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Ryan cue consumer perspective


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Ryan cue consumer perspective

  1. 1. Who Counts as a Consumer? Insights from CUE Kate Ryan, MPA National Women’s Health Network June 8, 2012
  2. 2. Who are stakeholders?
  3. 3. Patients & Consumers Patients consumers of health carePatients consumer representatives
  4. 4. Consumers at the table? Why should consumers get a seat at the table? What is the role of a consumer representative? Who should get to be a consumer representative?
  5. 5. Consumer Representatives Consumers bring a unique perspective to medical research  Consumer representatives are lay people who engage with the health care and medical research communities  Health care consumer advocates are watchdogs of the health care industry
  6. 6. A different perspective Consumers are often lay people without medical training  Consumers representatives need to be able to understand complex medical information  But… that doesn’t mean they should be health care professionals
  7. 7. The role of a consumer Balance individual perspective with representing a community Consumer representatives should be connected to the consumer advocacy community
  8. 8. Representing consumers? Being a consumer of health care is necessary but not sufficient to be a consumer representative Consumers representatives should not have conflicts of interest
  9. 9. Consumer Criteria It is essential that consumer representatives:  Do not have a financial stake in the health care system  Are independent from industry in decision- making
  10. 10. Who Counts as a Consumer? Actively engages with the health care system Prioritizes protecting consumers from corporate abuse Connections to the consumer community No conflicts of interest
  11. 11. Thank youKate Ryan, MPANational Women’s Health