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Place an inter site request


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Learn how to request items not available at your campus or study site

Published in: Education
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Place an inter site request

  1. 1. Place an inter-site request
  2. 2. Start, as always, at the Library Homepage Choose Library forms
  3. 3. Choose Inter-site Request form and read the access and eligibility information Click the link Read terms & conditions
  4. 4. Use the book details from the catalogue to help you fill in the form
  5. 5. Filling in the form … Fill in your details and as much information as you have Scroll right to the end of the form to complete the Copyright declaration and Submit
  6. 6. What happens now? • You will receive notification via email your request has been submitted successfully • Items will be delivered within 2 working days (Monday – Friday) • You will receive an email when your item has arrived • You will receive an email if your request is not available
  7. 7. Need more help? How to Library Guides Phone +61 7 5430 2804 Ask at the Library Help Desk Chat online Follow @LibraryUSC