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Us Auto Plex Presentation


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The Automotive Super Highway

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Us Auto Plex Presentation

  1. 1. US Autoplex - The Automotive is The Automotive Super Highway! Are you tired of spending THOUSANDS of Dollarsevery month on classified sites that just do not deliver enough leads to make it worth your time and money? gives you MORE at a fraction of the cost. will help you sell more carsand spend less every is an Automotive Classified website that drives millions of potential buyers to its vehiclelisting pages each and every month. is the future of Automotive Classified advertising withit’s feature rich and Dealership friendly back-end tool which includes Full Inventory Management, UnlimitedData Export, Call Tracking, On-Line Chat, Custom Comment Generator, Craigslist Posting Tool. LeadManagement System as well as analytics and is your one stop shop for ALL of your Virtual Showroom needs. You no longer need to getproducts and services from multiple vendors that do not work with each other and most importantly do notdeliver you the leads that you desire.Get your Branded Dealership page today!
  2. 2. INVENTORY MANAGEMENTIt is crucial to your Dealership success to promote your Virtual Storefront and inventory in today’s rivalrousmarketplace. Whether you track your inventory on a spreadsheet or third party software, US AutoPlex canimport it for you. Once your inventory is entered into the US AutoPlex Inventory Management System youare ready to promote your Dealership and Inventory online.Features include:• Easy to Use Interface• Unlimited Inventory Import• DMS Import Available• Up to 60 Photos per Vehicle• Up to 5 Videos per Vehicle• VIN Decoder – Powered by Chrome• Description Builder• Website Integration• Microsite Integration• Mobilesite Integration• Carfax & AutoCheck Integration• Facebook and Twitter Integration Available• Call Tracking Integration Available• Print your own Window Stickers• Print your own Buyer’s Guides• Wholesale Listing (OVE, OPENLANE & More)• Data Exports DATA EXPORT BUNDLEIncluded with your US AutoPlex Inventory Services is unlimited Data Exports. Send your data as manyplaces as you want.Features include:• Unlimited Data Exports i.e: Oodle Network (Oodle powers over 200 Classified websites to include but not limited to: AOL Classifieds, Classifieds, Classifieds & eBay Classifieds), VAST Network (Kelley Blue Book,,, Carperks), (with subscription only) & (with subscription only)• Export Your Data to ANY Company that accepts a Data Feed• Wholesale listing (OVE, OPENLANE & More)• NO Extra Monthly Fees
  3. 3. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex includes Call Tracking Services with ALL services. Know who called, when they called, whathappened on the call and how they found you.Features include:➢ Easy to Use Interface➢ Improve Conversion of Phone Leads to Sales➢ Ability to Review Calls➢ Improve Call Handling Skills➢ Improve Follow Up Process➢ Increase Collected Prospect Data➢ Direct Calls to Any Phone Number You Choose➢ Improve Customer SatisfactionThe US AutoPlex On-Line Chat Feature helps our Dealers sell more vehicles by converting a higher percentageof their web visitors into quality leads. On-line Chat enables your Dealership with the ability to connect withmore potential customers than you may have otherwise and at the exact moment that their interest is highest.These leads close at a 2 to 3 time’s higher rate than typical third party automotive leads.Features include:➢ Lead Generation➢ Lead Conversion➢ High Quality Leads➢ Increased Vehicle Sales
  4. 4. SERVICES AVAILABLEGet an immediate increase in click-thru rates & front-end gross with auto-generated, value-building customcomments attached to the vehicle the second that vehicle VIN is entered and decoded. No extra time out of yourday, no extra staff hired to handle comment writing. Our system takes care of it! But our comments editor takesit one step further... You can write multiple introductions and multiple comment phrases for each option and oursystem will randomly select them creating sentence structure high-lighting the benefits of each feature.The result:What appears to the consumer as a hand written, custom comment randomized (so that no two adjacent vehiclelistings share the same comment). Your US AutoPlex Comment Library readies each VIN Explosion for instantcomment publication to,, your website and elsewhere. You can even tack on uniqueheadlines and tagline phrases specific to each of your 3rd party classified listing sites (such as,, etc.) With an unlimited add-on tool you can endlessly customize your comments to reach any type ofcustomer!Craigslist is one of the fastest growing websites and currently ranked the 10th most viewed website in theUnited States by ALEXA with over 20 million visitors each month. Do not waste your valuable time andresources building mediocre Craigslist postings one at a time and re-uploading photos. Post with ease withthe US AutoPlex Craigslist Posting Tool while following the Craigslist Terms of Use.Features include:➢ Multiple Templates to choose from➢ Custom Banner Creation➢ New and/or Used Vehicle Posting➢ Active Links Back to Dealership Inventory Listing Page
