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ACA Staff Scholarship Application 2011


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Deadline for submission of application is 5:00pm on Friday, April 1st. Email Wendy Boggs with questions.(

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ACA Staff Scholarship Application 2011

  1. 1. 2566035374650Academic Counselors AssociationStaff Development Scholarship00Academic Counselors AssociationStaff Development Scholarship<br />The Academic Counselors Association (ACA) is proud to offer two $250 scholarships to University of Texas at Austin staff members who support the mission and goals of the academic advising community. It is the hope of ACA that these scholarships will assist our staff in their professional and/or academic pursuits and endeavors.<br />Eligibility requirements: Candidates must work in advising or other student support services.<br />NAME: _____________________________________________________________________<br />POSITION: _________________________________________________________________<br />DEPARTMENT: ______________________________________________________________<br />MAIL CODE: ________________________________________________________________<br />EMAIL: _________________________________ PHONE: ____________________________<br />On a separate sheet of paper, please type your answers to the following questions below.<br />1) What is your philosophy or statement on advising and/or student support services as it applies to you and your current position?<br />2) How will this scholarship assist you in furthering your own professional and/or academic pursuits?<br />3) Please attach a resume or list of activities and accomplishments. You may include any professional organizations, committee involvement, leadership positions, and/or professional development activities.<br />Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm on April 1st to Wendy Boggs in one of the following methods:<br />Email to:<br />Campus mail to: mail code A0900<br />Hand delivery to CMA 4.140.<br />If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, please contact Wendy Boggs:<br /><br />512-232-1895<br />