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Saudi Arabian Mining Company


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Mohammad Bajba, Deputy Executive Director, Ma'aden Aluminum Project's presentation at the 2010 U.S.-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum in Chicago, IL.

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Saudi Arabian Mining Company

  1. 1. US-Saudi Business Opportunities <br />Forum<br />Saudi Arabian Mining Company <br />Company <br />29 April 2010<br />Mohammad Bajba<br />
  2. 2. Table of Contents <br />Introduction<br />Evolution of Ma’aden<br />Ma’aden Current Business <br />Ma’aden Aluminum Project<br />Available Infrastructure <br />Future Opportunities<br />
  3. 3. MA’ADEN<br />Government investment in infrastructure to promote diversification facilitates growth of minerals industry and downstream opportunities.<br />Well positioned for growth as Saudi Arabia expands into new industries to take advantage of abundant mineral resources and well advanced infrastructure.<br />
  4. 4. Evolution of Ma’aden<br />1997~1999<br />2000~2002<br />2003~2006<br />2009~<br />2007~2008<br />Beginning<br />Gold Development<br />Mining Law & Railway<br />Expansion & Growth<br />Capitalization<br />1997<br />Established<br />1999<br />50% of Petromin interest in SCPM<br />2000<br />Al Hajar Gold Mine commissioned<br />2002<br />Bulgah Gold Mine Opened<br />2004<br />KSA Mining Investment Law<br />2006<br />North-South Railway approved by Council of Ministers<br />2009<br />Aluminum Joint Venture with ALCOA<br />ECA with SWCC<br />Today<br />Publicly traded company (CAP over SR.9,25B<br />With aspiration for massive growth<br />2007<br />Phosphate Joint Venture with SABIC<br />2008<br />Completed IPO 50% share public <br />
  5. 5. Ma’aden Operation’s (KSA)<br />
  6. 6. Current Business<br />World class diversified mining and minerals group.<br />Organized to develop non-petroleum resources into competitive industries.<br />
  7. 7. Ma’aden Gold Mines<br />World Competitive Gold Mines<br />
  8. 8. Ma’aden Phosphate Project<br />Ma’aden Phosphate<br />30%<br />70%<br />Ma’aden Phosphate Company<br />Al Khabra Project<br />93% Completed<br />S/U 4thQ 2010<br />Feasibility Study <br />Will be completed <br />August 2010<br />
  9. 9. 9<br />SWCC<br />Downstream <br />Industries<br />Port and Sea Water Basins<br />Aluminum<br />Phosphate<br />
  10. 10. Table of Contents <br />Introduction<br />Evolution of Ma’aden<br />Ma’aden Current Business <br />Ma’aden Aluminum Project<br />Available Infrastructure <br />Future Opportunities<br />
  11. 11. Ma’aden Aluminum Project<br />Lowest Aluminum cost worldwide <br />Fully integrated complex (Mine & Refinery/ Smelter/Rolling Mill)<br />Leading role in advancing Local and Regional economy as a major hub for the Aluminum and downstream sectors <br />A catalyst for the generation of significant new businesses and employment opportunities<br />
  12. 12. One Project - Two Phases<br />1,350 MW<br />SWCC<br />Baiytha<br />MINE<br />4,000 ktpy (dry)<br />Bauxite Ore<br />Alumina Refinery<br />1,800 ktpy<br />Bulk Alumina<br />Alumina<br />Export Sales<br />Aluminum Smelter<br />740 ktpy<br />Aluminum Standard Ingot & T-Bar<br />Phase 2<br />Rolling Slab<br />Rolling Mill<br />380 ktpy<br />Flat Rolled Products<br />Domestic Sales<br />Phase 1<br />
  13. 13. Aluminum Complex - Utilities<br />Mine &Refinery<br />4 Mt Mine Capacity<br />1.8 Mt/yr (SGA)<br />Water (Potable (13,000 mt/d (minimum))<br />610<br />As per “MinPet“ <br />Resource Allocation letter<br /> dated 7th July 2009 <br />64 mw<br />Water ( Distillate (12,000 mt/d (maximum))<br />Rolling Mill<br />Hot mill : 460 Kta<br />Cold mill: 250 Kta<br />Aramco<br />Gas (21mmscf/day)<br />4594<br />52.3 mw<br />Heavy Crude Oil<br />8,000 BPD<br />1228.5 mw<br /> (ICH & system losses)<br />Smelter<br />740ktpa Alum.(AP37)<br />2 PL – 360 Pots/line<br />Natural Gas<br />500 mmscf/d<br />(309+191)<br />21mmscf/day<br />(MAC)<br />7268<br /> (1,350 MW)<br />Electricity<br />Gas <br />(521mmscf/day)<br />SWCC PROJ<br />Power : 2400 MW <br />Water : 1,025,000 M3/D<br />New <br />Circuits<br />National Water Grid<br />1,000,000 tpd water<br />National Electricity Grid<br />1,050 MW<br />
  14. 14. EnergyConversionAgreement<br />Combined Power Project with SWCC<br />SWCC<br />2400MW<br />1.025 M m3/d <br />SWCC<br />Power<br />SWCC Water<br />SWCC<br />power<br />SWCC water<br />Ma’aden<br />power<br />Ma’aden<br />Water<br />1000 MW<br />1 M m3/d<br />Ma’aden off take 1350MW & 0.025 mM3/d<br />SWCC Off take1M m3/d<br />1050MW <br />to SEC<br />50MW DS industries <br />in RSZ<br />Larger Station with Efficient Energy Utilization<br />Ma’aden<br />Ma’aden<br />Power<br />Ma’aden<br />Water<br /><ul><li> Economies of scale</li></ul>- Capital - single EPC, building cost<br />- Operating - single O&M contract<br /><ul><li> Significantly lower capital investment
  15. 15. Improved efficiencies by cogenerating of power & water</li></ul>1350 MW<br />0.025 M m3/d<br />
  16. 16. Table of Contents <br />Introduction<br />Evolution of Ma’aden<br />Ma’aden Current Business <br />Ma’aden Aluminum Project<br />Available Infrastructure <br />Future Opportunities<br />
  17. 17. National Infrastructure Enhancement <br />Minerals Industrial City<br /><ul><li>Strategic metals & minerals industry clusters
  18. 18. Center of excellence
  19. 19. Jubail Industrial City Partnership</li></ul>Port Development <br /><ul><li>23 Km2 Area
  20. 20. Six Berths
  21. 21. Expected Completion</li></ul> date is Nov. 2010 <br />Saudi Railway Company<br /><ul><li>Longest Worldwide (1,500KM)
  22. 22. Overall performance for mineral line is 97%
  23. 23. Expected completion </li></ul> date is Sep. 2010<br />
  24. 24. Table of Contents <br />Introduction<br />Evolution of Ma’aden<br />Ma’aden Current Business <br />Ma’aden Aluminum Project<br />Available Infrastructure <br />Future Opportunities<br />
  25. 25. Advantages for Investors<br />Natural resources <br />Clear mining laws <br />Expanding supplier & services<br />Liquidity & Stability<br />Advance infrastructure<br />Proximity to markets<br />Access to energy<br />
  26. 26. Aluminum End-user Applications<br />Wires & <br />Cables<br />Casting <br />Products <br />Extrusions<br />Rolled <br />Products <br />
  27. 27. Opportunities for Partnership<br />Actively seeking partnership opportunities<br />Joint ventures<br />Investment<br />Technology<br />Suppliers and professional service<br />Massive exploration potential<br />
  28. 28. Thanks … <br />