with No Yes college advisor Yes - for student already Primarily June 13 - 15 Yes enrolled in a residential FIG Yes - students are given a form Yes - students are given a form None to complete for registration to complete for registration No Yes YesNo - admission occurs durring Yes Yes summer 10:00 - 11:00 Orientation (SAC Two meetings (10:00-11:00 N/A 2.120) and 6:00-7:00) 5:00 - Dinner community Meet with individually after Residential FIG - 4:00-5:00 building (SAC 2.120) college advisor; registration Meet with individually after N/A Drop in to see staff college advisor; registration
  3. 3. Equal Opportunity in Gateway Scholars Texas Interdisciplinary Plan Engineering (EOE) Program Aileen Bumphus Susan Harkins Andrea M. Ogilvie 232-6493 471-5953 471-1205 FAC 334 ECJ /lcae/gateway.php Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts, All Cockrell School of Engineering Education (only KIN majors) Yes Yes Yes Any student from Natural Underrepresented students in First-generation and under- Science or Liberal Arts and KIN the Cockrell School of represented students majors Engineering Yes Yes Yes with College Yes No Yes Yes No Yes - To be signed by college advisor with list of No None recommended courses Yes Yes No Yes Yes N/A 10:00-12:00 Welcome11:00-12:00 Welcome Session N/A session/group advisingGeneral advising after meeting Meet with TIP Advisor 8:00-9:00 Success in UT Austin with college advisor; priority (appointment) Engineering Starts Here registration Registration/Follow-up Registration N/A
  4. 4. Women in Engineering Freshman Research Initiative Health Science Honors Program (WEP) Program Program Ana Dison Sarah Simmons Sarah Simmons 471-5650 232-9358 232-9358 ECJ 2.108 PAI 3.04 PAI 3.04 scholarships/health-science- hoNorsCockrell School of Engineering Natural Sciences Natural Sciences Yes Yes No Any female engineering Natural Science majors or Natural Science students student or female student students participating in an interested in hoNors can interested in being in Academic Support program attend an info session during engineering who is interested in research the fall Yes Yes Yes Yes - informally No, but strongly encouraged No Yes None - worksheet to be None None completed with dedicated advisor Will enter in research methods No No course - will be givien unique No - admission occurs durring N/A N/A summer 11:00-12:00 Information Group discussion on reseach; N/A Session (JCL) Apply online at night Day 2 - Program orientation N/A Meet individually with student and pre-advising session (morning) N/A N/A N/A
  5. 5. Women in Natural Sciences Deans Scholars (WINS) Biology Scholars (BSP) Sarah Simmons Elizabeth Morgan Chris chris.connelly@cns.utexas.e 232-9358 232-1036 du 471-3796 PAI 3.04 WCH 1.106 WCH 1.106 /index.php omen-in-natural-sciences/ merging-scholars/biology Natural Sciences Natural Sciences Natural Sciences No No No Natural Science students interested in hoNors can High achieving females in Must be a BIO majorattend an info session during Natural Science the fall Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes None - worksheet to be completed with dedicated None None advisor No No No N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Day 2 - Program orientation and pre-advising session Day 2 - Advising Session Day 2 - Advising Session (morning) N/A N/A N/A
  6. 6. Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) Patricia GutierrezPatricia.Gutierrez@cns.utexa 471-3796 WCH merging-scholars Natural Sciences NoMust be in Natural SciencesMinimum 1200 cumulative SAT Yes Yes None Yes N/A N/A Day 2 - Advising Session N/A
  7. 7. Summer Program Title Contact Information Website Contact Sanger Learning & Alan Center (SLCC) Constant 471-1217 JES A115 index.html Office of Student OSFS 475-6282 Financial Services Information SSB 3.200 (OSFS) Center First-Year Interest Lisa Valdez 232-4245 Groups FAC 338 Longhorn Link Shannon 232-2908 Program Wise ce/lcae/longhornlink.php SSB 4.400 Longhorn Scholars John Paul 232-7585 Program Regalado CRD 23 Aileen Gateway Scholars Bumphus 471-1205 ce/lcae/gateway.php Texas Susan 232-6493 Plan Harkins FAC 334Equal Opportunity in Andrea M. Engineering (EOE) 471-5953 Ogilvie Program ECJ 2.102 Women in 471-Engineering Program Ana Dison 5650 ECJ (WEP) 2.108
