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Create your own Promotional USB Drives


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Custom USB drive is considered as the greatest promotional items which can be given during trade shows, business meeting, events and conference etc. These trendy drives are available in various sizes, shapes, colors and type. It can be made out of many different materials.

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Create your own Promotional USB Drives

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  2. 2.  Custom Flash drive is considered as the greatestpromotional items which can be given during tradeshows, business meeting, events and conferenceetc. These trendy drives are available in varioussizes, shapes, colors and type. It can be made outof many different materials like Rubber, Metal,PVC Plastic, ABC Plastic, Wood, Leather andmuch more.
  3. 3.  New mold for your USB drive Casting Process Imprint the useful information Preload Data Furnishing the USB Drive Packaging, if needed
  4. 4.  Get a new mold created for your USB flash drive. This is needed to have a customized USB drive ofyour desired shape and design. Based upon that the artwork could be made withina span of 24 hours so that you can view inadvance how the USB drive would look like. Once it is finalized, the 3D model is createdconsidering that artwork.
  5. 5.  3D model is then used to create tool with twohalves that will be used for casting process. The circuit board of USB drive is made which isthe main of the USB drive where you can save allkinds of data. The outer layer of the USB drive is the frameworkthat is being made using any of the materials likeplastic, wood, metal or any other. The unfurnished USB drive is ready which canfurther be improvised if needed.
  6. 6.  You can get the useful information imprinted ontothe surface of USB drive to specifically representyour business. You can print the company logo, describing thetrue color and theme of your company. It give newdefinition to your business by promoting theproducts using the USB drives.
  7. 7.  You can even preload, partition and autorun thedata that you want on the drives. You can also use encryption, password protectionand serialization to secure the stored data on thedrives.
  8. 8.  To make the Customized USB drive morepresentable, they can be powder coated or couldalso be coated with solid color. This makes a lot of difference in the looks of thedrive so they can be best used as a promotionalitem. Paying few more bucks gives a enriched look toyour drives.
  9. 9.  If you need them to be presented as corporate giftitems or as a giveaway in trade shows or anyevent then you can use the packaging andaccessories options also. Depending upon the budget, you may select theappropriate packaging like aluminum cases,magnetic boxes, magnetic plastic clamshell, orany gift boxes.
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