Long-Distance Battery-Powered Sensors for the IOT- SigFox


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The Internet of Things has been dominated by things that connect to a pwoer source or which can be re-charged between uses. The Internet of Things got a lot bigger this year thanks to French start-up Sigfox which has developed a narrow-band long-distance wireless communication technique that allows sensors such as smoke alarms and parking space sensors to report to station miles away using small battery which can last for years. Luke D'Arcy

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Long-Distance Battery-Powered Sensors for the IOT- SigFox

  1. 1. The first cellular network operator for the IoT
  2. 2. Topology Countrywide networks being installed around the world
  3. 3. SCALE: Safe Community Alerting Network “Democratizing safety by bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to everyone”
  4. 4. SCALE Concept
  5. 5. Goals and Objectives • Demonstrate our ability to extend a connected safe home to everyone at a low incremental cost, regardless of income or ability (focus on vulnerable populations) • Identify suitable sensors/algorithms for detecting possible emergency/safety events,Jump-start a live testbed for research and identifying IoT challenges • Identify proper schemas for sensor data, test analytics and alerting workflows • Demonstrate the efficacy of an open data platform in connecting disparate systems with little to no coordination
  6. 6. SCALE multi-sensor boxes designed with off-the-shelf components: • Client software designed to easily incorporate new sensors with minimal programming effort, allowing easy customization of boxes • Client performs local analysis on data, publishing unusual events immediately as well as periodically updating readings • Sensor data transmitted through best available network medium • Plans to integrate mesh networking solutions for increased reliability Multi-networks and Multi-sensor Box
  7. 7. • DIME is a one-stop shop for sensor data and associated analytics • Publish-subscribe model: IoT devices exchange data and receive actionable messages via DIMEwithout coordinating directly with DIME maintainers • A New Data Ecosystem: Protocol-agnostic design avoids “vendor lock-in”; devices and people freely exchange data and analytics, building on the contributions made by others Middleware – Virtual Sensors and Data In Motion Exchange • Virtual sensors translate raw sensor streams to a semantically meaningful stream at a certain level – programming simplicity and flexibility • SCALE instantiates virtual sensors, performs analytics on data pulled from DIME, and publish observations to DIME
  8. 8. Alerting and Notification Dash Board at Dispatch Center
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