Social Media Roundup - Is my social media program working?


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Social Media Roundup - Is my social media program working?

  1. 1. Social Media RoundupIs My Social Media Program Working? Five common concerns and five simple considerations
  2. 2. Social Media Roundup AgendaThere is no universal instruction manual for a well-executed social mediaprogram, and because of this, many social media managers end upquestioning how effective they truly are using various platforms tocommunicate. This Social Media Roundup will examine some of the morecommon criticisms social media managers have of their own approach tosocial media and then offer five simple considerations that can help jumpstarta stalled social media program. Introduction 5 most common social media concerns 5 simple considerations
  3. 3. Social Media RoundupIntroduction You’re a year into executing your social media program. In the beginning, you had the faith of your chain of command and you were full of energy. Now you’re burned out, your content is stagnant and you feel like you’ve lost your way. Maybe you’re even questioning your whole approach to social media. Before you start tearing everything down, step back and try to relax. You’re not alone. At some point every social media manager hits a wall. The trick is to learn how to break through that wall, and refocus your social media efforts. Sometimes, taking a fresh look at your social media presences can help make your social media program more dynamic and interesting. This presentation will outline the five most common concerns we hear at the Online and Social Media Division and follow up with five simple considerations.
  4. 4. Social Media Roundup5 Common Concerns Is social media a waste of our time? Is anyone listening to us? Why won’t anyone share our content or reTweet us? Why aren’t our numbers growing? Is the time we put into social media worth what we get out of it?
  5. 5. Social Media Roundup5 Simple Considerations#1. If this wasn’t your Page or your Twitter account, would you like or follow it?  Think about it. Is your Page or your Twitter account compelling enough to grab your attention?  What are your interests? Who do you like on Facebook and follow on Twitter? What do those accounts do that your organization doesn’t do?  These seem like simple questions to answer, but they aren’t. Your organization’s social media program may be focused on certain communication priorities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up a little. Be bold, engage, try something new.
  6. 6. Social Media Roundup5 Simple Considerations#2. What do other people see when they look at your Page? You know what your social media program is all about. You see your social media presences every day. But what do other people see? Ask someone outside your social media team to look at all of your social media platforms. Ask them what they see. Ask them what interests them. Looking at your social media presences through the eyes of another social media user can expose decencies you hadn’t considered, or identify improvements you can make.
  7. 7. Social Media Roundup5 Simple Considerations#3. If your followers were in charge of your Page, what would they change? Sometimes, just asking your followers what content they’re looking for on your social media presences can help improve your social media approach. If your followers were in charge, what would they change? Would they want more videos? More photos? Would they like to see more tech news or more external news coverage? There is no way to know this unless you ask them. Give them the make believe keys to your social media car. Find out where they would want to drive it.
  8. 8. Social Media Roundup5 Simple Considerations#4. Do you want to increase your numbers? Do you want others to share your message? Then post good content. Far too often, social media managers get wrapped around the axle when it comes to social media numbers. They get hung up on numbers, followers, likes, comments and reTweets, but they seldom stop to consider the importance of good content. If you stop worrying about numbers, and focus all of your attention on generating good content, the numbers will come naturally. Instead of posting weak content and then begging for reTweets and shares, develop compelling content that people will have no choice but to share.
  9. 9. Social Media Roundup5 Simple Considerations#5. If you could do anything with your social media program, what would you do? Imagine you could post whatever your wanted on your organization’s social media platforms. What would it be? What are the most interesting parts of your organization that you don’t think get enough attention? What innovative and exciting methods are other social media programs employing? Would they work with yours? Think outside the box. You may not get to do everything you want with organization’s social media platforms. You may never have the final say on what content is posted. But if you think big you can achieve big. Don’t be afraid to shake things up, just make sure you don’t stray too far from your organization’s message.
  10. 10. Social Media Roundup Contact informationHave questions? Please feel free toreach out to us at the Online andSocial Media review and download past editions of theSocial Media Roundup, visit our Slideshare siteat: Social Media Roundups are authorized to bedistributed to a broader audience.11/21/2012OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PUBLIC AFFAIRSPENTAGON