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Sjkc eng paper 1 set 1

  1. 1. Each question in this paper is followed by four possible answers. Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B, C and D Questions 1 – 4 Read the text and choose the best word based on the pictures given. During recess, a prefect was going round the _____________ (1) on his duty. He came near a ______________ (2) . He saw a _______________ (3)on the floor. He picked it up and walked to the staffroom. He passed it to the disciplinary teacher. The teacher put up a notice on the _________________ (4) . 1 A field 3Awatch B canteen B wallet C hall C handbag D classroom D book 2 A bench 4 Awall B chair B cardboard C stool C door D sofa D noticeboard
  2. 2. 1 Questions 5 – 7 Choose thebest phrase to complete the sentence below. 5 The burglar _____________ through the window. A marched smartly C crept quietly B scolded fiercelyD paddled hardly 6 I saw a ____________ of aeroplanes in the sky. A swarm C fleet B flight D gang 7 The old man walks ____________ a snail. A as angry as C as steady as B as slow as D as fast as Questions 8 – 10 Choose thebest sentence that describes each picture. 8 A Ahmad likes to go bowling. B Johan is walking down the stairs. C They are playing in the garden. D Samy is jogging in the park. 9 A The man is scolding the girl B. The boy received a gift from her mother . C. The girl was happy to receive the present. D. The coach is training the girl how to play scrabble.
  3. 3. 10 A They are picking durians in the orchard. B They have a durian feast in the orchard. C They are eating jackfruit under a tree. D The boys are sitting under a shady tree. 2 Questions 11 – 15 Choose the best answer to fit the situations shown in the picture. 11 A You can ask your mum. B I am sorry, I will work harder.. C You did not pay attention to your teacher. D I always hand in my work. 12 A You must not wear your helmet. B You did not wear your helmet. C You must go faster. D Nice knowing you. 13 A This is my birthday gift. B It’,s only RM10. C I bought it at the night market yesterday. D My father gave this to my brother. 14 A Yes, thank you. Your grades are getting worse
  4. 4. B Please cut it longer. C As long as you like. D Make sure you clean it. 15 A Do it yourself. B Sure, what do you want me to do? C Yes, I can drive the car. D Sure, here you are. Questions 16 – 20 Choose thebest answer to complete the sentence. 16 I have kept a dog as a pet ____________ two years ago. A since C in B for D before 17 Mary and her family watched a movie _________ was entitled ‘The Earthquake’. A who C which B what D where 18 The man managed to climb the mountain, ________ he ? A doesn’t C didn’t B don’t D did Can you please help me?
  5. 5. 19 The whale is _________ largest animal in the world. A aC the B anD - 20 Teacher : _________ you going to draw a cat ? Leela : Yes, I _________. A Do , am C Did , have B Have , do D Are , am Questions 21 Choose the word that has the same meaning as the underlined word. 21 The fireman rescues people who are trapped in lifts and burning buildings. A searches C carries B saves D catches 4 Questions 22 -- 23 Choose the answer with the correct spelling. 22 A megazine B magazine C magasine D megasine 23 A strawberry B strauberry C strawberi
  6. 6. D strawberri Questions 24 -- 25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. 24 A Will you lend me your bicycle , Paul . B Will you lend me your bicycle Paul ? C Will you lend me your bicycle , Paul ! D Will you lend me your bicycle , Paul ? 25 A The fairy said , “ Your wife’s dream will come true. “ B The fairy said , “ your wife’s dream will come true. “ C The fairy said , “ Your wifes’ dream will come true. “ D The fairy said , “ your wifes dream will come true. “ 5 Questions 26 -- 30 Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in each of the blanks in the passage that follows.
  7. 7. Last holiday, I visited my grandfather in Ipoh, Perak. I ____________ a train (26) from Kuala Lumpur. My grandfather ____________ for me at the railway station. He (27) ____________so happy to see me. I spent a week with __________. We had such a good (28) (29) ____________ together. (30) 26 A take 27 A wait 28 A is 29 A him 30 A day B took B waits B are B his Btime C takes C waited C was C she C hour D taken D waiting D were D her D second 6
  8. 8. SECTION E Question 31-35 Read part of Cindy’s diary below carefully and answer the questions that follow. 20 December 2012 (10 p.m) I am very excited. We are going to Fraser’s Hill tomorrow. Everyone is busy packing. I must remember to bring my swimsuit with me. 21 December 2012 (8p.m) We started our journey at 7 a.m. we stopped at Mimi Restaurant to have our lunch. Dad ordered fried spinach, chicken curry and soup. We reached Fraser’s Hill at 2p.m. Dad checked us into Pine Hotel. After unpacking, we went to a waterfall. The water was cold. 22 December 2012 (9p.m) The weather was sunny so we, except Mum, went jungle trekking with Dad. We saw many flora and fauna. We were all tired after that. We decided to stay at the hotel and play indoor games. 23 December 2012 (11 p.m) We went to the playground. After that, we went to see some horses at a ranch. We took photos with the horses. At 11 a.m we packed our luggage and checked out of the hotel. We reached home at 5 p.m. 31.What time did Cindy write in her diary on the first day she was at Fraser’s Hill? A. 8 p.m B. 9 p.m C. 10 p.m D. 11 p.m 32. How many nights did they spend at the hotel? A. Four nights B. Three nights C. Two nights D. One night 33. Cindy and her family started tbeir journey at 12 noon. How long did it take to reach their home from Fraser’s Hill? A. Two hours. B. Five hours C. Nine hours D Eleven hours 34. Arrange thses events in the correct order. P. Took photos with horses. Q. Played at the playground.
  9. 9. R. Had lunch at Mimi Restaurant. S. Checked into Pine Hotel A, PQRS B. RSQP C. SPRQ D. QRSP 35. From the diary, we know that A. Cindy’s father is a busy man. B. Cindy knows how to ride horses C. Cindy’s mother likes jungle trekking D. Cindy went swimming at the waterfall. Questions 36 – 40. Read the passage bellow and answer the questions that follow. The smallest bear in the world is the Malayan sun bear. It is only about 120 to 150 centimetres tall and weighs 27 to 60 kilograms. Males are larger than females. The females give birth to blind, hairless cubs weighing about 300grams. They begin walking at two months. The Malayan sun bear has short black fur that is smooth and shiny. It gets its name from the crescent, or ‘U’ shaped patch on its chest. The patch is golden or white in colour. It has large feet and small round ears. Its head is short and flat with small eyes. It cannot see or hear well. Its most important sense is its smell. The Malayan sun bear lives in tropical rainforests in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. It is a good climber and usually sleeps in tree nests. It builds the nest by pulling twigs and leaves under it. Although most bears are nocturnal, sun bears are more active during the day than at night. They like to sit in the heat of the sun. These omnivores eat plants and insects, especially termites and earthworms. They like honey and bee larvae. They will also eat birds, lizards and other small animals when they are very hungry. 36. When they are born, the cubs of the Malayan sun bear…. A. can see B. can walk C. are heavy D. have no fur 37. What colour is the cresent shape on the Malayan sun bear’s chest? A. Gold or black B. Black or white C. White or gold D. Colourless
  10. 10. 38.From the passage we know that Malayan sun bears… insects B.have golden fur C. have nests like birds. D are more active during the night 39. When looking for food, the Malayan sun bear will rely on the sense of… A. sight B. smell C. hearing D. taste. 40. The wordnocturnalin the last paragraph means A. active during the day B. active at night C. sleep at night D. makes nests at night