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Questions 1.1;1.2;1.3

  1. 1. Convenient electronic ticketingGautrain’s electronic ticketing system requires only one ticket per person for any combination ofGautrain services such as using a bus and the train or for parking and using the train. Contactlesssmart card technology will be used, which means that smart cards will be read electronicallywhen they are swiped at access readers.Passengers will be able to load their smart card with a ticket product at self-help ticket vendingmachines or manned ticket offices. Ticket products can be paid by cash, debit or credit cards.The planned ticket products are: Single and return. Period passes (weekly and monthly). Stored Travel Rights (STR) – a flexible product that is based on a pay as you go system.
  2. 2. GUIDE DOGS ENJOY FOR THEIR FIRST RIDE ON GAUTRAINGuide dogs and trainers from the South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind went on aGautrain bus and train recently. It was also an opportunity to familiarise the dogs with Gautrain’sfacilities for visually and physically impaired passengers.Read more GAUTRAIN MADE ACCESSIBLE FOR THE VISUALLYIMPAIREDBy working closely with the SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind, Gautrain supports aninitiative to teach visually impaired people independence and mobility.Gautrain made a coach available on the test track near Midrand where Guide-Dogs Associationstudents could orientate themselves in…Read more Best practice in easing travel for passengers with special needsSpecial care is taken for mobility, sight and hearing impaired passengers on the entire Gautrainsystem including stations, buses and trains.Besides providing convenient access for wheelchairs, Gautrain will also ease travelling forpassengers with walking difficulties, mothers with babies…Read more
  3. 3. Safety and convenience will be key features of Gautrain’s dedicated Bus Link. This state-of-the-art Bus Link will provide quick transport between Gautrain stations and surrounding suburbs.For ultimate reliability, there will be a bus every 12 minutes during peak hour. Thereafter,passengers can expect an 18 minute wait. Passengers are also assured that they can look forwardto a world-class service that is always on time.A total of 125 buses will serve Gautrain passengers on 36 routes in a radius of 15 kilometersfrom each station. These buses will be integrated with new municipal Bus Links called the BusRapid Transit (BRT) network. In this way, passengers will be able to use convenient door-to-door public transport. For passengers that still need to rely on their cars to drive to a Gautrainstation, ample parking will be provided.To ensure convenience and safety for its passengers, the Gautrain Bus Link will provide securebus stops with overhead shelters. The bus shelters will be placed every 500 meters in built-upareas so that passengers only need to walk a short distance to access transport. Timetables will beclearly displayed at all the bus shelters.
  4. 4. The Gautrain Bus Link will be operational from Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays.Here are some of its world-class features: Automatic doors Air conditioning Digital displays Integrated ticketing whereby passengers can conveniently purchase a single ticket for both the bus and the rail fare. Only valid ticket holders will be allowed on buses as automated technology is used to verify tickets A fleet of brand new buses that will be renewed every ten years Satellite tracking Gautrain branding Radio communication with the Operations Control Centre in Midrand Personal Address system Low entrance floors, wide doorways and folding ramps to facilitate the movement of wheelchairs and those with walking difficulties At least two emergency exits Provision for passengers with wheelchairs by providing positions inside the buses fitted in accordance with the best practice designs available Buses will be cleaned and stored safely at the bus depot in Midrand every night Regular maintenance at the bus depot