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In May, Facebook announced a few new features that allow Facebook admins to have a little more control over their Facebook Pages. Facebook Page managers can now scheduled posts, control admin permissions and even make a movie that features highlights from their Page Timeline. This Social Media Roundup outlines the new Facebook features and explains how they apply to you as Facebook Page admins.

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Social Media Roundup - New Facebook Features

  1. 1. Social Media Roundup New Facebook features
  2. 2. Social Media Roundup AgendaAt the end of May, Facebook went through another round of changes.This Social Media Roundup outlines the new Facebook features andexplains how they apply to you as Facebook Page admins. Introduction Scheduling Facebook posts Scheduling on Facebook vs. Hootsuite? Admin permissions Timeline Movie Maker
  3. 3. Social Media RoundupIntroduction In May, Facebook announced a few new features that allow Facebook admins to have a little more control over their Facebook Pages. Facebook Page admins can now schedule posts. Page post scheduling allows admins to schedule Page posts up to 6 months in advance, and as frequently as every 15 minutes. Facebook also introduced new admin permissions. Admin permissions allows Page managers to designate different permission levels to other admins on your Page.
  4. 4. Social Media RoundupScheduling Facebook posts Page post scheduling allows you to schedule your Page posts up to 6 months in advance by clicking on the clock icon in the lower left of the status box. Keep in mind, scheduling posts is convenient and helps during nights and weekends, but don’t forget to review comments on scheduled posts once you return to the Page. Scheduling posts does not To schedule a post, click on the clock reduce the importance of icon at the bottom left of your status box. engagement.
  5. 5. Social Media RoundupScheduling Facebook posts  Once you schedule your posts, you can view them in your activity log. To access your activity log, click on the “edit Page” dropdown menu at the top of your Page, then select “activity log.”  While you can’t edit the content of the post yet, you can change the time posts appear.
  6. 6. Social Media RoundupScheduling on Facebook vs. Hootsuite You can’t be on social media every second of every day, so many organizations have turned to services like TweetDeck and Hootsuite to schedule posts, but now Facebook allows you to do this on the site. Third party applications like Hootsuite and TweetDeck are still acceptable scheduling options, but unlike services like Hootsuite and TweetDeck, scheduling on Facebook allows you to tag organizations in your posts. Tagging other Pages is important and adds context to your Facebook posts. Also, it’s important to note that if other organization’s share your content on a Hootsuite post, it doesn’t link back to your Page.
  7. 7. Social Media RoundupAdmin permissions  Facebook’s new adminTo change admin permissions allows you topermissions, click designate different permissionon edit Page, thenselect manage levels to other admins on yourpermissions. From Page.there, you canselect one of the  There are five differentfive permissionlevels for an admin permission levels: Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insights Analyst.  Note that the default setting is that all admins will have the highest permission level of Manager.  This new feature allows Page managers to better control the content posted on their organizations Facebook Page.
  8. 8. Social Media RoundupTimeline Movie Maker Facebook also added a fun new feature to Facebook Pages. When Timeline was introduced for personal profiles, users could create a movie that featured highlights from their personal Timeline. Now Pages can do the same. To create a Timeline video for your organization’s Page, visit this link: Then Click "Make a movie for your Facebook Page.” To view the U.S. Army’s Timeline movie, click on this link:
  9. 9. Social Media Roundup Contact informationHave questions? Please feel free toreach out to us at the Online andSocial Media review and download past editions of theSocial Media Roundup, visit our Slideshare siteat: Social Media Roundups are authorized to bedistributed to a broader audience.6/27/2012OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PUBLIC AFFAIRSPENTAGON