  5. 5. SERVICES AVAILABLEThe name says it all.® is the complete source for Every Car for sale in America. New orused, near or far, today and tomorrow, the® site offers dealers an exciting way to drivehundreds, thousands, even millions of consumers to their dealership.® is the CARS tab® when you partner with®, you’re opening your dealership’s doors tomillions of buyers.Features Include:• One of the nation’s largest all-video online automobile inventory sites• Backed by the traffic power of®• National exposure• Quality LeadsOodle Pro offers professionals a one-stop service that helps you get the most out of Marketplace on Facebookand social media. Oodle Pro is the only way to get your listings into Marketplace on Facebook. Your listingsare automatically formatted into “Tweets” and shared with your followers on Twitter.Oodle Pro also gives you priority placement on The Oodle Network which includes: Oodle, AOL Classifieds,Lycos Classifieds, Classifieds, Classifieds, Classifieds,,Facebook Marketplace, MySpace Classifieds, EBay Classifieds and moreFeatures Include:• Priority placement in search results• Up to 9 photos per listing• Upload videos to your seller profile• Listings receive additional recognition through our professional logo• Show your business logo on all your listings
  6. 6. SERVICES AVAILABLEFacebook Marketplace is part of the Oodle Network and with your Oodle Pro account you can easily addMarketplace to your Professional Facebook Page. With your Oodle Pro account you also get Featured Listingswhich Double your traffic and produce high quality leads.With over 120 million users in the United States alone and 400 million worldwide, Facebook is the socialmedium of choice and has passed Google to become the top source for traffic to major U.S. portals. Today’sconsumers discover purchases through social media and its trusted recommendations and referrals from friends.The average Facebook user has 200 friends, spends over 55 minutes per day on Facebook, and fits thedemographic profile for those most likely to purchase vehicles. The site’s users go to Marketplace when theywant to buy or sell.Harness the social power of Facebook Marketplace with US AutoPlex.Features Include:• Expose your listings to over 120 million US Facebook Users• Get Priority Placement in Search Results on Facebook Marketplace• Drive Recommendations and word of mouth referrals• Add your inventory to your Professional Facebook Page
  7. 7. SERVICES AVAILABLEAttract Buyers and Increase Market Saturation with text and image ads displayed across the Google network.Ad placement is based on relevancy of shopper searches and online activity, unlike other ads that randomlyappear. Ad Genie ads link directly to your vehicle specific display page on Ad Genie TextAds are displayed on relevant Search Engines (Google, YouTube) and the Image ads are displayed on relatedsites & forums (Motor Trend, YouTube, Oodle, etc.). Ad Genie utilizes ALL 8 Image ad sizes supported byGoogle for maximum impressions.Set it and Forget It: Ads are created directly from your inventory feed and automatically removed as theyare sold, so you never have to maintain your ad inventory. Ad Genie guarantees that your online marketingachieves the highest Click-Through-Rate (CTR), the lowest Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and the highest GoogleQuality Score.Features Include:• Vehicle-specific ads link to that vehicle’s display page• Ads are dynamically generated from daily inventory feeds• Displayed ads correlate to the same vehicle the shopper was looking for online• Ad Genie displays ads wherever local shoppers are performing their research online: Search engines (i.e. Google), Related websites & forums (i.e. Motor Trend, YouTube, Oodle, New York Times, etc.)AD GENIE PLUSNot getting the desired results from your current Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign? US AutoPlex Ad Genie Plusis the solution for you. Your Dealership gets all of the benefits of the Ad Genie Program plus you get to set thespend limit that works for your Dealership and drive all of the clicks back to your Dealership website not justyour Inventory Listing Page on US
  8. 8. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex Mobile Websites are just as functional as your Dealer Website just formatted to be viewed on amobile device. US AutoPlex Mobile Websites allow potential customers to browse your inventory, view photos,fill out forms, locate your Dealership on a map and even call your Dealership just by clicking on your phonenumber. With US AutoPlex Mobile Websites, customers can access your site on the go. With almost everyAmerican Adult in the United States having a mobile phone and over 65% of them having a smart phone, thistranslates into more phone calls and more leads for your Dealership.Features include:• Professional, Experienced and Dedicated Staff• Custom Mobile Website Creation• New and Used Car Inventory• Specials• Service and Parts• Directions to your Dealership• Designed for Mobile viewing• Separate Domain/URL for Mobilesite• Indexed on Google Mobile Index• Domain Registration• Web Hosting• Lead Generation• Tech Support
