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Bioextract Server Presentation


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Bioextract Server Presentation

  1. 1. harnesses the power of online informatics tools forcreating and customizing workflows. Users can query online sequence data, analyze it usingan array of informatics tools (web service and desktop), create and share custom workflows The BioExtract Servers BioMartfor repeated analysis, and save the resulting data and workflows in standardized reports. interface is based on the MartView interface at Users familiar with MartView will quickly become accustomed to the BioExtract Server interface. The groups listed under the BioMart heading in the BioExtract Servers Available Tools list correspond to BioMart Data Sources while the individual tools correspond to BioMart Datasets. Workflow BioMart Tools A workflow in BioExtract involves automating the analysis processes that you perform repeatedly. Any task—or even a series of tasks—that you need to perform on data is a candidate for workflow automation. BioExtracts most unique feature may be its ability to record your tasks as you perform them, and then turn those tasks into a workflow. This means that you create a workflow by simply performing the tasks in your analysis job. Its that easy! Extracts Selecting Data Sources BioExtract comes with a set of commonly used analysis tools (like Blast, ClustalW,Data sources are located under the Query tab in Available and tools for phylogeny). Tools are located on the Tools page in the Available Tools list.Data Sources on the left side of the page. They are arranged in Tools are arranged in groups (like Alignment Tools and Similarity Search Tools). Browsegroups (like Protein Sequence Databases). through the different groups by clicking on the plus and minus signs.