Gigabit Squared- US Ignite Application Summit


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Gigabit Squared Bringing faster and more affordable broadband service to Mid-South Chicago.

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  • The audience will not understand these terms – let’s define them and come up with examples
  • Gigabit Squared- US Ignite Application Summit

    1. 1. © 2013 Gigabit Squared, LLC Gigabit Squared Bringing faster and more affordable broadband service to Mid-South Chicago Ernest Sanders, Gigabit Chicago General Manager
    2. 2. + © 2013 Gigabit Squared, LLC Gigabit Squared is a broadband provider focused on economic development in four important areas: - Leveraging Broadband’s Untapped Potential - Integrating Services to the Internet - Fostering Healthy Communities - Innovating for Work, Life, and Play
    3. 3. Enriched Education World-Class Healthcare Improved Public Services Economic Development • Video-link students to anywhere in the world. • Break down the walls of the traditional educational system by taking students… • Inside operating rooms • To engineering labs • Across the globe to speak with their peers in another country. These experiences will strengthen our region’s workforce of tomorrow. Gigabit speeds enable telemedicine for… • Sharing medical images in real time to collaborate with specialists across the globe for better patient care • See patients in remote areas • Monitor in-home patients The power of gigabit speed broadband can help… • Make our streets safer • Provide government services more efficiently. • Make our streets safer by deploying Internet services in police cruisers, fire and safety vehicles to better serve and protect citizens. With today’s economy more dependent on innovation to survive more than ever before, Chicago will be providing its current businesses as well as business looking for relocation options with a world class network for advanced research and development. + © 2013 Gigabit Squared, LLC C Community Opportunities thru Gigabit Chicago
    4. 4. + © 2013 Gigabit Squared, LLC Digital Economic Development  Create new opportunities including career growth, self-sufficiency  Operate more efficiently  Spur development and innovation  Improve connectivity to residents, businesses and anchor institutions  Have an improved quality of life  Promote business training  Douglas, Grand Boulevard, Greater Grand Crossing, Hyde Park, Kenwood, Oakland, South Shore, Washington Park, Woodlawn The nine neighborhoods with Gigabit Speed Broadband will…
    5. 5. + © 2013 Gigabit Squared, LLC Digital Economic Development  Gigabit speed broadband will allow entrepreneurs to create new businesses and new business models  Some jobs will be created to install the infrastructure, but …  Many more jobs will be created by those who identify meaningful applications that leverage gigabit speed broadband  Gigabit speed broadband is the foundation to create long- term, sustainable economic growth Job and Career Opportunities
    6. 6. Fiber Plant Community Institutions/Providers Partner for:  Access to conduit  Joint fiber builds New Construction Planned  Backbone build starting in Summer 2013  Distribution Plant in July-August  Early stage soft launch for wireless August  Early stage soft launch for fiber neighborhoods August/September © 2013 Gigabit Squared, LLC
    7. 7. Fiber Enabled Wireless Cloud Community Institutions/Providers Partner for:  Pole and Roof Rights  Joint fiber builds  Wireless cloud service extension and interconnection New Construction Planned  Early stage soft launch for wireless July/August  Initially in Parks and public spaces  Complete build out of wireless cloud by end of Fall © 2013 Gigabit Squared, LLC
    8. 8. Visit us and Register for a Gig Ernest Sanders Chicago General Manager m