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Construction Safety Tips


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It’s essential for construction workers and managers to follow proper safety guidelines when working on a construction sites. This infographic provides the most important construction safety tips.

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Construction Safety Tips

  1. 1. CLIMBING LADDERS OR SCAFFOLDING • Ensure that scaffolding is always erected on a stable surface, away from power lines and without using portable objects as supports. • Never leave tools or other materials on scaffolding at the end of the day. • Don’t use scaffolding during inclement weather, including rain and snow storms. • Never use scaffolding that appears to be weakened or damaged in any way. • Always have a qualified supervisor to oversee the erection or dismantling of scaffolding. WEARING THE RIGHT SAFETY EQUIPMENT • Always wear appropriate safety clothing and equipment for the task. • Wear a hard hat and steel-toed boots whenever working where there’s a risk of falling objects. • Wear safety goggles whenever using tools that create the risk of eye injury. • Always wear safety harnesses when working in an elevated position. • Always know where the nearest fire extinguishers and first-aid kits are relative to your position. PROPER USE OF TOOLS • Use tools only for their intended purpose. • Don’t use tools that appear to be damaged or worn. • Never pull or yank on a tool’s power cord or air hose. • Take periodic breaks while using tools to avoid repetitive-stress injuries. • Always follow the appropriate safety procedures for the tool you’re using. OPERATING HEAVY EQUIPMENT • Always make sure there’s enough space around you when operating heavy equipment. • Be careful when climbing into or out of heavy equipment. • Never leave keys in the ignition while the equipment will be unattended. • Use a spotter to watch your blind spots for you. • Always announce what you’re going to do to anyone in the vicinity before you do something. CONSTRUCTION SAFETY TIPS Safety is everyone’s responsibility at a construction site. Follow these tips so your jobsite is as safe and productive as possible.