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Summer Teen Leadership Camp Journal

Souvenir Journal
CAMP – 2014
Retreat at:
Camp Colley
Payson AZ 85007
July 31, 2014 – August 3, 2014
The Summer Teen Leadership program is a result of
several agencies with the collective purpose of developing
a ...
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Summer Teen Leadership Camp Journal

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UPI Education's Summer Camp Leadership Development Program 2014 at Camp Colley, AZ. A huge thank you to all our sponsors, facilitators, and donors. This journal commemorates each and every single success, and memorializes the wonderful people who were involved, and the students whose lives are changed for the better due to the Life Skills Solutions™ training program they participated in.

UPI Education's Summer Camp Leadership Development Program 2014 at Camp Colley, AZ. A huge thank you to all our sponsors, facilitators, and donors. This journal commemorates each and every single success, and memorializes the wonderful people who were involved, and the students whose lives are changed for the better due to the Life Skills Solutions™ training program they participated in.


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Summer Teen Leadership Camp Journal

  1. 1. SUMMER TEEN LEADERSHIP Souvenir Journal CAMP – 2014 Retreat at: Camp Colley Payson AZ 85007 July 31, 2014 – August 3, 2014
  3. 3. BACKGROUND The Summer Teen Leadership program is a result of several agencies with the collective purpose of developing a leadership camp for young people identified as future movers and shakers in our community! The Summer Teen Leadership Camp consists of three main parts: • Part 1 is an Orientation which brings parents, participants and camp facilitators together for the first time. • Part 2 are the in-town weekly sessions (three days per week; three hours per day. • Part 3 is the retreat to Camp Colley on the last weekend of the program.
  5. 5. PROJECTB.R.A.V.E. Throughout the five week camp program term Project Brave assisted with recruitment. The Brave team prepared daily activities in cooperation with UPI Education and facilitate special sessions on Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, and Choices and Consequences. During week four of the Summer Teen Leadership Camp, Project Brave facilitated a Mask Making exercise which amplified the Personal Responsibility discussions.
  6. 6. PROJECTB.R.A.V.E. Representatives Rod Ambrose Prevention Education Coordinator Oscar Adame Youth Counselor Kiri Bellamy Recreation Leader
  7. 7. UNIFIEDPROGRESSINTERNATIONAL EDUCATION(UPI) Four key chapters of the UPI Life Skills Solutions Curriculum formed the foundational introduction for the Summer Teen Leadership Camp. The chapters are: First You Are Born Participants learned about the wonders of birth and infancy. Nourishment, nurturing and other basic necessities of caring and raising toddlers, adolescent development as well as interesting facts pertinent to themselves. Family Ties Participants learned about the significant bond that we have as human beings to our families and the network of interdependency that creates the healthy support for each of us. The chapter addresses the various types of families i.e.; Single Parent Families, Step Families, Cohabitation Families, Joint/Shared-Custody Families and the numerous challenges that result when divorce breaks families up. High School & Beyond Participants learned about the importance of working hard for grade point averages and how their scores can benefit them through scholarship and other forms of crucial support. The chapter explores the necessity of effective study habits and taking tests. Personal Responsibility Participants learned about Society in general; the need and expectation of government and the various forms of Government throughout the centuries from Monarchies to Totalitarianism; from Communism to Democracy How as emerging citizens of this country and our ever increasing global community, it is incumbent upon each of them to accept the challenge of personal and social responsibility to educate themselves about voting and supporting the democratic system that is recognized and respected throughout the free world.
  9. 9. ARIZONASTATEUNIVERSITY(ASU) During week three of the Summer Teen Leadership Camp, ASU’s academic and undergraduate student representatives lead camp participants on a tour of ASU’s main campus, followed by four brief informational presentations addressing the following: o The value and importance of a college education o How to prepare for college o How to choose a college to attend
  10. 10. Susan Halverson Admin Professional (FSC) Entrepreneurship & Innovation Academic Professional Representative ARIZONASTATEUNIVERSITY(ASU)
  11. 11. PEERSOLUTIONS–STAND& SERVE During the Summer Teen Leadership Camp young leaders was exposed to the Peer Solutions G2BG “Five (5) things that anyone can do to help change the world” and the coalition concept of “Stand & Serve” which works to prevent child abuse, sexual, relationship, family, gang, gun and school violence, suicide, depression, oppression, substance abuse, eating disorders, poor body image, poor school performance, homelessness and more, before they begin. THE GUTS TO BE GOOD- G2BG is also about working together to cultivate good to end bad. The Stand & Serve representatives incorporated the following while working with camp participants: 1.The guts to be RESPECTFUL, 2.The guts to be COURTEOUS, 3.The guts to SPEAK UP, 4.The guts to be HONEST & 5.The guts to LEND A HAND
  12. 12. STAND&SERVE Eli Chauverille Stand & Serve Facilitator Gabriella Chauverille Stand & Serve Facilitator Representatives
  13. 13. BLACKPOETVENTURES(BPV) Black Poet Ventures (BPV) engaged participants in the creation of “# CHANGE THE WORLD” which resulted in participants personal journaling which consists of their reflections, poems, opinions and impressions of their experiences throughout the five week experience.
