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  1. 1. UForge FactoryAppliance Factory for Virtualization & Cloud Computing “Towards IT as a Service” Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  2. 2. UShareSoft•The Appliance Factory Company: Simplifying Software Delivery for virtualization and cloud computing• Automated software factory for VMware, Microsoft, Amazon,, Eucalyptus.• Cloud computing startup ramping up in Europe, US and Japan• Our offerings include > A SaaS platform : UForge Online > On site platform : UForge Enterprise Edition > Appliance Toolkit : Open Appliance Studio Copyright © 2010 UShareSoft
  3. 3. IT is transforming..... fast! INFRASTRUCTURE COSTS SAVINGS BUSINESS AGILITY OPTIMIZATION SaaS Platforms Portal Server Automation Self-ServiceConsolidation Virtual For Agile IT vApps OVF Templates Infrastructures Scalable VMs Business Centric Optimizing Production of IT Services -> Self-Service Private & Public Templates AppCenter Cloud Appliances Production Ready Virtualization Cloud IT as a Service Get the most of your Agile IT & Evolve to Infrastructure Quality of Service IT as a Service Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  4. 4. Where are you in the IT Evolution? Industry is shiftingVirtualization Cloud IT as a Service Do you have all enterprise tools you need for full automation, IT agility while keeping your software under control? Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  5. 5. Build, Deploy and Maintain Software in the Cloud Copyright © 2010 UShareSoft 5
  6. 6. What if you could industrialize and automate the softwareimage creation...Automate your Virtual Machines creation, maintenance and configurations on any OS For VMware and major Virtual or Cloud platforms. Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  7. 7. .... Improving significantly VMware and cloud images buildprocess, Q.o.S and user experience. Traditional Virtual & Cloud Appliances : Build with UForge : Manual initial install and config Visual design & modeling Snapshot with P2V or V2V tools One click generation to multiple formats No updates & no repeatable process One click update templates & sharing Hardcoded network settings, keyboard, disk Enable last mile fine grain customization Predefined OS images only Multi-OS fine grain OS profiling & JeOS No license management Trusted software & hardened security Monolithic virtual appliance vApps multi-node elastic appliances Need manual configurations in the cloud vApps Cloud platform integration No Lock-In Enterprise Governance Agile IT Production-Ready Self-Service Full Automation 80% Savings Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  8. 8. UForge Use CasesOn-Demand Software for Physical, Virtual & Cloud Environments #1 Build your Private Cloud Flexible automated factory for virtualization and cloud computing; Keep your software under control with no lock-in #2 Test & Dev on the Cloud Flexible build of IT solutions for on-demand pre-production & testing #3 Cloudify your Software Enable ISVs to offer software on-demand; SaaS package for the cloud #4 Simple Repeatable Consistent Your Cloud AppStore Collaborative build & maintenance of cloud computing solutions catalog Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  9. 9. UForge SaaS platform UForge RIA Client (UShare Builder) Secure Access to UForge HTTPS Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  10. 10. Open Appliance StudioUnique vApps elastic appliances support Simple. Predictable. Consistent. Automatically Deploy Distributed Solutions on Physical, Virtual & Cloud Environments vApps – Multiple VMs packaged into a single appliance Using any format, provision with vSphere vSphere, vCenter Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  11. 11. SummaryBuild Agile IT for virtualization & Cloud computing• Enable to assemble, build and maintain packaged software for cloud computing and virtualization• Make complex software multi-tier IT solutions On-Demand, Self-Service, as simple as an iPhone App• Reduce operational IT costs by automating manual repetitive tasks by up to 80%• Accelerate software setup cycles by 10x to 50x through automated software configurations• Insure full stack security and governance with No Lock-In• Deliver unprecedented IT Agility with cloning, sharing and collaboration Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  12. 12. Get Your UForge Account Now! Copyright © 2010, UShareSoft
  13. 13. Copyright © 2010 UShareSoft