  9. 9. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex QR Codes! With the tremendous increase in mobile automotive website traffic (largely due to thepopularity of Smart Phones), USAutoPlex is proud to bring you a new stand-alone Mobile Website Platformwith integrated QR Code technology. This platform can also be added to your existing USAutoPlex subscrip-tion. You can take advantage of the Mobile Site and QR Code System with any level of service with USAuto-Plex as part of a package or as an A La Carte Service.One of the most popular areas for the QR Code technology is on the vehicle specific window sticker.On-the-lot customers can snap a picture of each vehicle’s QR Code and link directly with that vehicle’s listingpage on your Dealership’s mobile website. Creative dealers are uncovering additional uses for these QR Codesincluding Service Department Specials and After Hours Sales Contact Landing Pages.How does the mobile device read the code?The consumer’s mobile device will require an installed QR Code reader. A majority of new Smart Phones arecoming with the reader already installed. If a device doesn’t have an installed QR Code reader a consumer caneasily download one from any number of free online sources.Will your customers use them?While the trend is just catching on in the U.S. those QR-savvy shoppers who do visit your lot or service loungewill certainly appreciate your tech knowledge. Those who don’t will be inquisitive which may open the door forconversation and a potential sale. Customers who use QR Codes may be more receptive to your web, Twitter,Facebook, MySpace, YouTube messaging etc.How could you use a QR code?No matter how small or large, Your Dealership, can use QR Codes in a number of ways. In this application cus-tomers can take their favorite vehicle listings with them and share easily with friends on their mobile device(s).A QR Code on individual vehicle window stickers makes it easy for a “lot shopper” to add your dealership’safter-hour’s sales person to their contacts or find and reference a specific vehicle at a later date.Consider adding QR Codes to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, TV ads etc. containing:• Product details• Trade-In Offer details• Manufacturer Offer details• Store Contact details• Event details• Competition details• A Service Special or Coupon• Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs• A link to your YouTube video
  10. 10. SERVICES AVAILABLEAs of January 2011 Facebook has more than 600 million active users making it the largest Social Networkingsite on the planet and is currently ranked second most viewed website in the United States by ALEXA onlybehind Google. Facebook Integration with USAutoPlex gives Dealerships a tremendous opportunity to connectwith potential customers and market to them.Twitter is a website that offers Social Networking and Micro Blogging in the form of text based posts called“Tweets”. Twitter is estimated to have over 200 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day and handlingover 800,000 searches per day. Twitter comfortably sits at #8 on the Top Websites in the United States byALEXA. USAutoPlex Twitter Integration assists Dealerships in connecting and marketing to these potentialcustomers as well.US AutoPlex Facebook and Twitter Integration enhance your Dealership’s social media presence. US AutoPlexgives you the opportunity to promote inventory posts with landing pages specific to those vehicles, generatecoupons, and create brand awareness and special promotions all from an easy to use interface.Features include:• Over 600 Million Users on Facebook• 50% of Facebook Users spend an average of over 2 hours per day on the site• More than 20 Million people “Like” pages on Facebook every day• More than 65 Million Tweets per day• Post Inventory on Facebook• Send Inventory to Twitter• Generate and Promote Coupons and Specials• Easy to use Interface• Lead Generation
  11. 11. SERVICES AVAILABLEAs of March 2010, Facebook made up 41% of all traffic on a list of popular social destinations. According toFacebook’s Alexa rating of the second most visited site in the world and US, you should be promoting yourDealership with a Professional Facebook Page. If you already have fans or individuals that like your Dealershipthere is no better way to boost extra sales than a Professional Facebook Page, get yours today! US AutoPlexwill create your Professional Facebook Page as well as your Professional Twitter Page for you to interact withyour customers and prospects through Social Networking.US AutoPlex also offers many other forms of Facebook customization including new pages or a Mini-Site toshowcase all aspects of your Dealership or information you would like to provide to your followers. If you wantto grow your business through social marketing there is no better way to engage your fans than on Facebook,why not do it right.
