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RHOK MKE - WaterTech Solution


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Slides from the WaterTech solution presentation at RHoK Milwaukee on 4 December 2011.

Published in: Technology, Business
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RHOK MKE - WaterTech Solution

  1. 1. WaterTech Problem Team67 Bob Baddeley, Trina Chiasson, Issac Gerges, Brendan O'Connor
  2. 2. Problem Statement • Develop a dashboard visualizing water data from the complex water sensor equipment used by Watertech of America, in order to compelling plant managers to be more water efficient. • Potential impact: • Industrial users withdraw approximately 18 billion gallons of water per day from rivers, lakes, and aquifers in the United States.  In Wisconsin, large users like MillerCoors Brewing Company and Quad Graphics cycle hundreds of thousands of gallons per day through their processing facilities.  This water requires substantial amounts of energy to pump, clean, and discharge.  Inefficiencies in manufacturing systems can also lead to the overuse of chemicals and other toxins which have environmentally detrimental side effects. • Watertech possesses the capacity to help companies achieve better efficiency by reducing their use of water through its sophisticated monitoring equipment.  Data that is returned could be of tremendous value to the operations staff of a facility if it was presented in a way that facilitated efficiency and conservation.  In its current form, the data is simply ill-suited for promoting conservation. •
  3. 3. Real problem Hidden Leaks
  4. 4. Solution
  5. 5. Good Stuff to Know • totally worth it • Ruby on Rails: win • Use designers early for more awesome
  6. 6. Obligatory Demo FTW
  7. 7. Thanks! • Bucketworks for hosting us • WaterTech for swag and data • Sector67, our hackerspace home