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Logicalis: The Shadow IT Phenomenon - CIO Report


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Learn how CIOs are redefining their roles in their organizations.

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Logicalis: The Shadow IT Phenomenon - CIO Report

  1. 1. In summary • Third annual Logicalis Global CIO Survey • Over 400 CIOs from Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific
  2. 2. Shadow IT is now a fact of life for CIOs… • In 2014, 72% of CIOs controlled more than 50% of IT decisions; in 2015, that has fallen by 6%. • This was expected - 62% of CIOs predicted this last year. • Nearly 1 in 3 CIOs are bypassed ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘most of the time.’ • 90% of CIOs reported that they are bypassed by line of business colleagues at least occasionally.
  3. 3. …and the internal service provider is taking shape • Two years ago (2013), 73% expressed a desire to be more strategic. • Two years on (2015), just 38% spend at least 50% of their time on strategic activities. • However, CIOs are spending 42% of their time on service- based activities rather than legacy IT and support. • They report a 50/50 balance between tech and services management. • At least 30% of services are provided externally.
  4. 4. Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud • CIOs rated the role of (SMAC) in driving business innovation. • Mobile (62%) and Analytics (63%) were clear winners. • Social lags well behind (37%). • Cloud sits at 47%. • Analytics are most important in the US and LATAM. • Mobile is strongest in Europe and LATAM. • APAC and LATAM value Social more than others. • Cloud is a significant priority for 67% of CIOs in LATAM.
  5. 5. Business Intelligence • CIOs say organizations are not making the most of BI. • Nearly half (48%) get ‘real time information’ and ‘well- defined business metrics’ from BI. • Only 29% say they derive actionable insights. • Fewer than one third – make insight available to decision makers anywhere (28%). – adapt quickly to changing BI needs (28%). – deliver predictive analytics (30%). – realize increased sales through BI insights (27%).
  6. 6. BI – the barriers… • Lack of budget (47%) • Lack of time (40%) • Complexity (37%) • Lack of expertise (35%) • Lack of clarity around business requirements (34%) • However, 84% of CIOs indicate C-level support for BI.
  7. 7. Software-Defined Technologies (SDx) • The number of organizations that have already adopted SDx has doubled in one year – from 9% in 2014 to 18% today. • 82% of those who plan to adopt SDx have either already adopted or will do so within three years. • Less than one fifth of all respondents (18%) have longer- term adoption plans.
  8. 8. Is IT delivering business value? How do you rate the value of IT in delivering business outcomes? 8/10(66% rated at 8 or more)
  9. 9. To download the full survey report, go to: