ATV Safety Summit: State Legislation: Effecting Change - Sean's Law (State of Massachusetts)


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Katie and Mark Kearney, founders of the Sean Kearney Memorial Foundation, presented this at CPSC's ATV Safety Summit Oct. 11, 2012. We did not know the dangers of ATV’s especially to children. We did not know that children were being critically injured and killed each year from riding ATV’s. We did not know it was illegal for a child under the age 10 to ride an ATV in Massachusetts. October 27, 2006 our eight-year-old son Sean died from a traumatic brain injury after falling off an ATV while at a friend’s house. After his death we researched how many children are hurt and killed each year on ATV’s. We were angry by the numbers and needed to make a change. We contacted state legislators, doctors, law enforcement, and safety groups to advocate for change. We worked for tougher guidelines, age restrictions, training, and penalties. July 31, 2010 Massachusetts’s legislators passed “ Sean’s Law”, the toughest OHV law in the nation with an age restriction of 14. Awareness of the law is so important. Working with the Environmental police to develop safety materials and reaching adults and children. We would like to explain and share the materials we using to promote awareness.

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  • A message from Sean’s mother
  • ATV Safety Summit: State Legislation: Effecting Change - Sean's Law (State of Massachusetts)

    1. 1. ATV Summit 2012 “Sean’s Law” State of Massachusetts
    2. 2. ATV Legislation• Our Story- Sean Kearney• OHV Legislation 2007- testified Massachusetts State House• Key People- Senator Steven Baddour, MGH Trauma Surgeon- Peter Masiakos, Senate President Therese Murray, State Representative – Vinny DeMacedo, State Rep Peter Koutoujian, State Rep Michael Costello, Dr. Lois Lee- Children’s Hospital and Safety Advocate Groups• July 2009- bill didn’t pass before end of session- WE wouldn’t concede- age, education, training, size of machine
    3. 3. Working Together as a Team• Jan 2009- re-file bill• State House Lobbying- Mark and Katie Kearney and Peter Masiakos meeting with all state reps and senators at state house individually.• Medical community came together- all key members of the team came together to push for higher safety standards for children.• July 31, 2010 Sean’s Law was signed by Governor Deval Patrick making the law the toughest law in the NATION.• OHV “off highway vehicle” advisory committee MA was formed- group of 13 members comprised of all groups like- environmental police, DPH, advocates, and riders
    4. 4. Off Highway Vehicles Committee• OHV advisory committee- meets quarterly and discusses ways of implimenting “Sean’s Law”.• June 2012 Katie Kearney has been asked to be a member and formally join the group as a safety advocate working on education and awareness of the law.• OHV fund has been developed- some examples are: registration fee’s , penalty, fines- money is distributed to preserve trails, education, DCR and environmental police
    5. 5. Moving Forward• Implementing the law in the State of Massachusetts• Educating the Public• Continuous improvements with the advisory committee to keep children SAFE.
    6. 6. “On July 31, 2010, Governor DevalPatrick signed “Sean’s Law,” in memoryof my son Sean Kearney who died frominjuries he sustained from riding on anATV at a friend’s house in 2006. This lawmakes Massachusetts the toughest lawin the nation regarding children’s safetyon Off Road Vehicles. We couldn’tprevent Sean’s death, but our intentionis to prevent another child from beingseriously injured. You can’t regulatecommon sense, but you can createstricter laws, with tougher penalties.When it comes to our children’s safetythere are no second chances.”-Katie Kearney