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ACA General Meeting February 2012 Minutes


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ACA General Meeting February 2012 Minutes

  1. 1. ACA Monthly Meeting Wednesday, February 8, 2012 8:15-10:00am SSB Glenn Maloney Room8:15 Breakfast and Social TimeSponsored by McCombs School, Master of Science in Finance program(THANK YOU!!)8:30 Master of Science in Finance program in the McCombs School Jay Hartzell and Katie Stephens is the MSF Program Coordinator new program is currently going through the approval process but they expect it to beon board soon. It is anew, one-year master’s, program in finance designed to takestudents directly from an undergraduate program without any work experience (workexperience is typical for MBA). Students do not need a Business background (it couldhinder their application), but they do need strong quantitative aptitude. Students can comefrom a variety of undergraduate backgrounds, but the program prefers their applicants tohave taken statistics and those who have completed the Business Foundations Program areconsidered excellent candidates in terms of appropriate knowledge.How it works: Student will earn 5 hours in the summer (4 weeks) and then 31 hoursspread over subsequent fall and spring semesters. A practicum, connecting “read-world”experiences will be taken in their final semester. They expect tuition to run about$43,000.00 but plan to offer merit based financial aid to academically strong students.Currently holding information sessions, so please refer interested students to these goingon this semester. refer to students to the MSF program coordinator, Katie Stephens.8:55 Business Foundations Program Regina HughesBFP is piloting two courses this summer offered online through University Extension: BA320F and FIN 320F. A flyer with an overview of the courses has been provided to ACA. TheBA 320Fis a course designed to help students get internship credit, and will be offeredon apass/fail basis. Students will keep a journal and will need to clock 160 hours or more.The purpose of the course is to help students gain skills and get a job after graduation.Regina has contacts, so send interested students to her and she will assist them in findingan internship. Although it must have some sort of business aspect to be approved, the BA320F course will not substitute for a listed BFP certificate course.The Business Foundations Summer Institute is full and has a waitlist. Advisors should soonbe receiving forms, from their students, regarding residency since the courses associatedwith the Instituteare considered out of residence. Added two courses to the summerinstitute, BA 320F and MAN 337. The MAN 337 course is not counted toward the certificatebut assists students with learning how to job search effectively.
  2. 2. Bridging Disciplines Program Lauren CampbellStudents who want to participate in a BDP must be enrolled as a degree-seeker for at leasttwo semestersafterthe semester in which they apply to theBDP. The BDPs are open toundergraduate students from every college and school. BDP applications are reviewed eachfall and spring semester. Although there is no minimum GPA requirement, facultyreviewers look for strong students with genuine intellectual interest in the BDP topic. Note:The program is no longer accepting applicants for the Film Studies BDP. Students shouldbe redirected to either Cultural Studies or Digital Arts and Media BDP.All BDP areas are 19 hours each, students must be seeking a degree, and they may applyto do more than one. Students may pass/fail only one course and have it count towardsthe certificate.Students may also participate in the Business Foundations Program whilepursuing a BDP.Forum Seminars: Specific BDP 101 forum seminars are typically only offered once a year.They are intended for first or second year students, those exploring a BDP or those actuallypursuing a BDP. They are not meant to meet 1 single hour for graduation purposes. connecting experiences component is considered one of the most valuable portions ofthe BDP.This is where students participate in either research or an internship. All must bepreapproved and are overseen by faculty mentors for academic credit. office is currently updating the curriculum sheets which will be posted to the websiteas well as sent to the advising centers. Materials, Coursework, Connecting Experiences, and Certification Texas Success Initiative Joseph SchaubTSI is a state mandated college readiness program where students demonstrate theirreadiness for college-level courses through tests is math, reading and writing. For thosestudents who do not meet these basic skills, then they are required to take developmentalcourses.Changes happening with TSI:Beginning in the fall 2012, there is a plan to eliminate the ACUUPLACER, COMPASS, orASSET tests and only accept scores from the THEA, which UT offers through StudentTesting Services at CTL. In addition, the plan calls for raising the minimum acceptablescores on the THEA by 20 points in each area. The new minimum acceptable scores will be:Math – 250/300, Reading – 250/300, and Writing 240/300. The changes could result inmore TSI bars during registration and the number of students needing developmentalcourses. For more information about TSI, visit the following link. Wayfinder update Kristin TommeyWayfinder was founded in 2009 and funded by a grant from the AT&T Center. The websitehouses information for nearly every major at UTand now information about certificateprograms will be included.The Wayfinder website has a new login feature where students
  3. 3. can save information, including self-assessments and the majors they are currentlyexploring. They are also partnering with UT Admissions with the goal of reaching out earlyto prospective and newly admitted students and encouraging them toparticipate in majorexploration. Kristin is also connecting information with social media (via Facebook, Twitter,and Wayfinder Blog) as another way to reach out to students. She also aims to post theinternal transfer information on Wayfinder for consistentstudent/advisor access. Fundraising Committee update Angie MartinezAnnounced she is collecting slips and donations for goodie bags for the “Month of Love”fundraiser. Jay also mentioned ACA Executive Committee will match the donated amountto help boost the total and encourage people to give.Update:For this ACA Scholarship fundraiser raised $225!Last semesters fundraiser brought in $247!Add in the $300 matching donation from the ACA Executive Committee for a grand totalof: $7729:50 Awards and Recognition Committee update Rose MastrangeloAnnouncement of Vick Award winners: Congratulations!!Jay Brown, PsychologyMegan Conner, College of Liberal ArtsTom Griffith, HistoryKristen Boyd Kessel, Social WorkSarah Kitten, Engineering9:55 AnnouncementsKristen Anton announced the ROAD committee is meeting soon to discuss creating aprofessional development event this semester. Expect a notice soon.JayGuevara reminded Professional Development Day participants to remind theirrespective departments to pay for the conference.Spring Semester HighlightsFebruary 9 ACA/APSA Professional Development Day (8:00-4:00, SAC)February 15 ACC/UT Marketplace (ACC’s Rio Grande Campus) Rsvp: 7 ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, Glenn Maloney Room)April 4 ACA Monthly Meeting (8:15-10:00am, Glenn Maloney Room)