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First meeting of Fall 2010 semester. Speakers include: Sanger Learning and Career Center, ACA Committee Showcase, Summer Enhancement Program (Dr. Dollard), and member announcements

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ACA meeting minutes 9 15 10

  1. 1. ACA Monthly Meeting<br />Wednesday, September 15, 2010<br />8:15-10:00am<br />SSB Glenn Maloney Room<br />8:15Breakfast & Social Time<br />Sponsored by Sanger Learning & Career Center- Thank You!<br />8:30Welcome from ACA President Andi Poag<br />Andi opened the meeting with a welcome back for the 2010-2011 year and asked everyone to take a few minutes to get to know someone new.<br />Andi regained our attention and shared some remarks about her goals for the upcoming academic year, as the ACA President. She explained ACA’s participation in University committees has grown from 3 committees during the 2009-2010 year to the 7 committees we currently have representation on. She explained the Executive Committee members have each been tasked with serving on one of these committees as an ACA representative. Andi explained the goal of last year’s Executive Committee was to gain representation on these committees and it was achieved. This year, she strives for ACA to not only be represented on these committees, but “be a voice that’s heard”. Andi shared that she met with the Provost Council twice during the summer. Andi would also like to use the ACA website more and help it evolve into a useful tool for members to utilize and connect with one another. She is considering creating a password protected area/page for members to access only. Andi concluded her remarks with the introduction of the 2010-2011 Executive Committee Members: <br />President-Elect: Theresa Thomas<br />Vice President/Co-Chairs: Courtney Lockhart & Megan Rovang<br />Treasurer: Sarah Kitten<br />Secretary: Andrea Chytil<br />Co-Historians: Lovelys Powell & Yesenia Sanchez<br />Co-Public Relations Coordinators: Brad Popiolek & Alexia Apollo<br />Alexia Apollo:Announced Sarah Kitten was unable to attend the meeting and she is collecting membership forms and dues on Sarah’s behalf.<br />Lovelys Powell: Explained HEASPA (Higher Education Administration Student Professional Association) members asked to join ACA and the ACA Exec. Committee would like to foster this professional development opportunity for these students, but don’t want to outsize ourselves. Lovelys is working to create an official student membership option for ACA membership to vote on.<br />Megan Rovang: Introduced Sanger Learning & Career Center staff members: Assistant Directors Ed Fernandez and Lynne Levinson.<br />Lynne announced that Eva Thompson will no longer be working at Sanger Learning & Career Center and is going to work at Austin Community College. Her last day is Sept. 16, 2010. Lynne explained Sanger is located in Jester. They are a newly formed staff comprised of the previous UT Learning Center and UT Career Exploration Center staffs. A new website was created this summer for the Sanger Learning & Career Center. <br />Ed explained their tutoring services:<br /><ul><li>1 hours tutoring
  2. 2. 1 on 1 individual tutoring for 101 courses in 18 different subject areas (Mostly freshman & sophomore level courses)
  3. 3. Every student eligible to receive 5 hours of free tutoring and some eligible for 10 hours depending upon the student’s financial aid status
  4. 4. Cannot make same day appointments, must be 24 hours in advance
  5. 5. Group tutoring available for some courses
  6. 6. Drop-in Tutoring available for some courses (this is a big think tank, not a lot of individual attention) and the hours are posted on website
  7. 7. Small group tutoring (Contact Grace Pratt or Pam to coordinate)
  8. 8. Services for graduate students
  9. 9. Free Classes: Study Strategies, Motivation, Taking Notes, GRE Prep, Refresher and Review Classes, Third Exam Reviews, Final Exam Reviews</li></ul>Ed encouraged everyone to visit the website to learn more about the various tutoring services.<br />Lynne showed a list of presentations available for staff to request, from the Sanger LCC website. Examples: Time Management, Study Smarter not Harder. Lynne explained that career advising is available for walk-ins and by appointment. Walk-in career advising is intended to answer quick questions. She emphasized that the Learning Specialists are specialists. If a student presents with math anxiety, this student will be scheduled an appointment with a math anxiety specialist. Another resource in their office is a library with books, handouts, and American Studies information. They also have a database of faculty and staff available as a career resource for students to talk with. This can help students understand the various paths people take throughout their careers.<br />Lynne explained there is 1 portal for both the career and learning resources and services. She explained that students seeking assistance for career or learning need to go to the main office, located on the first floor of Jester across from the coffee shop. They may be directed to the 3rd floor for tutoring appointments, but all check-in and reception for Sanger LCC services is done in the main office. Sanger LCC only assists current students and is no longer assisting alumni. Career assessments available for a reduced cost or free (depends on the assessment): Myers-Briggs, Discover and Berkman. However, Berkman is suspended until another staff member can help administer this. They also have Wayfinder on their site. Lynn and Ed distributed a student information form for everyone to see. This is what students complete when they check-in.<br />9:15am- Megan Rovang introduced Dr. John Dollard, Vice Provost, Office of Information Management & Analysis<br />Dr. Dollard explained the Summer Enhancement program was introduced to help encourage colleges to offer summer courses. Colleges received money for offering a specific number of courses. During summer 2010, 14 eligible colleges participated and over one million dollars was distributed. However, it was not distributed uniformly. 12 colleges received these funds and the 2 most successful were Communication and Natural Sciences. Dr. Dollard says they want to offer this program during summer 2011, but the benchmarks are not yet set. He would like to create a list of best practices to distribute to all colleges. He says Academic Advisors are the key to success for this program because they communicate course offerings to the students. Dr. Dollard solicited feedback on the summer 2010 program and student’s reaction to it.<br />Comments voiced:<br /><ul><li>Students liked having access to upper-division courses they usually don’t have access to
  10. 10. Communication: courses offered online were appreciated
  11. 11. Liberal Arts: lack of enthusiasm by faculty to teach in the summer was evident
  12. 12. Business: Classes like KIN were attractive to business students but business students are primarily gone for the summer, participating in internships and we begin advising for the summer/fall semesters before the program was announced, so it was too late to advertise to the students
  13. 13. Nursing: advising happens in late September so the earlier the list of summer courses will be offered, the better in order to begin advertising to students
  14. 14. Dean’s Scholars students definitely took advantage of the summer honors chemistry courses
  15. 15. Ana Dison asked if Dr. Dollard has consulted Senate of College Councils & Student Government about this. Dr. Dollard answered that he did in 2009.