  12. 12. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex Microsites are small websites that are on a separate domain from the Dealer’s main website, havemore specific content as well as a different look and feel than the main website and are more engaging to theSocial Media audience. US AutoPlex Microsites provide the Dealer with the ability to saturate the SearchEngine Ranking Pages with additional sites and domains. US AutoPlex Microsites are designed to be veryKEYWORD targeted to specific make(s), model(s) and geographic locations so they can pull business fromway outside of your Dealership’s traditional market area.Don’t stop your thinking and marketing plan at just a top Google ranked Dealership website but imagineDOMINATING the entire first page on Google.Features include:• Professional, Experienced and Dedicated Staff• Custom Microsite Creation• New Car Microsites• Used Car Microsites• KEYWORD Rich Domain Name and Registration• Web Hosting and Management• Link Exchange• IPad and Mobile ready• Social Media Integration• Lead Generation• Dedicated Tech Support
  13. 13. SERVICES AVAILABLEWhy spend thousands of dollars every month to promote your website and have no way of converting thattraffic into leads. High Roller Lead capture engages your website visitors in a fun and non-intrusive mannerand gives them a reason to share their contact information with you.Research shows that 98% of prospects that visit a Dealer’s website do not convert to a lead. Yet, 40% of themwill purchase a car within 30 days. What an opportunity for dealers who are doing a great job optimizing theirwebsites to increase traffic. What better lead than a customer already on your site who is actually looking atyour cars and your dealership on line? The only problem right now is that Dealers do not know who thesepeople are! They have found your website through your advertising such as T.V., radio, direct mail, newspaper,etc.24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year:1. People are shopping for New and Used cars, Parts and Service.2. As they shop your website as your competitor’s website, they are in control3. As they play the High Roller Lead Capture games and win, you gain some control back over that prospect and your advertisting spend4. When a prospect wins, they fill in their name, email, phone number and zip code then they are informed immediately, if what they have won5. Then an email is generated to the customer as well as the Dealership that a vistor on your website has played the game and has won. This new LEAD is now sent to your Dealership CRM for immediate follow up. The winner is made aware that they have 3 days to come into the Dealership to claim their prize.What better lead is there than the ones that are already shopping on your website. 98% of the time you wouldhave had no contact with them or even know that they were there but now with US AutoPlex and the HighRoller Lead Capture you chances of lead conversion and increased sales opportunities multiply dramatically.Features Include:• Everybody loves games• Everybody loves to win• Lead Capture 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year• Unlimited Leads• Huge ROI• Install on Main Website and any USAutoPlex site for 1 low price (Including Facebook)
  14. 14. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex Lead Driver 100, 200 and 500 Programs promote your Dealership Inventory for you all over theinternet with specific calls to action driving potential customers to call, email or request pre-approved financingfrom your Dealership.Put your on-line Classified Advertising on cruise control and the US AutoPlex Lead Driver will take over fromthere. US AutoPlex will promote your Dealership specific inventory on the most popular classified websites foryou driving the leads into your Dealership so that you can do what you best and that is sell cars.Lead Driver 100 will drive on average 100 additional leads to your Dealership via phone calls, email inquiries;requests for pre-approved financing, on-line chat and walk in traffic. While Lead Driver 200 will drive on aver-age an additional 200 leads and yes you guessed it, Lead Driver 500 will drive an average of 500 additionalleads per month.These leads are generated specifically for your Dealership and generated from your Dealership’s specific inven-tory. Total amount of leads may vary month to month as well as may vary due to specific Dealership, locationand Dealership Inventory.Contact a Sales Representative for details.
