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ONLight Aurora Presentation at US Ignite Application Summit 2013


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ONLight Aurora Presentation at US Ignite's Application Summit 2013

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ONLight Aurora Presentation at US Ignite Application Summit 2013

  1. 1. N Not-for-Profit started in 2012 to help connect the City of Aurora fiber optic network and its community anchor institutions, enabling and fostering high speed, highly available bandwidth connections
  2. 2. Within the state’s 2nd largest city, Aurora’s fiber optic network is a highly available, redundant, self healing series of network rings totaling 50 miles. It is a mix of DWDM/CWDM, 1 & 10 Gigabit network and will add over 15 miles of new core fiber and laterals in 2013. OnLight Aurora is adding community anchor institutions to this network: • Schools • Medical Centers • Social Service Agencies • Arts & Entertainment • Business, both existing & economic development
  3. 3. OnLight Aurora will also complete connections to multiple sources of Internet bandwidth and connect to surrounding networks in 2013. A data center is currently on the Metro Ethernet network with more to come soon. 2013 will also see the addition of: • Tower services connected to the fiber • Cellular backhaul capabilities • Cisco TelePresence availability • Point-to-point wireless capabilities at 1 Gig • Additional core infrastructure expansion • Full business park connectivity capability
  4. 4. The 3 year plan for OnLight Aurora is to expand the City of Aurora network, including both core and laterals, to over 100 miles of fiber within the city and begin expansion in the four county area covered by Aurora: • Kane • DuPage • Will • Kendall OnLight Aurora is currently working with other networks and communities to plan this expansion, making high speed broadband and Metro Ethernet available to a wider network.
  5. 5. • OnLight Aurora offers access to this network to any carrier • Network has proven highly resilient over years of operation • Core network is underground with substantial capacity • All City of Aurora municipal government, public safety, some county government and other municipal entities also currently use the network • The system has been designed to enable substantial physical and technological growth • OnLight Aurora formed to enable access and foster broad connectivity to benefit the wider community • OnLight Aurora and the City of Aurora received Illinois Gigabit Challenge Grant in late 2012 of $1 Million to connect these community anchors
  6. 6. Municipal fiber networks are an important tool for municipal government but a more valuable tool when properly employed for the overall benefit of the community it serves. Aurora’s Mayor Tom Weisner is a strong proponent of the fiber network and fought for its initial establishment. Today, that support continues as OnLight Aurora makes these valuable connections to enable the community to continue its strong growth
  7. 7. Ted Beck CTO, City of Aurora