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UPF Areas of Focus


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Universal Peace Federation's areas of focus include interfaith peacebuilding, marriage & family, peace & security, a culture of peace
& service, and UN relations.

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UPF Areas of Focus

  1. 1. • Conferences• Learning from each other• Interfaith councilsReligious leaderswelcomeparticipants to aWorld InterfaithAssembly in Korea.
  2. 2. Sharing insights andbuilding understandingamong people of variousfaithsIndiaSri LankaMoldovaGermany
  3. 3. • Cultivating good character• Strengthening marriage & family• Holding World Peace Marriage BlessingsMalaysian families enjoyan outing at a park onthe International Day ofFamilies.
  4. 4. Relationship skills,character building,commitment to fidelityArgentina:honoring parentsKazakhstan:parenting adviceZimbabwe:character educationKorea: mass wedding
  5. 5. • Offering humanitarian aid• Organizing Religious Youth Service projects• Sports and cultural programsDonations of clothingand bedding in Pakistan
  6. 6. Working together toimprove communitiesand promote goodwillThailand: flood cleanupNepal: freedental clinicJapan:Hauling away debris after the tsunamiSt. Lucia:painting homes for elderly people
  7. 7. Bringing peopletogether throughmusic and the artsUkraine: balletMalaysia:school muralGeorgia:Learning African dancesNew York:Africa Day celebration
  8. 8. Making new friendsand practicing goodsportsmanshipEstonia: teams fromnearby nationsChad:civilian and military teamsIn friendly matchesJordan:refugees competewith Jordanian youthItaly: Peace Cup
  9. 9. • International Leadership Conferences• Forums• ConsultationsHeads of stateandgovernmentaddressedUPF’s WorldSummit 2013 on“Peace,Security, andHumanDevelopment.”
  10. 10. Addressing issuesof broad concernAustria: dealingwith pluralismUK: preventinggenocideAzerbaijan:Caucasus issuesRussia: youth concerns
  11. 11. Addressing issuesof broad concernAlbania:European integrationIsrael:Israel and its neighborsIndonesia:ecological safetyTurkey: Arab Spring
  12. 12. • Holding meetings at the UN• Supporting UN initiatives:• Partnering with the UN and NGOsWorld InterfaithHarmony Weekcelebration inthe UN GeneralAssembly HallUPF is an NGO in special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council.
  13. 13. Offering insights atthe UN and helpingto promote UN goals UN Offices in Geneva:Model UN Interreligious CouncilVenezuela:Day of PeaceMarshall Islands:Prayers for peaceBrazil: Rio+20People’s Summit
  14. 14.