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Sjkc eng paper 1 set 2

  1. 1. Each question in this paper is followed by four possible answers. Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B, C and D. Questions 1 – 4 Read the text and choose the best word based on the pictures given. The pupils are at the school _____________ (1) . They are working very hard to prepare for the concert . The boys are tying colourful ______________ (2) at the door. They climb up a __________ (3) to hang a banner on the stage. Some boys are arranging flower _______________ (4) on the stairs leading to the stage . 1 A store 3 A stairs B field B bridge C gate C ladder D hall D stool 2 A balloons 4 A pots B balls B vases C hoops C basins D rings D plates 1
  2. 2. Questions 5 – 7 Choose the best phrase to complete the sentence below. 5 I do not like the fruit because it is _____________ vinegar. A as sweet as C as bitter as B as sour as D as hot as 6 The student is writing ____________ in the book. A noisily C expertly B brightly D neatly 7 Mr Henry keeps a ____________ of chickens in his farm. A brood C herd B company D pack Questions 8 – 10 Choose the best sentence that describes each picture. 8 A The tiger is attacking its prey. B The tigress is a carnivore. C The tiger roars fiercely. D The tigress is feeding its cubs. 9 A Abu jumped into the sea to play with the boy. B The man jumped into the sea to save the drowning boy. C The man is sailing in the sea. D Ahmad is teaching the boy how to swim. 10 A The monkey is collecting the leaves. B The monkey is climbing up the tree. C The monkey is eating the bananas.. D The monkey is swinging from tree to tree. 2
  3. 3. Questions 11 – 15 Choose the best answer to fit the situations shown in the picture. 11 A I am glad to hear that. B Don’t worry you will be okay. C You’re most welcome. D Please stand up straight. 12 A Will you come again? B Please remove your shoes. C I can see you are happy. D Have a nice day, sir. 13 A Look at the mirror yourself. B Let me take a look. C I’ll not swallow anything again. D Do not be greedy. 14 A It’s called a joey. B Go and find it out yourself. C .I will let you know tomorrow. D My teacher knows the answerl. 15 A I just came back from the office. B Go straight and turn right. C I am sorry, officer. D Can I help you?. 3 Oh…I think I broke my leg
  4. 4. Questions 16 – 20 Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. 16 I have found my pencil but Alice has not found ____________ . A she C her B hers D herself 17 The teacher told _______ interesting story to _______ pupils. A an , the C a , the B an , a D an , - 18 Ah Meng is a ________ football player but Ah Yang is even _________ . A better , best C good , best B good , better D best , better 19 Robert wants to go to the library , _________ ? A don’t he C doesn’t he B didn’t he D does he 20 Mutu lost his book ____________ he had to buy a new one. A unless C therefore B if D although Questions 21 Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the underlined word. 21 The house had been vacant for two years. A occupied C absent B empty D vanish 4
  5. 5. Questions 22 -- 23 Choose the answer with the correct spelling. 22 A turtel B turtle C turttle D tertle 23 A umbralla B umbrala C umbrella D umbrela Questions 24 -- 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. 24 A Mandy is studying in University Putra Jaya. B Mandy is studying in University Putra jaya. C Mandy is studying in university Putra jaya. D Mandy is studying in University putra jaya. 25 A Which house is yours ? The big one or the small one ? B Which house is yours the big one or the small one ? C Which house is yours , the big one or the small one ? D Which house is yours : the big one or the small one ?
  6. 6. 5 Questions 26 -- 30 Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage. Last Sunday, Leela wanted to celebrate her birthday. Early in the morning , she was helping her mother in the ____26____ . They were ____27____ lunch . Leela helped to ____28____ the dishes while her mother cooked curry . Her brother ____29____ the floor and cleaned the house . Her father wiped the ____30____ . Leela was very excited. 26 A market 29 A arranged B hall B carried
  7. 7. C kitchen C cooked D porch D mopped 27 A preparing 30 A windows B prepare B doors C prepares C tables D prepared D refrigerator 28 A carry B wash C sweep D cut SECTION E Questions 31-35 Read the following instructions carefully and answer the questions • Thank you for buying this Super Way. • Before using it, read the instructions carefully to get the best results • Money back guaranteed • We assure you, LESS TIME. LESS EFFORT. 1. Wash your vehicle thoroughly with shampoo and wipe dry. 2. Wet the sponge that comes with this product and squeeze a little Super Wax on the sponge. 3. Rub the wax in circular motion onto the vehicle, a small area at a time. 4. Wait for five minutes and then lightly rub the area using the soft cloth given. 5. Repeat this until you have finished the whole vehicle. 6. Now your vehicle will shine like new. 7. One application will last four months. WARNING: 1. DO NOT put the wax directly onto the vehicle. 2. DO NOT put the wax when the body of the vehicle is hot. 3. DO NOT throw the tin of wax into a burning fire, it may EXPLODE. 4. DO NOT let children play with the tin of wax, it is HARMFUL if swallowed.
  8. 8. 31. We must read the instructions first to….. A. .start the car B. get a new car C. open the tin D. learn how to use it. 32. What must we do before using the wax? A. Shampoo and dry the car B. Wait for 5 minutes C. Put the car in the sun D. Rub in circular motion 33. When you buy Super Wax, you also get…… A. a bottle of shampoo B. a sponge and a soft cloth C. a new bicycle D. another bottle of wax free 34. Which of the following is the most suitable label to be on the bottle of wax? A B C D 35. The phrase ‘LESS TIME, LESS EFFORT’ means A. little work done in a short time B. little work done in a long time C. work done with much effort in a long time D. work done with a little effort in a short time KEEP IT FOR THE CHILDREN KEEP IT SAFE WITH CHILDREN KEEP IT NEAR THE STOVE KEEP IT OUT OF CHILDREN’S REACH
  9. 9. Questions 36-40 Read the wedding invitation and answer the questions that follow. WEDDING INVITATION Mr & Mrs Roy Tan Mr & Mrs Jack Lim No. 23.233, Jln RJ 2/5 and No.36 Jalan Perdana, Taman Rasah Jaya Taman Desa, 70300 Seremban 84100 Kuala Lumpur Request the pleasure of the company of Dr/ Mr/ Mrs/Miss/ Mdm ________________________________________________________ to witness and bless the marriage of Dr Ken Tan and Miss Agnes Lim (son of Mr & Mrs Roy Tan) (daughter of Mr & Mrs Jack Lim) On Sunday , 7 July 2013, between 10.30 a.m. and 12 noon at the Methodist Church, Jalan Lintang, Seremban and thence to a luncheon at the same place. 36. Who is the bridegroom? A. Mr Roy Tan B. Dr Ken Tan C. Miss Agnes Lim D. Mr Jack Lim 37. How long is the wedding ceremony? A. Half an hour B. One hour C. One and a half hour D. Two hours 38. Where will the lunch reception be held? A. At the church B. In a restaurant C. At the bride’s house D. At the bridegroom’s house 39. Miss Agnes Lim will become the A. daughter of Mr & Mrs Roy Tan B. daughter-in-law of Mr & Mrs Roy Tan C. daughter-in-law of Mr & Mrs Jack Lim D. stepdaughter of Mr & Mrs Jack Lim 40. Which odf the following statement is false? A. Ken Tan is a doctor B. Agnes ‘s parents live in Kuala Lumpur C. The wedding will be held in Seremban D. The wedding will take place before 10.30 a.m