  8. 8. 232-Freshman Research Sarah 9358 Initiative Program Simmons PAI 3.04 232- Health Science Sarah 9358 scholarships/health-science- Honors Program Simmons PAI 3.04 hoNors 232- Sarah Deans Scholars 9358 Simmons ds/index.php PAI 3.04 emorgan@mail.utexas.eduWomen in Natural Elizabeth 232-1036 Sciences (WINS) Morgan omen-in-natural-sciences/ WCH 1.106 Biology Scholars Chris 471-3796 (BSP) Connelly merging-scholars/biology WCH 1.106 Patricia.Gutierrez@cns.utexas.eduEmerging Scholars Patricia 471-3796 Program (ESP) Gutierrez merging-scholars WCH 1.106
  9. 9. Accepting Competitive College referrals during Eligibility Criteria Application Academic Required summer Process Advising Advising Academic and All Yes All students N/A Career No Counseling All Yes All students N/A No No Yes - for student already enrolled All Yes All students No No in a residential FIG First-generation, low- Yes - after income, students with Primarily June All Yes meeting with disabilities, students with 13 - 15 college advisor academic need Must have graduated from All No N/A Yes Yes designated high school First-generation and All Yes under-represented Yes with College Yes students Natural Sciences, Any student from NaturalLiberal Arts, Yes Science or Liberal Arts and Yes Yes Yes Education KIN majors (only KIN majors) Cockrell Underrepresented School of Yes students in the Cockrell Yes No NoEngineering School of Engineering Any female engineering Cockrell student or female student No, but strongly School of Yes Yes Yes - informally interested in being in encouragedEngineering engineering
  10. 10. Natural Science majors or students participating inNatural Yes an Academic Support Yes NoSciences program who is interested in research Natural Science studentsNatural interested in honors can No Yes YesSciences attend an info session during the fall Natural Science studentsNatural interested in hoNors can No Yes YesSciences attend an info session during the fallNatural High achieving females in No Yes YesSciences Natural ScienceNatural No Must be a BIO major Yes YesSciences Must be in NaturalNatural No Sciences Minimum 1200 Yes YesSciences cumulative SAT
  11. 11. Orientation Programming Participant list Forms to be Summer Summer Course Registration provided to Completed Schedule - Day 1 Schedule - Day 2 NSS/College None Yes N/A TBA None No N/A TBA No - admission Residential FIG - None No occurs during N/A 4:00-5:00 summerYes - students are 5:00 - Dinner 10:00 - 11:00 given a form to community Yes Yes Orientation (SAC complete for building (SAC 2.120) registration 2.120)Yes - students are Meet with Two meetings given a form to individually after Yes Yes (10:00-11:00 and complete for college advisor; 6:00-7:00) registration registrationYes - To be signed General advisingby college advisor 11:00-12:00 after meeting with list of Yes Yes Welcome with college recommended Session advisor; priority courses registration 10:00-12:00 Meet with TIP Welcome No Yes Yes Advisor session/group (appointment) advising 8:00-9:00 Success in UT None No N/A N/A Austin Engineering Starts Here 11:00-12:00 None No N/A Information N/A Session (JCL)
  12. 12. Will enter in Group discussion No - admission research methods on research; Meet individually None occurs durring course - will be given Apply online at with student summer unique night Day 2 - ProgramNone - worksheet orientation andto be completed No N/A N/A pre-advising with dedicated session advisor (morning) Day 2 - ProgramNone - worksheet orientation andto be completed No N/A N/A pre-advising with dedicated session advisor (morning) Day 2 - Advising None No N/A N/A Session Day 2 - Advising None No N/A N/A Session Day 2 - Advising None Yes N/A N/A Session
  13. 13. ogramming Summer Schedule - Day 3 TBA TBA N/A Drop in to see staff Meet with individually after college advisor; registration Registration/Foll ow-up Registration N/A N/A
  14. 14. N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A