  15. 15. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex has teamed up with Green Flag Credit to generate consumer initiated Pre-Approved Leads foryou on vehicles that you actually have in your inventory. The Green Flag Credit process eliminates Red FlagData from being created as well as Trigger Leads. We simply create Pre-Approved Leads from people whohave shown interest in a vehicle in your inventory either on your website or from a Classified Post.Green Flag Credit’s automated Pre-Approval process works with limited consumer input for maximum leadconversion. Green Flag Credit is able to deliver Pre-Approved Leads with just consumer name, address andemail over 84% of the time. Consumers are a lot more likely to become first party Pre-Approved Leads whenSocial Security Number, Date of Birth and Employment information is not required.Features include:• Convert More Web Traffic into Pre-Approved Leads• Increased Lead Conversion• Trigger Leads NEVER Get Triggered• Consumer Privacy and Data Security• Mandated Adverse Action Communication• NO CREDIT CODES REQUIRED• CRM Compatibility (XML/ADF Export)• Email and/or SMS Text Notification
  16. 16. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex has teamed up with DealerCentric to bring Dealers products that are designed specifically forAuto Dealers as the first gateway to bridge the gap between sales and finance departments. Seamlesslyintegrating the auto sales process with the auto finance process, DealerCentric enables Auto Dealers to captureand convert leads to credit applications, qualify online or offline consumers to specific vehicles and lenderprograms at the beginning of the sales process taking the guesswork out of structuring deals.Features Include:• $20 Average Cost of Sale• 30% Average Application to Sales Ratio• 500% Average Increase in Credit Applications• 300% Average Increase in Click to Submit RatioProduct Introduction: Experience: Experience: Management Tools:
  17. 17. SERVICES AVAILABLEBy this time it is evident that Social Media and Social Networking are here to stay. Successful Dealers realizethis and need to adopt a Social Media Marketing game plan to not only maintain but grow their customer base.US AutoPlex expert team will work with you to develop an effective Social Media strategy, implement yourstrategy correctly and drive your Social Media presence to the next level. With US AutoPlex at the wheel, youcan do what you do best, Selling Cars not sitting at a computer.Social Media is all about being Social and Communicating. There is no way faster to drive away followers thenconstantly or only posts links to vehicles for sale!Features include:• Professional, Experienced and Dedicated Staff• Custom Designed Professional Social Media Pages• Includes Facebook and Twitter Inventory Integration• Attract Fan Base• Accept Friend Requests and Follows• Daily Status Updates (Social and Marketing)• Service up to 4 Social Media Networks• Available Reputation Management Integration• Available Analytics• Increased Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• Lead Generation
  18. 18. SERVICES AVAILABLEWith over 85% of all car shoppers starting their research and purchase process online, it is necessary forDealers to build and maintain a positive online reputation. Good reviews and bad reviews both directly affectyour placement on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).US AutoPlex Reputation Management team will monitor the internet for any mentions of your Dealership toinclude review sites, blogs and social media posts. Positive reviews and posts will be promoted and we willwork with you directly on how to respond to those not so favorable. In many cases properly and proactivelyhandled responses to negative reviews have a huge impact on how you are viewed as a company.Features include:• Professional, Experienced and Dedicated Staff• Promote and Repost Positive Reviews• Respond to Negative Reviews• Monitor Your Reputation, News Mentions, PR Campaigns• Monitor Your Employees and/or Competition Available• Increased Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• Social Media Management Integration Available• Increased Customer Satisfaction• Lead Generation
  19. 19. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex Press Releases increase public visibility of your Dealership’s news and events. US AutoPlexPress Releases promote Dealership products or services, upcoming events, community service and customertestimonials.US AutoPlex Press Releases are distributed to newspapers, broadcast outlets, newswires, websites, forums,blogs and relevant trade publications. US AutoPlex can distribute your Press Releases: Nationally, Regionally,State Specific or by Major Metro Area.Features include:• Professional, Experienced and Dedicated Staff• Keyword and Social Media Tags Included• Geographic Distribution• Increased Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• Increased Reputation Management• Social Media Management Integration• In Print and Online• Trade Specific• Lead Generation
  20. 20. SERVICES AVAILABLEUS AutoPlex Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your website visibility and your website rankingon ALL of the major search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL Search). US AutoPlex utilizesand combines a variety of techniques to include but not limited to: Website Copy Optimization, KEYWORDrelevancy, as well as inbound and outbound link exchange.US AutoPlex Search Engine Optimization promotes and enhances your Dealership Website Organic PageRank and Organic Page Growth. Organic Page Ranking means more potential customers view your Dealershipwebsite in their search results because of the Organic Page Placement rather than Paid Placement or Pay PerClick (PPC). US AutoPlex Search Engine Optimization will increase traffic to your website, increase leadconversion and ultimately save you money all at the same time.Features include:• Professional, Experienced and Dedicated Staff• Website Copy Optimization• KEYWORD Relevancy• Inbound and Outbound Link Building and Exchange• SEO Report• Lead Generation• Social Media Management (Available)• Reputation Management (Available)• Press Release Distribution (Available)• Tech Support
  22. 22. 1-800-805-6990