  14. 14. Billy Ramsey Spoken Word Representative BLACKPOETVENTURES(BPV)
  15. 15. FAMILYAFFAIRPROJECT(FAP) Throughout the five week camp program, the Family Affair Project (FAP) provided transportation for young leaders to and from Harmon Park, where the weekly camp activities were conducted. FAP also facilitated the Up on Game Basketball Workshops, Fishing for Life fishing activity and Battle of the Sexes volleyball game. On Saturday, August 2nd, during the retreat to Camp Colley, Camp Colley facilitators conducted a safety first class and then took the young leaders canoeing, Crawdad fishing and concluded the evening with S’mores around a campfire and storytelling. Three generations of men and women, ranging from 25 to 35, 40 to 50 and 55 to 65 years of age slept in tents with the young leaders, where they contributed to overnight discussions on a range of hot topics; from Faith in God to Sexuality. On Sunday morning, August 3rd, camp leaders, facilitators, chaperones, young leaders, and parents showed up for the Bishop Abraham Harris, Jr. Memorial Breakfast where they shared testimonials and the young leaders received a Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the Summer Teen Leadership Camp_2014 program.
  16. 16. Loretta Cantley Camp Colley Chaperone Betty Ambrose Administrator Rasoul “Mookie” Ambrose Up on Game Basketball Coach Marcus Rollins Up on Game Basketball Coach & Camp Colley Chaperone Representatives FAMILYAFFAIRPROJECT(FAP)
  17. 17. Ledger Cantley Camp Colley Chaperone Marilyn Gardner Camp Colley Chaperone Angela Jones Recreation Coordinator Varie Jones Administrative Assistant Representatives FAMILYAFFAIRPROJECT(FAP)
  18. 18. INTRODUCTIONOF THEYOUNGLEADERS 1. Yalacia Brown, Phoenix Arizona 2. Ledger P. Cantley, IV, Las Vegas 3. Anicia J. Cantley, Las Vegas 4. Jazmin T. Cantley, Avondale Arizona 5. Juan D. Cardoza 6. Bella M. Comma 7. Ariel M. Henry 8. Destinee M. Henry 9. Makaila A. Jones 10. Elisha Perkins 11. Gabrielle J. Perkins 12. Jaylon Thompson 13. Ricktavon Thompson 14. Sayvin Thompson
  19. 19. YALACIABROWN My name is Yalacia Brown. I am a Junior at AAEC High School in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m interested in doing something in the medical field. I’m deciding between a Veterinarian, Pediatrician, and an Ultrasound Technician. I would love to learn how to help animals and children. I’ve already started learning about animals and their medical issues in a class I took my Freshman year. I enjoyed the class and would love to continue. My interest in wanting to work with animals started when I went to Sea World in Dan Diego, California. I like newborn babies and I would like to take care of them after delivery. I think it would be cool to learn how to use an Ultrasound.
  20. 20. LEDGERPROPHETCANTLEY,IV My name is Ledger Prophet Cantley, IV. I am a Sophomore at Bonanza High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. My favorite things to do is play football, video games, hangout with friends and have fun. Some of my favorite foods are burgers, sinighan (Filipino), and BBQ. I am not afraid of much but I am scared when it comes to paranormal activity. Sometimes I like to talk to myself because you just need to talk to yourself to get over obstacles on your own. One of the possibilities of shaping my destiny is going to school and getting good grades. This will help my future so I would be able to do what I choose. I am interested in playing football, video game editor and also playing drums. I want to learn everything it takes to be the best of what I do.
