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Find Statistics


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Locate books and databases for statistics

Published in: Education
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Find Statistics

  1. 1. Find statistics
  2. 2. To find information on using statistics To find books on statistics – use Catalogue option
  3. 3. You’ll see results with eBooks … but where are the text books?
  4. 4. Refine by date and resource type
  5. 5. . Availability . Campus . Collection . Call number
  6. 6. Find a statistical report Find statistics databases and websites
  7. 7. Find a statistical report You’ll find links to databases such as Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which includes census and labour force statistics
  8. 8. Need more help? How to Library Guides Phone +61 7 5430 2804 Ask at the Library Help Desk Chat online Follow @LibraryUSC