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Software Lending Library


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Our service allows remote users to access a suite of software applications over ultra high speed networks. We can use it as a tool for collaboration and digital inclusion, removing the cost barriers and providing access alongside digital skills training offered at libraries and other places in the community. Dave LaCrone, Jacob Brown, Aaron Deacon, Kansas City Public Library

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Software Lending Library

  1. 1. Access useful & popular applications with your library card
  2. 2. Can be expensive Requires computing resources Installation, configuration, updates
  3. 3. We already lend… BOOKS CDs/DVDs E-CONTENT [We used to lend software disks]
  5. 5. Remote desktop performs well over ultra-high bandwidth Share computing capacity of a few centrally located machines with multiple users Users don’t need a lot of processing power – just a gigabit connection
  6. 6. Remote Desktop Multiple Users
  7. 7. Scheduled access – reserve by the hour Share few licenses with many Same model as our public computing stations Help meet our users’ needs
  8. 8. Students lacking access to software at home Early career professionals who can’t afford expensive licenses Job seekers looking to develop new tech skills People who want to test-drive products
  9. 9. Help bridge the Digital Divide Address workforce development needs Open new possibilities for youth and the digitally challenged Provide free and equal access for all
  10. 10. Negotiations with software companies Pilot testing Informational website Public launch
  11. 11.
  12. 12. David LaCrone Digital Branch Manager Kansas City Public Library