  16. 16. Issue of cost for summer courses is the main barrier for many students and keeps them from taking classes at UT Austin</li></ul>Best Practices Suggestions shared:<br /><ul><li>Offer courses that are usually difficult for students to register for during the fall and spring semesters.
  17. 17. Offer accelerated or honors programs during the summer
  18. 18. Offer courses at student friendly times
  19. 19. Offer more courses during the first 6 weeks of summer</li></ul>9:30amACA Committee Showcase Spectacular! The Chair of each ACA committee explained the general work load of the committee. Committees without Chairs were announced and members interested in chairing were encouraged to contact Andi Poag.<br />Advising Expo<br />Resources for Ongoing Advising Development (R.O.A.D.)<br />FUNdraising<br />Holiday Party<br />Mentor Program<br />Professional Development Day<br />Nominations<br />2010 Advising Expo Chairs are Jeffrey Marsh and Kelly Strait. Jeffrey announced that Expo will be on September 29, 2010 from 10am-2pm. More information will be sent to the ACA listserv requesting participation in the event. Members were encouraged to email Jeffrey or Kelly if they care to participate on the committee. Jeffrey asked for members to email him in order to sign-up to staff a table and also have any other advising activities or info sessions included in the advertising for the event. They need 4 volunteers on the day of the event to assist with the hospitality.<br />9:50AM ANNOUNCEMENTS<br />Sarah Kitten, ACA Treasurer – Membership applications and dues (Alexia collecting today)<br />Brad Popiolek – ACA website, NACADA, Wayfinder<br />NACADA Blogspot:<br />Fall Semester Highlights<br />Sept. 16Webinar (1-2:30pm, Room TBA)<br />Sept. 24UT/ACC Advisor Networking Forum<br />Sept. 27-Oct. 1Advising Week<br />Sept. 29Advising Expo (10am-2pm, South Mall)<br />Oct. 3-6NACADA Annual Conference in Orlando<br />Oct. 13ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15 -10am, Room TBA)<br />Nov. 10ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10am, Room TBA)<br />Dec. 8ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10am, Room TBA)<br />MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENTS:<br /><ul><li>HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LOVELYS POWELL AND THERESA THOMAS AND ALL OTHER SEPTEMBER BABIES!
  20. 20. ROAD: Kristen Anton & Melva Harbin (Co-Chairs) announced the webinar on Sept. 16, 2010 in Glenn Maloney (1-2:30pm)
  21. 21. FUNdraising: Angie Martinez explained this committee raises funds for the student and professional scholarships that ACA awards each spring. They also coordinate events for ACA members and last year coordinated 2 potluck lunches and an Austin Bat Boat Tour. She announced that she is looking for a Co-Chair for this year. Please email her if you’re interested.
  22. 22. Mentor Program: Ana Dison (Chair) explained it runs Jan. through Dec. and if you want to be a part of it, email her. A new Chair will need to step-up in January 2011 in order for the committee to continue.
  23. 23. Professional Development Day: Stephanie Crouch explained that she has Co-Chaired this committee for the past 3 years and hopes to step down this year and is happy to speak with anyone who is interested about the position. ACA and APSA coordinate this annual development day and it will be in February 2011.
  24. 24. Brad Popiolek explained the ACA website is being changed to a content management format that is easier for everyone to update so it will be offline for awhile while it’s being transitioned. Brad is also updating the NACADA Blog and encouraged everyone to view it. Brad then logged into Wayfinder and demonstrated it. He explained only 1/3 of the majors are on the Wayfinder site, which is over 40. He asked for members to please send him degree information for the majors in their department so he can upload it and our students can access it.
  25. 25. Jay and Kristen are new advisors in CSA (Center for Strategic Advising)
  26. 26. UT/ACC Networking Forum is on Sept. 24th at the ACC Eastview Campus and Sue asked members to RSVP via the link she emailed out to the ACA listserv. If you plan to attend and/or staff a table, please let her know.
  27. 27. An advising community member passed away recently from Cancer. (*I believe the name shared was Laura Carlson; It was difficult to hear.*)
  28. 28. Cindy Zimmerman is a new advising in Nursing.
  29. 29. Patty Micks announced there are 2 new advisors in her office
  30. 30. The Study Abroad Office hired a new advisor</li></ul>10amMeeting concluded <br /> <br />