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Telemedicine Comes of Age (Randall Moore)

Speaker Presentation from U.S. News Healthcare of Tomorrow leadership summit, November 2-4, 2016 in Washington, DC. Find out more about this forum at

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Telemedicine Comes of Age (Randall Moore)

  1. 1. Product and Pricing Strategy 1 Mercy Virtual | Product Portfolio MV products and services span the care continuum, delivering healthcare from hospital to clinic to home and from sickness to health. Healthcare “Lifecare” TeleICU Remotely and continuously monitor patients in the ICU, augmenting bedside clinical insight and care TeleSepsis Within the Hospital Outside of the Hospital SPARC TeleStroke TeleHospitalist Characterize, detect and treat patients at risk of sepsis at the first sign of deterioration to decrease morbidity and mortality Close gaps in acute care clinician coverage utilizing a tiered service with phone call and full virtual hospitalist care delivery Provide centralized monitoring and valuable decision support services that mitigate burdensome false positive alarms Enhance and enable stroke diagnose by virtually connecting patients and beside providers with board- certified neurologists eSitter Conduct continuous and cost-effective 24/7 observation for patients requiring one-on-one staffing Case Management Enhance engagement, enrollment, and outcomes through advanced analytics, scalable outreach, and personalized care planning Engagement@Home Manage critically and chronically ill ambulatory patients with intensive virtual physician-led clinical team, utilizing home monitoring Pharmacotherapy Improve pharmaceutical administration through formulary management, medication adherence, and medication reconciliation Wellness Engage and empower members in management of their health through educational content, forums, gamification, and incentives Utilization ManagementApply evidence-based guidelines to optimize necessity / appropriateness of medical services Nurse on Call Provide on-demand member-centric care decisions through protocol- based interactive telephonic services Condition Management Coordinate health interventions for high-risk members with CHF, COPD, asthma, diabetes, high-risk maternity, and mental issues
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL 2 Naomi’s Story