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Transfer Pilots Plenary - Baseline Presentation (29.01)


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Transfer Pilots Plenary - Baseline Presentation (29.01)

  1. 1. Transfer Pilots Kick off Baseline and final report
  2. 2. Baseline study 1. General context / State of the art in relation with the policy area of the practice 2. Detailed description of the good practice to be transferred (for Giving Cities) 3. Baseline situation in Receiving cities and results expected from the transfer for each partner 4. Methodological framework to ensure a successful transfer 5. Evaluation framework to measure what has been accomplished through the transfer
  3. 3. Context and state of the art Briefing paper aimed at city partners Broad picture of the practice and related policy area Accessible document Not academic Audience of practitioners
  4. 4. Detailed description of good practice Modelled on approach developed in EU 50 urban case studies [go to link] 4 parts – • 4 line google summary • Half page summary • 3 page account with photos • 8 page template 1) Background information (including project title, beneficiary, etc) 2) Project description 3) Political and strategic context 4) Implementation framework 5) Innovative elements and novel approaches 6) Funding 7) Project Assessment 8) Conclusions: key success factors, lessons learned and condition for transfer 9) Additional information (bibliography, useful references, etc.) Title of presentation I Tuesday 26
  5. 5. Go to urban 50 Title of presentation I Tuesday 26 March 2013 I Page 5
  6. 6. Baseline in receiving cities Six sections • • • • • • Background information Project description Political and strategic context Implementation arrangements Funding Success factors, learning and conditions for transfer Title of presentation I Tuesday 26
  7. 7. Methodological framework for the transfer process  Transnational exchange and peer review of the practice to be exchanged.  Local activities of transfer and adaptation in each receiving cities  Communication activities Title of presentation I Tuesday 26
  8. 8. 7 steps to high quality case studies 1. Familiarisation phase: getting to know the case study approach used in this study – understanding the templates that will be used; 2. Preparatory and Verification phase: desk research and preparing the verification template; 3. Planning phase: organising the field visit deciding on interviewees and making initial contact; 4. Fieldwork phase: study visit and stakeholder interviews; photographs 5. Analytical phase: organising and analysing collected information in the template; 6. Writing phase: Writing the journalistic summary. 7. Reviewing the texts and getting sign off for quotes and photos Title of presentation I Tuesday 26
  9. 9. Deadline for baseline to Secretariat is 15th March Title of presentation I Tuesday 26
  10. 10. Evaluation framework: How to measure the results that will be achieved expected results and indicators against which you will measure achievements after 12 months (meaning providing baseline figures on these indicators and target figures to be reached in 12 months time), the process of monitoring and evaluation (who does what, the timeline, the main tools used, etc.) Title of presentation I Tuesday 26
  11. 11. Final report at end of project (2015) • Transfer logs in each city. • Description and assessment of the main results achieved in each receiving city • Redefined (or enhanced) good practice. Title of presentation I Tuesday 26
  12. 12. Food for thought • Preparation is key • Context is everything • Look from different vantage points • The art of timing • Max out trusted relationships • Feed your inner curiosity Title of presentation I Tuesday 26
  13. 13. Capturing the Transfer Process • Transfer diaries: written accounts, videos, social media • Knowledge transfer workshops • Transfer logs Title of presentation I Tuesday 26