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UShareSoft @ Citrix Seminar 2012


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Self-service platform and cloud image template management for easy software delivery to Citrix CloudPlatform.

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UShareSoft @ Citrix Seminar 2012

  1. 1. Self-Service and Image Template Management UShareSoft UForge James Weir CTO UShareSoft www.usharesoft.comPARTNER
  2. 2. Industry ProblemIaaS Cloud Images:● Built manually● No software governance● Rebuild for each cloud environment● Difficult to collaborate and share● Opaque image proliferation To harness the full agility of cloud, software onboarding must be self-service and automated
  3. 3. Model-Driven Templates Modeling allows innovation around tooling and automation
  4. 4. UForge: Image Template Management Platform Template Factory App Store Front Self-Service + Automation Collaboration & Sharing, One-Click Run
  5. 5. UForge Benefits● Control your software with private catalog and software governance● Implement your hybrid cloud strategy with an OS and hypervisor agnostic platform● Model your software. Clone, Share and Collaborate● Automate and “build to order” with 100% APIs● Reduce template creation by 80% and 50x gain on configuration automation
  6. 6. Solution Overview with Citrix CloudPlatform Self-Service Self-Service Cost Image Factory IaaS Services Flexibility Citrix CloudPlatform End-To-End Powered by Apache CloudStack Now part of the Apache Software Foundation Incubator Program Cloud Automation“Turnkey, fast, simple software delivery to Citrix CloudPlatform”
  7. 7. Building Your Cloud Platform● Integrated with CloudPlatform● App Store features complimenting CloudPortal● Build and maintain your image library● Supporting all hypervisors● APIs allowing service mash-up
  8. 8. UForge Key FeaturesNotificationsBrowse and Search Admin ConsoleComments & Ratings User Access ControlApplications On-Demand OS & Project CatalogPublish Access Rights Traceability and StatisticsClone and Extend Templates Private WorkspaceShare Templates with Others Build and Maintain TemplatesKnowledge Sharing OS and Hypervisor Agnostic One-click Generate Automatic OS Updates JeOS Profiling
  9. 9. Customer Testimonials & News “Weve just created our own marketplace for IT “UForge makes it much easier for simpler for us to support providing end users applications using UForge … heterogenous IT environments: we simply model once and with an easy-to-use catalog of applications." deliver anywhere." Raphael Ferreira, CEO, eNovance, June 2012 Nobuhiro Seki, President and CEO, Six Apart, June 2012 “... promisingsolution for managing “...products that promise to make thevirtual machine appliances. We anticipate lives of IT admins a little easier bya number of advantages including … the ability cutting engineering costs and to … control governance processes." speeding time to value."Alexandre Lefebvre, Group Leader, FT, January Dana Gardner, Briefings Direct, 2010 February 2010 “With UForge, we will ... enable our customers to IDC lists UShareSoft in top 3 Linux onboard software more easily to our Appliance Platforms USiZE netXCloud offering." IDC, Worldwide Software Appliance Jun Kawamura, General Manager, Cloud 2010–2014 Forecast, July 2010 Integration Dept., SCSK, June 2012
  10. 10. CASE STUDY: Orange Suisse Internal IT Challenges & opportunities Provide a solution for managing software images for CloudStack Solution Ops OS Repos Templates CloudStack OS Team SW QA Result Complete Self-Service and Automation of Software DeliveryPARTNER
  11. 11. How to get started ● Access UForge > Get a FREE Online Account > Register for a 30-day Onsite Trial > Get your own white-labelled App Store ● Learn more > Download the Datasheets > Watch our videos and tutorials“Turnkey, fast, simple software delivery to Citrix CloudPlatform”