Social Media Roundup - Introduction to Vine


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Vine is a mobile app that enables users to create and post six second video clips. Vine is quickly growing in popularity, so this Social Media Roundup will provide some basic information about Vine and show how it's used in the social media community.

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Social Media Roundup - Introduction to Vine

  1. 1. Social Media RoundupIntroduction to Vine
  2. 2. Vine is a mobile app that enables users to create and post six second videoclips. Vine is quickly growing in popularity, so this Social Media Roundup willprovide some basic information about Vine and show how it’s used in thesocial media community. What is Vine? How is Vine used? Will Vine work for my organization? Items to considerAgenda
  3. 3. What is Vine? Vine is a mobile application that allows users to create short, six second, loopingvideos that can be shared on a variety of social media platforms. Twitter acquired Vine in October 2012 and it has grown in popularity since itsdebut on Jan. 24, 2013. It is currently a free iOS app on the iPhone and iPod Touch. While it is not yetavailable on the Android and Blackberry operating systems, reports suggest thatVine will soon be available on other operating systems ( Less than three months after Twitter released Vine, the application topped theU.S. App Stores list of free iPhone apps (
  4. 4. How is Vine used? Vine is still a relatively new application, sowhile several organizations are working withthe application, Vine use is still predominatelyexperimental. Several startup companies have used Vine toshow product demos and solicit userfeedback ( Since theshort, easily digestible videos appear onTwitter and Facebook feeds, it’s easy forTwitter and Facebook users to tune in for afew short seconds and watch the video. General Electric has used Vine to offerinteresting trivia while Nintendo has used it toget people interested in new products. As use of the service grows, organizationswill continue to find new ways to bringcompelling content to their audiences.
  5. 5. Will Vine work for my organization? Vine provides yet another way for yourorganization to communicate with itsaudience. Since the videos are only six secondslong, developing a quick video for yoursocial media audiences is notparticularly time intensive. If your organization wants to be a littlemore visual with its social mediacontent, then Vine might be an effectivenew tool. Your organization can release videosabout unit trivia, videos from trainingexercises, or just show video of whatgoes on inside your office. Vine caneven be used to promote future events.The White House andgovernment organizations likethe U.S. Dept. of the Interiorhave experimented with Vine.Vine has a federal–compatibleTerms of Service agreement,so organizations are clearedto use it(
  6. 6. Items to consider Vine is still only available on the iOS operatingsystem. While this does not limit youraudiences’ ability to view a video, it may limityour organization’s ability to create a video. While simple to use, successful Vine content isheavily dependent on creativity. You only havesix seconds to make an impression. If yourorganization elects to use Vine, make sure thecontent your team creates is visual, interestingand unique. As with all new social media platforms andapplications, it’s important that yourorganization weigh the pros and cons of usingVine before blasting videos all over Twitter andFacebook. Experiment with the applicationbefore using it as a regular part of your socialmedia program.
  7. 7. Contact informationHave questions? Please feel free toreach out to us at the Online andSocial Media DivisionOFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PUBLIC AFFAIRSPENTAGON5/15/ review and download past editions of theSocial Media Roundup, visit our Slideshare siteat: Social Media Roundups are authorized to bedistributed to a broader audience.