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Interfaith Harmony Week 2015


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Observances by the Universal Peace Federation and partner organizations of World Interfaith Harmony Week 2013

World peace can be fully accomplished only when the wisdom and efforts of the world’s religious leaders are combined cooperatively and respectfully with the endeavors of national political leaders. Absent the recognition of spiritual principles, the world has drifted increasingly toward analyses and prescriptions that are materialistic and secular in nature. In so doing, we have lost sight of the profound wisdom to be found in humanity’s spiritual heritage.
Global institutions must be built on a foundation that takes into

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Interfaith Harmony Week 2015

  1. 1. Albania Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Brazil Canada Czech Republic France Germany India Israel Japan Malaysia Nepal New Zealand Nigeria Norway Peru Philippines Russia Thailand United Kingdom United States
  2. 2. The UN designated the first week of February every year as World Interfaith Harmony Week with the motto of "Love of God and Love of the Neighbor" / "Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbor."
  3. 3. TIRANA, ALBANIA: Forum on “How Can Women Contribute to Interfaith Harmony?”
  4. 4. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: Forum on “Honoring Life, Brotherhood and Peace”
  5. 5. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Forum on “Future Directions for Interfaith: A Young Person’s Perspective.”
  6. 6. VIENNA, AUSTRIA: Forum on “Interfaith Cooperation for Securing Peace in the 21st Century"
  7. 7. DHAKA, BANGLADESH: Interfaith rally on the theme “Religions Are Many But Mankind Is One” “Interfaith Cooperation for Peace.”
  8. 8. DHAKA, BANGLADESH: Seminar on “What Is Interfaith Harmony and What Is It For?”
  9. 9. SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: Program hosted by the India Cultural Center
  10. 10. MONTREAL, CANADA: Pouring water into a common bowl symbolizing interfaith harmony
  11. 11. VANCOUVER, CANADA: Prayers, readings and lighting candles
  12. 12. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: Representatives of five religions sharing thoughts about unity
  13. 13. EVRY, FRANCE: Organizers of an interfaith gathering at the Islamic Cultural Center
  14. 14. MUNICH, GERMANY: Forum on “What Is Heaven? Is There a (My) Kingdom of Heaven?”
  15. 15. STUTTGART, GERMANY: Report about participating in an interfaith conference in Jerusalem
  16. 16. UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA: Campus Peace Club inaugurated at the Ghaziabad Public School
  17. 17. UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA: Campus Peace Club Inaugurated at St. Mary’s School in Mainpuri
  18. 18. UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA: Peace Club formed at the Satabdi Centre for Educational Excellence
  19. 19. JERUSALEM, ISRAEL: Forum on “Interfaith Cooperation for Peace”
  20. 20. TOKYO, JAPAN: Forum on “The Mission of Religious Leaders at This Critical Juncture”
  21. 21. KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: Visiting a mosque, Hindu temple and church
  22. 22. LALITPUR, NEPAL: A forum at NIMS College on “Love of God, Love of the Neighbor”
  23. 23. AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: A forum on “What Should Our Response to ISIS Be?”
  24. 24. NIGERIA: Pray and Preach Peace Campaign - ECWA church
  25. 25. NIGERIA: Pray and Preach Peace Campaign - Great Jesus Chapel, Ado, Nasarawa State
  26. 26. NIGERIA: Pray and Preach Peace Campaign - Jesus Reconciliation Outreach, Gidan Zakara
  27. 27. NIGERIA: Pray and Preach Peace Campaign – Yala Secondary Commercial School, Okpoma
  28. 28. NIGERIA: Pray and Preach Peace Campaign – Reo Hotels, Mararaba
  29. 29. OSLO, NORWAY: Forum at a Lutheran church on “Religion and Human Rights”
  30. 30. LIMA, PERU: Forum on “Building Bridges of Peace through Interreligious Leadership”
  31. 31. MANILA, PHILIPPINES: Prayers by various faith leaders at an Asian Leaders Summit
  32. 32. MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Forum on "Dialogue of Christianity and Islam as a Guarantee of Stability”
  33. 33. CHACHEONGSAO, THAILAND: Ceremony for interreligious harmony at a Peace Blessing Festival
  34. 34. LONDON, UK: Forum on “Interreligious Harmony and Free Speech”
  35. 35. SALT LAKE CITY, USA: Water of harmony ceremony at an Interfaith Roundtable meeting
  36. 36. WASHINGTON DC, USA: Interfaith gathering at The Washington Times