  21. 21. ANICIAJ.CANTLEY My name is Anicia Cantley. I am a Freshman at Secta High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. In life, I’m very interested in becoming a Cosmetologist and an Auto Technician. I would like to learn more skills involving many different career paths I’d like to take as I grow up. I’d like to have a successful career whether it’s doing hair; or working on cars; or working in a classroom. This is all very important to me because I would like to be successful in what I do regardless of what field it would be in. There are quire a few ways I can shape my destiny. For example, as of now, I’m enrolled in a magnet high school which has career majors you can take to where by the time you’re out of high school you can have a job.
  22. 22. JAZMINT.CANTLEY My name is Jazmin T. Cantley. I am a Freshman at Sierra Linda High School in Avondale Arizona. My dream in like is to go to the Olympics; become a baker and a singer. I would like to either play volleyball in the Olympics, or I want to be a contestant on a show like X-Factor, or the Voice. I want to learn how to do a Floater. I also want to learn Jump Serves, and I want to better my Sets. I would either want to be an Olympian, or to own my own bakery. I really, really, really love volleyball.
  23. 23. JUANDEVONTECARDOZA My name is Juan Davonte Cardoza. I am a Sophomore at Sierra Linda High School in Phoenix Arizona. My motivation in life is to be successful and provide for my kin. I prefer staying active and chilling with friends. I don’t consider many people family but the ones I do, I love dearly. A life goal I’ll strive to achieve is doing something about all this evil and hate in the world. Money makes the world go round, but money is the root to all evil. Therefore, I strive to rule money, not let it rule me. As a Black man in America, I realize my goal to achieve greatness is difficult but I really believe in myself and my capabilities. I don’t need anyone to achieve my goal but myself. In life I am interested in living a life of travel; a life of fame and extreme wealthiness, or all in one. Special skills I plan to learn are in entrepreneur. I would like to learn various skills I could use to start a successful business. I’d also like to learn a different language and speak it fluently. I’m not sure what kind of career I’d like to have, however, being my own boss sounds good though.
  24. 24. BELLAM.COMMA My name is Bella M. Comma. I am a Sophomore at Camelback High School in Phoenix Arizona. My dream in life is to become a successful person and to intertwine passion with my career. I want to become a Set Design Manager and/or a top Accountant; then become an Editor and travel. I want to become a partner with Stand & Serve and help the greater generation of youth. My goal for now is to become a future business leader of America and to become Camelback Division President of my senior year. I want to do all of this so I can achieve greater things in my life to help others. Also I want to be a Global translator for Arabic, Chinese, French, Greek, Spanish and Egyptian.
  25. 25. ARIELM.HENRY My name is Ariel Henry. My family calls me Air. My favorite drink to drink is Mountain Dew. My life goal is to become successful in anything I do. My role models are my mom and grandma. Something that I want to change is homelessness and paying bills. Something that I want to achieve in a 30- day period is to succeed in my academic studies.
  26. 26. DESTINEEM.HENRY My name is Destinee Henry, but some people call me Des . I love Chinese food and Mountain Dew. When I get older I would like to start a charity so that nobody will die of starvation. My family and others motivated me to think of this! In this world I would like for everyone to be treated equally and with respect.
  27. 27. MAKAILAA.JONES My name is Makaila Alexis Smith-Jones and I am 15 years old. I attended an Arts School from 1st grade to 8th grade and I am now in the 10th grade of high school. My favorite hobbies are cheer, dance, and volleyball. I was in a dance crew for about three years and am currently at a dance studio called “Juicebox”. I am on the cheerleading team at my school and on the volleyball team at my local Boys and Girls Club. My plan for life is to marry young and start my career early. I would like three children (1 boy and 2 girls) and a family dog. I plan on taking online classes for my schooling in college to get my B.F.A. degree.
  28. 28. ELISHAJ.PERKINS My name is Elisha J. Perkins. I am in the Seventh Grade at Imagine Elementary School in Phoenix Arizona. My future in life, I would like to play basketball or boxing. I’d like to learn new stuff about both sports so I can improve myself and become better. This will be important to me because I want to be like my grandpa and Frank Crump.
  29. 29. GabrielleJ.Perkins My name is Gabrielle J. Perkins. I am a Senior at La Joya Community High School in Avondale Arizona. • I want to be an actor and a model. • I want to be successful. • How to be a better performer and learn new skills. • This is important to me because it’s something that I’ve invested my time into. I am very passionate about the things that I do.
