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Office of the Chief of Public Affairs Weekly Report:                                                            09.19.11 –...
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Online & Social Media Weekly Report Sept. 25, 2011


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Published in: Technology
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Online & Social Media Weekly Report Sept. 25, 2011

  1. 1. Office of the Chief of Public Affairs Weekly Report: 09.19.11 – 09.25.11TOPICS TRENDING THIS WEEK: On, overall site traffic was up, but homepage views were down again. Metric This Week (Change)Social media had a mixed week with Facebook and Twitter interactions down, but with Army Live was way up. The www.Army.milvery successful blog post about the 50th Birthday of the Chinook was by far the top blog post in a while (3,499 views)with a very good social media sharing rate on both Facebook (1,395 shares) and Twitter (16 tweets), both of which Visits 377,484 (+4,650) are higher than normal for a blog post. The average blog views were also very high (16,106) due to the quality post. Page Views 962,510 (+47,808) Source Most Popular Post Feedback Metrics Homepage Page Views 193,894 (-3,373)  From hospital to Hollywood; a Soldier’s story 16,181 views, Pages Per Visit 2.55 (+0.10)  366 Likes FacebookFacebook Army, Marines and Air Force train together on Fort Drum for the first time 1,026 Likes, 86 comments, 336,978 Impressions, Followers 949,027 (+9,121)  0.33% Feedback Average Daily Wall Posts 84 (-7) Twitter #NATO undeterred by insurgent attacks #Afghanistan 46 Clicks, Average Daily Likes 6,488 (-239) !/USArmy/status/115949567106756608 7 RTs Average Daily Comments 811 (-53) Army Live Happy 50th Birthday to the Chinook! 3,499 views, 1,395 Average Daily Photo Views 162 (+92)  Facebook shares, 16 tweets Daily Post Feedback 51,095 (-2,040) Flickr “Against All Odds” 6,148 views, 2 comments, Twitter 12 favorites Followers 94,517 (+1,123) STAND-TO! CH-47 Modernization 8.97% Click-Through Rate (CTR)* Tweets 164 (-4)  Reach (Tweets x Followers) 15,500,788 (-189,404) From hospital to Hollywood was our top the article comes up 4th on Webarticle this week. Interestingly, the Search and the images come up on the first Army Liveoverwhelming source of external traffic was page on Google Image Search. Due to Visits 11,274 (+1,293) Google (80.4%) vs. the normal top article Army.mils exceptionally good Google SEOreferrer Facebook (8.4%). Upon further ranking, the U.S. public was brought to an Army Page Views 64,425 (+15,672) investigation of the referring search queries source over many other commercial sources.from Google, the top searches were jr Blog Posts 4 (-1) martinez before accident and jr martinez 2,500before. Also interesting, was the fact that the Page Views Per Blog Post 16,106 (+6,355) major spike in traffic was between 20:00- 2,00021:00 hrs on Tues, 20 SEP, a generally very 1,500 Flickrquiet time for traffic on the site, especially Photos Added 29 (+18) since it was not promoted on Facebook or 1,000Twitter. Total Views 278,956 (+58,068)  500It turns out that 20:00 was the premiere for Martinez on Dancing with the 0 STAND-TO!Stars, a television program on ABC. It is reasonable to assume thatviewers were interested in learning more about what Martinez looked 1 3 5 7 9 11 1 3 Total Subscribers 13,846 (+13) like before his severe burns, and upon replicating the Google search, PM PM PM PM PM PM AM AM Avg. Weekly CTR* 7.07% (-2.32%)  * National Government Click-Through Rate (CTR) Average is 5.4%.