Lublin - Partner of EUniverCities


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Presentation for URBACT Training for Elected Representatives on Integrated and Sustainable Urban Development.
Seminar 3 (2-4 December 2013, Brussels, Belgium): Sustainability and change. How can cities tackle the challenges of climate change and assess their progress? And how to intervene in complex energy transitions while improving a city's quality of life?

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Lublin - Partner of EUniverCities

  1. 1. LUBLIN EUniverCities
  2. 2. About Lublin Biggest city in Eastern Poland Biggest academic centre in Eastern Poland Dynamically developing economy leader of infrastructural investment expenses Finalist of the European Capital of Culture Contest in 2011
  3. 3. Demographics  350 000 Population of Lublin  715 000 Population of Lublin Metropolitan Area  66% Population at working age  21% Population with higher education  52% Population under 40  80 000 Number of students yearly  20 000 Number of graduates yearly  13 000 Number of students in technical secondary schools  10.5% Unemployment rate as of March 2013
  4. 4. Location of Lublin Distances :  82 km – border crossing with Ukraine  165 km – border crossing with Belarus  264 km – border crossing with Slovakia  160 km – Warsaw, the capital of Poland
  5. 5. Challenges: The EUniverCities project wants to address the urban challenges in and around ten medium-sized European cities which share a common interest in developing and strengthening the co-operation between the city and university. Visualisation of a rebuilt seat of Veterinary Medicine Faculty Challenges in Lublin:  financial crisis  urban development  unemployment rate decreasing  population decline  brain drain Cities and universities increasingly realise that they can benefit both from more strategic and effective forms of cooperation.
  6. 6. Expected results: In addition to an initial Baseline Study, describing every city’s challenges and points of departure for improvement, the URBACT project will deliver more outputs: per city a Peer Review report with recommendations, factsheets, two case studies on the role of students and on partnership for placemaking, two Politicians’ Meetings, communication items and a final report. The project should help in shaping concrete solutions and finding the necessary funding.
  7. 7. Local Support Group and expected results in Lublin: 50 members – representing over 10 stakeholders work together in order to exchange knowledge, experience to each other  meetings helds February 2013 since the beginning of  divided into 3 subgroups (October 10, 2013)  3 thematic groups : 1) How to keep and attract talents in Lublin 2) Urban issues – City - University 3) System of cooperation between universities and municipality  Peer Review Lublin (end of February)  Local Action Plan (end of April)
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention! See you in Peer review in Lublin in February !