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Find videos on a topic


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Learn how to search for videos in Discover

Published in: Education
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Find videos on a topic

  1. 1. Find videos on a topic How to view videos online and find DVD’s in the colletion
  2. 2. Search Discover using key terms Remember to login to the library!
  3. 3. Find ‘Resource type’ on the left hand menu & look for ‘Online videos’ and ‘Audio visual’ You may need to click ‘Show more’
  4. 4. Use the checkboxes on the left to select ‘Online videos’ and ‘Audio visual’ Then click ‘Apply filters’
  5. 5. Click ‘Online access’ to stream the video online Click ‘Available at ….’ to see if the DVD is at your USC Library. If so, record the Call Number to find the DVD on the library shelves. Remove filters here
  6. 6. Need more help? How to Library Guides Phone +61 7 5430 2804 Ask at the Library Help Desk Chat online Follow @LibraryUSC