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Transfer Pilots Plenary - Transnational Exchanges (30.01)


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Presentation delivered for URBACT Pilots Kick-Off Meeting (29-31 january 2014, Paris, France): tips and tools for delivering excellent transnational meetings in support of transfer activities.

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Transfer Pilots Plenary - Transnational Exchanges (30.01)

  1. 1. Transnational exchange activities to support transfer Iván Tosics TPM 30. January 2014
  2. 2. Key elements of the good practice • Institutional background: non-profit, efficient large housing associations (thousands of flats) • Legal background: no individual flat privatization but making the association ‚semi-private’ • Financial background: sharing the high costs (up till 25 th eur/flat) between the federal state, the region (state), and the local municipality • Social system: residents pay increased rents but receive means tested housing allowances • Technical background: efficient construction industry to perform the large scale estate renewal
  3. 3. TRANSNATIONAL MEETINGS GUIDEBOOK URBACT Thematic Network Sustainable Food in Urban Communities URBACT mini-site: Project blog: Title of presentation I 2014. február 3., hétfő I Page 6
  4. 4. Preparation of content of transnational meeting › For each transnational meeting an ad hoc › › organization team is formed constituted by local host, her/his thematic experts, lead partner and lead expert. Each meeting is clearly dedicated to the key topics of transfer. All partners should contribute to each of the topics as well as the lead partner and lead expert. Title of presentation I 2014. február 3., hétfő I Page 7
  5. 5. Main stages of planning for the meeting 3 months before meeting: partners agree on the meeting date; work plan is prepared about the topic with LP and LE 2 months before meeting: meeting of Local Support Groups in each city gathering information on city activities; resources to share; main challenge(s) to address locally; specific question(s) to raise in transnational discussion; etc. host has to define the draft meeting program (meeting places booked, schedule for local authorities and local support group, site visits and speakers). 1 month before meeting: online meeting between topic team, LP and LE; preparation of the topic and the animation of the meeting › › Title of presentation I 2014. február 3., hétfő I Page 8
  6. 6. 1 week before the meeting: upload preparation materials for all participants to read before the meeting; appoint rapporteurs to take notes and draft schedules for various sessions of the meeting Just after the meeting: upload notes and presentations, organize reflective reporting of partners; Within 1 month after the meeting: production of draft thematic report. Within 2 months after the meeting: all partners suggest improvements and the report is adopted. Title of presentation I 2014. február 3., hétfő I Page 9
  7. 7. The transnational meeting 2,5 days of activities Allocation of time: 3 half days dedicated to team work (preferably in the morning); 2 half days dedicated to site visits/field work (preferably in the afternoon); 1 session dedicated to project management; 1 evening dedicated to networking with local support group; 1 evening with social dinner; One full day for the local case, inviting elected representatives, local authority players, policy makers form other departments, local ULSG members etc. to give full overview of the project Title of presentation I 2014. február 3., hétfő I Page 11
  8. 8. Workshop animation toolkit The Sustainable Food handbook on transnational meetings presents a number of tools proposed for team building, local diagnostic, animation of both transnational and local support groups meeting and the interaction between them. Speed-presentation evening Resilience test Micro-consulting Blocker check Visioning › › › › › Title of presentation I 2014. február 3., hétfő I Page 13
  9. 9. Transnational Workshops › Interactive design › › › › › › big time invesment Co-creation Energizers Use visualisation / props Venue with non-formal, inspirational atmosphere Fun is important Mixed delegations per city
  10. 10. Internal project discussions Please discuss in your project group how you will organize the transnational activities so as to best help the transfer. Key questions: how will the good practice of the ‚giving city’ be shown (transnational meetings, peer reviews, staff exchange, …) how should the ‚receiving cities’ work (prepare, coorganize, contribute, absorb…) Title of presentation I 2014. február 3., hétfő I Page 15