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Spotlight on Cybersecurity Jobs (Michel Cukier)


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Speaker Presentation from U.S. News STEM Solutions Presents: Workforce of Tomorrow, April 4-6, 2018 in Washington, DC. Find out more at

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Spotlight on Cybersecurity Jobs (Michel Cukier)

  1. 1. Michel Cukier Director of ACES
  2. 2. ACES Program Living-Learning Program ● Freshmen and Sophomores ● Live in Prince Frederick Hall ● First cohort 2013 ● ~75 students each year Minor ● Juniors and Seniors ● Advanced Academic Program ● First cohort Spring 2016 ● 20-50 students each year ● Multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity ● First four-year honors undergraduate program in cybersecurity ● Two linked academic programs in a 2 + 2 model ○ Students decide whether to continue sophomore year ● Launched with the help of a major gift from Northrop Grumman
  3. 3. ACES Overview 2017 First Cohort Graduates Spring 2017 45 students become ACES Alumni. 16 earn the ACES Minor. 2018 ACES Becomes SFS Site Spring 2018 ACES Awarded $5M through NSF to support students with Scholarships for Service. 2013 ACES LLP Launches Fall 2013 First cohort of 57 freshmen enter the living-learning program. Founded with $1.1M donation from Northrop Grumman 2015 Northrop Grumman renews commitment with ACES program with $2.7M donation National Security Agency (NSA) becomes a Cyber Partner of ACES 2016 ACES Minor Launches Spring 2016 First cohort of 30 students enter the minor in cybersecurity.
  4. 4. ACES Partners
  5. 5. Current Students Spring 2018 198 Total Students 119 LLP 82 Minor 40 Juniors 19 Sophomores 48 Sophomores 71 Freshmen 23 Seniors LLP Citation Earned: 201 Minor Graduates: 22
  6. 6. Challenging Coursework Foundation Courses 6 credits total HACS100 HACS101 HACS200 Seminars 6 credits total HACS208 Experiential Learning 3 credits HACS279/287 Undergraduate Research HACS297 Experience Reflection ACES LLP Citation 15 credits + 3.2 cumulative GPA
  7. 7. HACS208 Seminars A. Accounting and Economic Aspects of Cybersecurity Robert H. Smith School of Business C. Human Actors and Cyber Attacks National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and the Response to Terrorism (START) E. Introduction to Reverse Engineering Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences (LTS) F. France: A Global Perspective on Security Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students I. Security Incident Handling and Management National Security Agency (NSA) N. Digital Forensics Fractal Security Group, LLC P. Beyond Technology, the Policy Implications of Cyberspace Maryland Global Initiative in Cybersecurity (MaGIC) Y. Cyber Psychology Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Z. Methods for Solving (and Not Solving) Puzzles National Security Agency (NSA)
  8. 8. Challenging Coursework Foundation Courses 1-4 credits total HACS201 HACS202 HACS318 Seminars 9-12 credits total HACS408 Experiential Learning 3 credits HACS479 Undergraduate Research HACS498 Team Problem Solving ACES Minor 16 credits + 3.2 cumulative GPA
  9. 9. HACS408 Seminars C. Designing Secure Systems Division of Information Technology (DIT) D. Decision Processes in Cybersecurity Division of Information Technology (DIT) E. Applied Reverse Engineering Secunetics F. Comparative International Cybersecurity Policy Center for International Development and Conflict Management L. Analytical Forensic Techniques in Cybersecurity Leidos T. Penetration Testing ACES Alumnus V. Data Analysis and Visualization for Cybersecurity Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics
  10. 10. Alumni: Class of 2017 48 Graduates 85% pursued full-time employment 4% pursued graduate school 6% pursued both 5% undecided Full-Time Employment 68% staying in Maryland/DC/Virginia 14% California 65% working in cybersecurity related position 51% previously interned with organization ~$90,000 average starting salary
  11. 11. Northrop Grumman ACES Cybersecurity Lab
  12. 12. Prince Frederick Hall ● Opened in August 2014 ● Includes student residential space, ACES offices, lab, and classrooms ● ACES LLP students are required to live in Prince Frederick for 2 years
  13. 13. Thank you! 301-314-7414 ACES Program Prince Frederick Hall University of Maryland