  30. 30. JaylonD.J.Thompson My name is Jaylon D. J. Thompson. I am in the Eighth grade at Villa De Paz Elementary School in Phoenix Arizona. I think about life and how your choices effect your future. My dream in life is to become inspiring to young children. Well, yes I want to be in the NBA but I also want to inspire young children. I think to myself a lot, some of these kids need a role model. People say it is all about the money and I just want to be famous. Well, that is stupid. Think about it; all these kids you can be helping. This is my job and this is why I work hard at school to achieve my dreams.
  31. 31. RicktavonOsheaThompson My name is Ricktavon Oshea Thompson is a Freshman at OMS School in Phoenix Arizona. Some special skills I want to learn is basketball. That’s where I see my career going I see my life going around sports and my thoughts about it is that I want to be a great person on the count and off. So I see my life having to do with sports. My destiny – I have plenty of possibilities, so I have to wait until they come around in my life. Why is it so important to me; it’s because it’s a way out of the hood and it’s gonna be a chance to have a better life where I don’t have to see people struggle; where I can be able to help out.
  32. 32. SAYVINZ.THOMPSON My name is Sayvin Z. Thompson. My nick name is “Say Say”. One of my favorite foods is pizza. My dream is to make it to the N.B. A. and the person that I look up to is Allen Iverson. The thing I don’t like is when people speak different languages around me. Some of my fears are rats. My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. I would like to change things by helping the community with money.
  33. 33. ACTIVITIES
  34. 34. PROJECTB.R.A.V.E.
  35. 35. UPI
  36. 36. PEERSOLUTIONS–STAND&SERVE You can you your Coping Skills Toolbox to help calm you down or make you feel better if you’re going through a hard time. A. Find something that positively affects each one of your senses 1. Something that tastes good to you (chocolate, candy, mints, tea) 2. Something that smells nice (perfume, candles, lotion, incense) 3. Something that sounds nice and is calming (a music box, a snow globe, soft music, meditation guides) 4. Something that you can touch (a stuffed animal, a blanket, a stress ball) 5. Something that you can see (artwork, happy pictures) B. Find something distracting that you can use to take your mind off the current problem (e.g. coloring books, puzzle books, positive websites, positive music, sewing, knitting, positive movies, positive books) C. Find something that’s opposite of your negative feeling that is consistent to a more positive action (e.g. inspirational statements, go for a walk, etc.) D. Find something guaranteed to cheer you up (e.g. funny movie, TV shows, books, etc. E. Find tools for emotional awareness, that is, stuff that helps you identify and express what you’re feeling (e.g. a chart of emotions, art supplies, a journal, etc.) F. Find tools for grounding yourself in the present moment (e.g. meditation exercises, yoga, stress balls, breathing exercises, etc.) G. Create a crisis plan, that is a list of phone numbers you can call (emergency hotlines and/or trusted friends/adults) if you feel like the coping skills toolbox isn’t enough. Place everything from A – G above in your toolbox. Put the toolbox somewhere that you will remember to use it! ! ! Coping Skills Toolbox
  37. 37. STAND&SERVE
  38. 38. ASU
  41. 41. BREAKTIME
  43. 43. CAMPCOLLEY
  49. 49. CAMPFIRE
  54. 54. FISHINGFORLIFE Ledger P. Cantley Daniel Cantley Michael Jones Loretta Cantley
  55. 55. FISHINGFORLIFE Jay Jones Juan D. Cardoza Yalacia Brown Taliah Warner Jazmin Cantley
  56. 56. FISHINGFORLIFE Zaniyah Linares Gabrielle Perkins Elisha Perkins Makaila Jones
  57. 57. FISHINGFORLIFE Prophet Cantley Anicia Cantley
  64. 64. SPECIALTHANKS Jeff Spellman & Camp Colley Staff John Mason, City of Phoenix Harman Park Librarian Stevie Colter, Harman Park Recreation Center Manger Harman Park Security Guard Mother Marie Warner Fay & Sam Webster Patrice Gillum Michael Jones E. Maxine Robinson Renita Willis Cassandra Cardoza LC Electric, L.L.C. Marion Cantley Daniel Cantley Sha Roz-Cantley Jim Warner, Jr. And the Parents of the Young Leaders The Summer Teen Leadership Camp 2014 management team acknowledges the following for their valuable support